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NADABR SparkPoints: (3,593)
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9/10/11 4:55 P

yaa you are right, that was what I used to do, I was entering it from my weight goals page .. thank you very much for the advice :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/10/11 4:49 P

You do not normally need to edit the ticker page. Just weighing in should move it.

How were you recording your new weight? If you go to Weight Goals and change the starting weight to current, for example (as others have done), that is not weighing in, and would not show on your ticker.

NADABR SparkPoints: (3,593)
Fitness Minutes: (7,045)
Posts: 21
9/9/11 5:11 P

well, thanks for your help
I guess i figured it out .. I just needed to up date my weight also in the edit ticker page ..
thank you very much

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 16,259
9/9/11 1:09 P

You ticket shows that you started at 189 and are now at 176... is that correct?

NADABR SparkPoints: (3,593)
Fitness Minutes: (7,045)
Posts: 21
9/9/11 12:25 P

I need your help as I already lost 6 kg and I edited it in my weight tracker but my ticker is not moving and keeps me at zero weight lost .. how can I fix this ??

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