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1/30/12 12:22 P

Thanks, Nancy. It looks like everything is working now so I'm back in good shape!

-- Ben emoticon

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1/30/12 12:16 P

Hi Ben,

So sorry you are having issues.

A few things you will want to try...

First you will want to clear your web browser's cache and cookies, close your browser and then log back in to your SparkPeople account with your username and password.

Also make sure you have the current version of your web browser installed on your computer.

If you are still having issues, you may want to try using a different web browser to see if that helps.

Let me know if any of those work for you. Below is a link on how to go about clearing your cache and cookies if you do not know how.

Coach Nancy

BENTAUB Posts: 7
1/30/12 12:02 P

Hi there! Whenever I try to go into the nutrition tracker I get a message stating that an error has occurred. How do I fix this?

-- Ben emoticon

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