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5/7/13 1:42 P

Stay positive! I know that it is hard but every little step counts. Today you may be able to walk to the mailbox, next week it may be the end of the street, before you know it you will be going around the block. Even if I do not lose weight as fast as I want I have to ask myself "where will I be this time next year" If I do nothing the answer is either in the same low place or even worse. So, Here is how I look at it, If I am not able to run a mile in less than 10 minutes, its okay because I can walk 3 miles without getting tired. If I still have a piece of pizza with my kids, its okay because I didnt eat 1/2 of the pizza by myself. You being aware of your goals is what will keep you motivated. Every time you think your progress is moving to slowly, just think about where you would be if you had never started this journey...Good Luck! We all have battles and we all need support, that is what makes SP so special, someone is going through the same thing, or has already gone through it.

GRAYLADY64 Posts: 83
5/6/13 9:49 A

Things aren't going as fast as I had hoped, either. I have a few health issues that make it hard for me to lose, which makes it hard to stay on track. I have found that the videos on SP are helpful. Most are short and there are ones for all levels including some that can be done at your desk. I have teenagers, so I haven't completely gotten rid of junk food, but I have made sure there are healthy easy choices so I have options. I also find that reading the motivational quotes are helpful. Good luck to you, I know that overcoming health issues makes it all the more challenging, but you (we) can do this if we get our hearts and minds in it.

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5/5/13 4:49 P

I too have a little trouble doing all the things on SparkPeople. I have nerve damage from a spinal injury and have to contend with my arms and legs going numb. This does make exercising a little challenging. I have to take breaks, but I keep on going!

4/25/13 8:37 A

emoticon Yes, it's been rough going, with the cakes, brownies, cookies, and stuff like that! Not only do I overdo the sweets, but also the I'm going to have to nip that in the bud, very soon. Good Luck to you! Thanks for your input.

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4/25/13 5:46 A

The good news is that Spark People will be here for you (us) through the entire journey. BTW, I like your countup to days without cake....cute:-)

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4/23/13 5:28 A

May God bless your success on this journey we all share.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,457
4/22/13 12:21 P


I'd suggest posting this in the Cafe or Staying Motivated forum. More people are likely to see it there.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

4/22/13 11:29 A

I've been using the material found on SparkPeople, for a while now, and I still have not been able to follow all of the things that could help. I have Peripheral Neuropathy, (affecting my hands, fingers, and feet), and some breathing problems from smoking. These things are holding me back, because it makes everything harder to do. My balance these days, are not that good, at age 62. So...I guess what I'm saying, is it's going to take me some time to really do some of these things, and walking is the real thing I'm hoping for, as the weather gets more stable. Anyone else out there, like me? emoticon

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