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TCCAGLE Posts: 757
4/27/13 3:43 A

Oh yea--I have been struggling for a long time--seems like I keep trying and trying but I am hanging in there --week ends are really challenge for me--Hang in there--you are not alone--

4/26/13 2:55 P

I am trying to quit the cigarette's at the same time as lose weight. The damage I've already done to my lungs, won't go way, but hopefully, if I succeed in quitting, they won't get worse. But, in the meantime, I do have trouble breathing, if I exert myself, and I think part of that is the damage, but also part of it, is because I have not exercised, since high school. Everything you spoke of, is what the progress I'm hoping to get. I think it's GREAT that you ran that 5K, and did'nt quit!! Keep up the good progress!!

4/26/13 2:50 P

Oh, I'm not going to quit. What you said, sounds like my Dad...he says, "If you don't move, you'll die." My Dad just turned 83, and he is so much better, physically, and mentally, then I am, and he NO WAY, looks 83!! I should have listened much sooner! I know progress is slow, so I just need to grow some patience. I hope your own private struggle, gets easier. Good Luck!!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,135
4/26/13 2:31 P

I agree with ON2VICTORY. I myself am 46.

A question first. Breathing problems with past smoking or current? Past - good. Current - please quit.

What kind of progress are you looking for? Weight loss, smaller clothes, more stamina, more energy, better blood numbers...all of that?

When I first start with Spark over 3 years ago, my biggest goal was weight loss. Over the three years, my goals have changed as well as what I consider important progress has also changed. I don't weigh myself anymore unless I go to the doctor and they MAKE me. It is too much of a distraction.

I found that I liked that my middle thinned. I like getting in that exercise. I have aches and pains and some very very noisy ankles, knees, and feet. I have even done a 5K. It took me an hour and 15 mintues to do the 5K and half the obstacles on the course, but I finished! My blood numbers got better too. So, my goals and what I consider progress has changed.

Like ONTHEPATH2 said, "Don't Quit".

ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (122,347)
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Posts: 5,900
4/26/13 1:38 P

don't quit!!! It is hard. I have been struggling this time around, the weight is coming off much slower than before and exercise is limited due to injury. But this I know - slow is better than not at all. Every time I quit, I don't lose any weight, or I gain weight. At least slow movement in the right direction is better than none! Keep moving forward, one small step at a time!!! You can do this! Me too! emoticon emoticon

4/26/13 1:18 P

I like what you had to say, and it makes sense. I just have NEVER, EVER done this before, and I keep slipping back. But, I have not given up. Got a wedding to go to August 3rd, so I've just GOT to lose weight!! Sometimes, even that, does not keep my incentive up. Looks like you are doing very well!! emoticon

ICANTODAY Posts: 975
4/26/13 11:18 A

Now that you've decided to do better, you already have just by deciding. One day at a time!


JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (374,232)
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Posts: 10,295
4/24/13 11:52 P

It's hard. It just takes time and patience.

4/24/13 9:26 P

I know what you mean. I've been here on SP for a long time and right now my weight is UP. Some days, I follow every rule, and then some days not. I take a step forward, then a step back.....and day after day, I tell myself that I am going to make the good days permanent, but I'm so busy with other things, that I'm not always putting SP first like I should. I lost the greatest amount of weight when I DID make it my priority every day. As others have said, though, keep going, even if you only do one or two little things a day to improve where you are at --- something that you can pride yourself on at the end of the day. Even though I'm not making the greatest progress either, I pride myself for staying with SP, occasionally tracking my food, weighing in, keeping track of my BG. It's especially hard when you have a lot more on your plate already, but try something small at first and stick with it day by day. Then, as you can, add another small goal.

As I've grown older, I'm finding that it's not that easy to keep commitments to myself. I always want to do for others instead of me, plus my own aches and pains don't make doing some things, like vigorous exercise, very fun. Seems like tomorrow never comes for my promises to myself. BUT, I keep trying. I know that no matter what effort I put in to be healthier is better than doing nothing at all. I urge you, too, to keep trying no matter how small of an accomplishment you can make on a daily basis. You are not alone.

Stay in check, SP friend.

Patti emoticon

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4/24/13 9:12 P

Thanks! I know it's been said, that you first have to learn to walk, before you can run. I guess I'm just too impatient, for my mind to catch on! Ha!

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/24/13 12:30 P

Baby steps is best.

HEATHER3477 Posts: 242
4/23/13 10:33 A


4/23/13 8:57 A

Thank you for you input....I never thought about talking to my doctor about this! Very good idea! And, you're right, I live in an apartment complex for people 62 and older, and a lot of them are not doing much of anything to get any exercise. That was ME, until recently. So, I'll talk with my doctor, and see what she suggests I can do, safely. Hope you are doing well, and it sure looks like it!!

ON2VICTORY SparkPoints: (47,763)
Fitness Minutes: (27,816)
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4/22/13 8:50 P

One thing I would recommend if you haven't done so already, is to make sure that your expectations and goals are realistic. The issues you have described are serious and limiting but not insurmountable. One question I would ask is are you currently under the supervision of a health care professional who could help you set realistic goals with respect to your present condition?

The phrase " not doing very well " is a comparative term. Compared against what? Or against whom? If you were to compare yourself against those in similar condition and age, chances are you are probably doing very well since most would probably just roll over and give up under similar circumstances.

You may very well be a champion in your own league. Take it one small step at a time and give it your best.



4/22/13 6:00 P

I have a sister who has that same problem, and she's hoping that after little baby steps...she will be able to build herself up to more and more steps. She has Fibromyalgia, so she has lots of pain, in different places, (worse at times, and less at times). I need a huge amount of WILLPOWER, and you can't buy that in the store!! I do hope things get better for you. It sounds like you have more determination then me...good for YOU!! Good Luck!

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
4/22/13 1:58 P

Im 54 and My progress is slowed because i wt 330 and EVERYTHING makes me tried before I can finish. I am starting out little and one day i will be able to walk around the block w/o all the back and leg pain !! emoticon

4/22/13 1:48 P

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I've been using the material found on SparkPeople, for a while now, and I still have not been able to follow all of the things that could help. I have Peripheral Neuropathy, (affecting my hands, fingers, and feet), and some breathing problems from smoking. These things are holding me back, because it makes everything harder to do. My balance these days, are not that good, at age 62. So...I guess what I'm saying, is it's going to take me some time to really do some of these things, and walking is the real thing I'm hoping for, as the weather gets more stable. Anyone else out there, like me? emoticon
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