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I came across this message board when I googled problems with Mirena. Boy, was I shocked to read a lot of the posts on here and let me say I'm also grateful that you all shared your issues.

I had my Mirena inserted in August 2011 after being on the pill for what seemed like n eternity. My periods but all stopped coming when I was on the pill and I just generally felt like it was useless to be on the pill. Most of the time I forgot to take it, when I did I took 2-3 at a time so I figured it was time for a change. I went to see my OBGYN and she recommended the Mirena. I did some research on it and decided it was probably better then being on the pill so I had it put in. The insertion was unbelievably painful for me. I'm not a wuss but WOW did it hurt. I had cold sweats, got dizzy and thought that I'd pass out. My doctor told me that it hurt cuz I'd never had kids so my cervix wasn't expanded. Right then I thought, this better be worth it.

My weight at the time of insertion was about 175 pounds. I'm around 205or so now. I've always worked out, eat pretty good and have never ever gained 30 pounds in such a short time and for no real reason. Within a few months of having the Mirena put in, I started loosing my hair. I went to see a doctor And explained my hair loss issues, weight gain, heart palpitations, lethargy, tiredness, body aches etc. and mentioned that I had this thing put in a few months back and asked whether that was in any way related to my problems. Of course they adamant that the Mirena was in no way causing any of these problems and sent me on my merry little way to get some blood work done. When I came back to get my results, everything was normal and I was perfectly healthy. So I just accepted it all as some stress related issues and forgot about it.

I've been asking my fiancée how I could gain so much weight and he kept saying it was my hormones. I just blew him off, what the heck would he know about my hormones anyway. Well except for the mood swings, cramps and no sex drive. That's why I went and found this message board. I've been reading for a few weeks now but finally had to join and add my story.

Not all of you may agree with what I just did but I've researched it on the web and and decided to pull the Mirena out myself. I tried making an appointment with my OBGYN but it wouldn't be for another 6 months as its not life threatening. I'd just had enough of the problems and wanted it out NOW. It didn't hurt at all. It's been an hour or so and no problems at all except for some very mild cramps. I already feel as though I did a great thing for myself by getting it out.

I am not one to tell people what to do or what not to do but I'd recommend thinking very hard about getting the Mirena put in your body. The unmentioned side effects are just not worth it.

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