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9/4/14 11:45 A

I put my old orthotics into my new shoes and so far my feet feel fine. The new ones they had cut too thick and they raised my foot up too high.
They went from too thick to too thin right at the ball of the foot and caused alot of pain when I walked.
I didnt bother to call and ask for them to be changed.
They had already told me that my old ones were in good condition still so I wear them.
For about a week, I have noticed the slightest little bit of tingling and numbness in my right big toe now.
I was hoping it was just a fluke.
I am going to keep a watch on it and hope that it goes away and isnt related to some deeper underlying condition.
So for now, the left foot, while still numb, isnt bothering me so much.
I supposed I have gotten used to it, but my leg is still pretty numb and last night I noticed it was very cold.
I am taking aspirin to hopefully help keep my blood circulating and I am walking again, as much as possible.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
8/27/14 1:51 P

So, it has been just over 3 weeks since I went for these nerve and muscle tests on my foot.
Finally today, after several phone calls, I was told the Neurologist had finally read the tests and made a report.
This is supposed to be sent to my doctor this week.
I cannot believe I have been walking around on my foot in this shape for 2 months and they act like one more day doesnt matter.
I know I am probably adding to the problem by walking, which I have the last few days and probably by not wearing my custom orthotics.
I know these are supposed to contribute to helping lessen the pain and numbness, but I could tell no real difference, and my outside of my foot was beginning to ache again.
I honeslty dont know what to do here.
Sit here, knowing that sitting, and being sedentary is bad for me, or walk, knowing that without a diagnosis and treatment, I am probably adding to my foot pain.
I choose to walk right now.
After all, every thing i have read about numb foot says it is probably a pinched nerve or a compression on the tendon, similar to carpal tunnel.
So, all I can do is wait and hope that they give me a call today or tomorrow with some answers and go from there.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
8/16/14 3:14 P

Monday will be 2 weeks since I had the tests done on my foot.
I was told the 18th, so I am hoping to find something out in the next few days.
I have this suspicion that they will tell me I have a pinched nerve in my back. The Neurologist only done one test on my back. I figure that was just enough to give her cause to say so.
Why do I say this?
Because the NEU and the ORTHO all have asked me about my back.
I dont buy it.
I am going to ask my doctor to send me for an ultrasound on my leg to check for anything going on with my leg.
But I really believe it is the foot. Just the foot, the broken bone related foot.
I aint holding my breath that is what they will say.
They are pretty transparent.
But I did walk yesterday, no pain, just very annoyed that the numbness has prevented me from walking for so long and wondering and worrying that if I continue walking I might be doing further damage, and wishing they would let me know so I know if I am nor not.
I got new shoes, and while they are comfy and feel good and were real good to walk in, I doubt they are going to do anything to help my foot.
I have stopped wearing the orthotics. I truly believe they are more harmful that helpful at this point.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
8/8/14 10:20 A

On Monday I went to the Neurologist. and now I am just waiting the results.
I am sure they have been read and forwarded on to my doctor for my appointment next week, but just in case, I am going to call today to make sure.
I really wish I could have had the Neurologist read them to me as i dont trust my doctor to understand them any better than I would.
However, the test really sucked and I feel bad for anyone who has to undergo them.
The muscle test I had expected to be the worst, but it wasnt, it was the nerve conduction study that was by far worse.
If you have ever used a tens unit, that is very similar feeling. A light tingling to begin and then more intense until finally the whole area is surged by an electrical pulse that is quiet painful.
Then of course they do this all the way from the foot to the thigh, and then they do the other leg to compare.
The muscle test is similar, except the doctor performs this test using a small needle, they barely stick it into your leg, that part really doesnt hurt, it isnt like getting a shot, they dont go down in deep.
And other than one or two light twinges, it really didnt hurt too bad.
They do this from the foot up to the thigh but then they also do the back as well.
So, the test are done and now I just wish I knew what they say so I can find out if I am looking at surgery or if its something that cant be fixed at all.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
7/31/14 4:24 P

