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Congratulations on your determination. I'm hitting the 60 mark in 3 months. I've also gone thru the yo-yo dieting. So if you can find someone who is willing to stick by you and get you thru the holidays. Have a safe journey and take care.

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12/2/11 8:15 A

I can't tell you how much help SparkPeople has been to me. So much so that it has motivated me to try a one year experiment that has me living my life of getting healthy and fit before the world.

Remember Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” movie and his experiment to see what would happen if he only ate food from McDonalds? At the end of 30 days, he was so sick he was advised to stop the experiment.

I pretty much stopped eating fast food after seeing that movie. But I got to wondering what would have been the result if he tried just the opposite.

More personal, what would happen to me if I eat only what is good for me? What happens if I follow a disciplined fitness program?

That’s the quest I have begun with a project called Super Healthy Me, to be chronicled online through a website and blog that will allow people to follow the project through every possible form of social media.

And that’s only fitting as my PC Mike segment on NBC-TV stations across the country since 1994, is known as PC Mike because of his expertise in computers, gadgets and the Internet.

I have no idea what to expect. But my plan is to stick to this plan for the next year and detail every part of it. I suspect there’s a lot of other people like me who are wondering of all this natural food hype is the real deal.

At 65 and now entering my Senior Citizen years, this Baby Boomer, like many, hhas fought a lifelong battle with obesity, losing weight by dieting and exercise, only to gain it back. I know diets don’t work so I’m out to discover what will happen if I make of lifestyle change involving the type of food I eat. I’m going to test all the claims we keep hearing from these natural food boosters. I know what the old way got me. Let’s see if their way is really any better.

So, working with a nutrition coach, a medical doctor and a fitness adviser, I am now following a plan that involves whole, nutrient-rich foods, organically grown, supplemented as needed by vitamins, herbs and minerals. SparkPeople is a huge inspiration.

I will also incorporate lots of exercise into a fitness routine, including cycling, running, weight-lifting and endurance sports such as long distance cycling.

I am blogging his experiences at and disseminating my every move via a variety of social media tools. I use Twitter to post the nutrition totals of each meal, the FourSquare location service to show his whereabouts to show what I am eating and YouTube videos for documentary-style reporting on his wellness quest.

And, yes, I am starting this smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, when the average person gains 10-15 pounds.

I’d love to be joined by others who will help hold me accountable, cheer me on and h=join me in this experiment.

A lot of people think I’m nuts for starting it now. But I want the next phase of my life to be vibrant and healthy. So if the claims about natural food are correct, then I want to find out. And there’s no better time than now.

Interested? I can be reached at My website is His phone is 248-895-2786. Or contact me right here through SparkPeople.

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