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1/8/13 6:19 A

You are all very focused! Here's to reaching your goals in 2013!

My goals are listed on my sparkpage.

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1/2/13 12:26 A

It looks like you have put some time into your program .Great Job. I am sure you will secede in all you plans for this year to come. Keep up the good work emoticon

RAZZOOZLE Posts: 31,519
1/1/13 9:18 P

My New Year's Resolution is to enhance my current positive lifestyle challenges by doing the following:
- expanding the variety of healthy foods by tying at least one new food per week
- training and running a full marathon
- increasing my musle tone through strength training.

MAGGIEH28 Posts: 21
1/1/13 5:38 P

My New Year resolution is to coninue to lose weight and get to continue to work out 5 days a week. I lost 75 pounds this last year and want to lose 75+ more pounds. Then I will be off my goal weight of 35 pounds.

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1/1/13 3:04 P

My new year's resolutions, some are similar. I want to lose weight of course. I'm 26 weeks pregnant, so I have until about May/June before I can exercise. Eating healthier is definately on the list.

My main goal is to get a great chunk of our debt paid off. We have several credit cards and it makes me feel stressed. I wrote it all out and if I use most if not all of the tax return then I can pay off 2 major credit cards. That is a big chunk. Then my goal after I'm back to work is to pay extra on the remainder cards and hoping to pay one more off by the end of the year, if not, then next year's tax return should get us out of credit card debt, all we'll have left is our car which isn't too bad on payments either.

I know next year will pay off the rest because I'm paying extra what I can now, and this year I will. Next year we'll have 2 kids to claim and not just one. I hate using that to pay down thedebt, but it's better than keeping it and living paycheck to paycheck. We'll see..

your goals are awesome goals to go and live by. I hope to not let people'scomments gt to me as easily. I think mostly ti's my pregnancy hormones.

My other later goals are to lose weight and start exercising at least 2-3 days aweek, as well as write a short story every week.

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1/1/13 11:03 A

Your New Years Resolution is awesome! My new years resolutions is to learn to let things go in regards to others. To let them take care of thier issues. To remember that I can't fix everything. That I need to put GOD first, and to take care of my self next and everything else will some how fall into place like it should.

I want to get back on track with my weight loss. I had loss a total of 60 lbs as of jan of 2012, but have gained 30 of it back this last year due to health issues. I know that I can do it, just need to keep reminding myself that I can. Need the motivation. Somehow I lost it along the way this last year.

Hope all goes well with you this next year! And may GOD bless you always!!

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1/1/13 8:38 A

Bobbie, that is wonderful! I might need a tissue! Can tell you are a very special person!

I have to spend some time examining what I keep,to change.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy New Year!


BOBBIE119 SparkPoints: (4,635)
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1/1/13 2:36 A

Today I choose to release everything that has tried to hold me back.
I release the pass and forgive myself and others.
I release bitterness, anger and sorrow.
I release failer and missed opportunities.

Instead, I embrace the grace and power within my faith
To boldly move forward into the blessing that is waiting for me.
To Reach out and show compassion and love for those who need it.
To be a person that will leave all my kids a legacy that they would be proud of.
To be a person that people could trust with all of there heart.
To be proud of were I have been and what I have done from there.
To be faithful to myself and others.
And give myself freely with out fear.

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