So, here I am, wrapping up July, with a planned trip to the Neurologist next week to get some tests done to try to find out what this foot issue is.
I am going against the advice of my orthopaedist, but, he wanted me to wait til late Sept to see him and I just cannot take much more.
At times my foot almost feels like the numbness is gone, but I have come to realize, it isnt, it is just that I am growing used to the feeling, or lack of feeling.
And at times, especially after wearing my shoes for a long time, the foot is so totally numb and the toes as well, which is the worst feeling.
I fear cutting myself or stepping on something sharp and not knowing it, or hyperextending my leg because of lack of judgement of where my foot is.
This has got to stop.
At the least, I will know what the problem is and maybe can begin getting proper treatment.
Once again, I find myself taking high doses of vitamin d and now b12.
I will continue this on Monday the 4th after the test and hopefully some answers will follow.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
7/28/14 10:16 A

part 3.
Now here I am p to fall of 2013.
I am once again walking, not as I was, but I am walking about 3 or 4 days a week for an hour.
My foot seems to be doing ok, I havent noticed any problems. But I was still having an occasional pain.
I had my vitamin d tested again in December and it was way back down to 19.
But it was up again by May of 2014.
I had slacked off walking quite a bit over the winter months, it seemed here we had days and days without end of cold and rain.
So, as far as I know at that point my foot was healed, it was not bothering me any and as soon as weather allowed I was on the track.
Then it started....that takes me up to now.
June 20th, I got out of a long hot soak in the tub and my foot felt asleep.
Not giving it much thought, just figured it was the way I had sat in the tub.
But after an hour or two it was still alseep, pins and needle feeling and numb.
and here I am a month later, and it is the same.
I went on vacation to the beach and was just not able to get out and sight see and visit alot of the sites.
I pushed myself to go to a few places for my son.
But as soon as I got home, I went back to the ortho and he xrayed and said my foot had healed, there was some arthritis and bone spurs in my foot, but he could see nothing related to the break that was causing this.
He advised me to wait 3 months from the onset of the numbness to have nerve testing as he said it can take that long for them to pinpoint the cause.
Well I gave it some thought and decided to get a second opinion.
So, I made an appointment with my neurologist and they have set up an appt for nerve testing next week.
I dread it some because I have heard it can be painful.
But I look forward to finding out what is going on.
I was given a menu of options
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
Flat foot--which I am and was fitted for custom orthotics, which they havent called me with them yet.
pinched nerve in my back or leg.

I know I am going to be advised to lose weight, which I know I need to do.
and the victory I had of 70 pounds lost, has now been whitled down and I am 17 pounds heavier than I was when I broke my foot.
So, here is where I am now, just waiting for the day to come to get the nerve testing done and go from there.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
7/27/14 7:35 P

Part 2---- I guess some might be wondering why I am doing this in parts. Well because it is such a long story that I just dont want to drag on and on.....and I really just started this to keep track of the timeline of the problem with my foot, but anyone who might read and wants to comment, that would be fine by me.
I guess I am up to when I started using the bone growth stimulator, sometime around April, when my foot wasnt healing, and vitamin d was extremely low.
I was given this device to wear, 9 hours a day, it straps onto the foot where the bone was broken on the edge and send waves of some sort into my foot, it was to draw the blood flow to that area in hopes the bone would heal faster.
I had a few people who had used one before tell me that it might shock me or burn. It did neither, once or twice I did notice my foot get pretty hot, but not to the point I had to take it off.
It felt alot like a heating pad getting too hot, but most of the time I never felt anything.
So, when I last seen the Ortho was in May 2013, at that point, I was told that there was some healing beginning, but it wasnt healing as quickly as it should but my vitamin d was up to 52.
So, I was pretty much told not to come back there unless I began to have problems again and that I could return to the walking track slowly, he suggested 10 minutes 2 times a week if that didnt cause me pain.
But he really suggested I wait, and I should have listened, but I wanted to walk so bad, I would push it a little like 30 minutes, then 45.
45 was usually right about the time it began to ache and I would stop.
Maybe I just pushed too fast too soon,
To be continued.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,847
7/27/14 10:55 A

On January 8th, 2013, is where the story picks up. I had been walking for weight loss, and doing pretty well for about 6 to 8 months at that point.
I had lost 70 pounds and while I did have some slight foot issues, needing orthotic inserts, some pain from too much walking, wrong shoes, etc. Things were going well.
Then I broke my foot.
While at the walking track, Walking. I suffered a stress fracture of the 5th metatarsil bone.
And that has led to where I am today.
Sitting at home, wishing I was at the walking track, but once again, waiting for a doctors appointment, waiting for my foot to heal.
Wishing I knew what was wrong----this time!

The beginning of the story is that I went for an xray, found out my foot was broke, given a boot and told to stay off of it.
Month one later, I am told my vitamin d was low.
So I was put on high doses, I was sitting at home in a boot, dealing with depression of not being able to walk, watching myself fall back into old habits.
And trying to heal, both physically and mentally.
This story is now up to May 2013. To be continued.

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