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JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/12/12 7:32 A

Just finished my workout and am feeling motivated today!

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/11/12 10:59 A

I agree victory it's hard not to notice the nr though after yesterdays loss and last weeks non loss i decided that my scale will be out off reach till August 1 this way I don't get disappointed or hung up on a gain/loss and I concentrated on being active and healthy !! Good luck in your journey

VICTORY2XS SparkPoints: (43,402)
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7/10/12 7:37 P

I have been so concerned and so focused in what I was eating, so focused on the scale, that I GAINED 5 pounds. So now I have 65 pounds to lose, but I am taking a different approach. I will focus on my fitness, stop being obsessed with the scale. I will surround myself with motivational quotes and I will associate myself with positive people. I believe this approach will get me a lot further than the previous approach!

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/10/12 12:45 P

Yay I lost a Pound today !!

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/9/12 7:26 A

:( didn't lose any weight this past week! I know why I didn't eat the way I was Suppost to but it's ok I did work out and that at least is a start right ?! My goal this week is to rly watch my eating and continue to work out so hopefully my weight will drop I decided to weigh daily for a week maybe that will keep me more motivated ro eat right! Wish me luck people I have a rly bad sweet tooth :(

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/6/12 11:20 A

Had a great workout this morning on the eliptical ! Feels good to be moving again :) didn't realize i missed it till this morning :)
I have a BBQ this afternoon so hopefully my eating will be decent :) have a good Friday ladies :)

7/5/12 9:12 P

You go girl! I'm so there with you!

VICTORY2XS SparkPoints: (43,402)
Fitness Minutes: (29,720)
Posts: 1,471
7/5/12 8:39 P

A non-food reward for every five pounds, what a great idea! I am going to dry that myself! Keep up the good work. Thanks for giving me a motivation idea. I hope I can think of something for you now!

HEART4HOME Posts: 1,122
7/5/12 6:56 P

Way to g! I also own YourShape and it is so much fun. It makes it even better when you work out with the kiddos. My girls walked to a Leslie Sansone DVD with me this morning. It sounds like you are on the right track. I know you will be picking out that new nail color in no time. emoticon emoticon emoticon

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/5/12 2:09 P

Good afternoon :) I finished my eliptical workout this morning and did some shape for the Xbox games with my son lol I had a blast didn't rly get a top workout on the Xbox due to a entertaining 4 year old but it sure was fun :)
I ended up not working out at all yesterday but that ok it was a holiday after all and a cardio rest day for me so I'm ok with it ! Have a good day ladies ! Ttyl

SLIMSARAHJ SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 29
7/4/12 11:23 A

It looks like you're doing exactly what you need to be doing! And if you're feeling guilty for not working out, it's already becoming a habit. I like the idea of doing something for yourself every 5 lbs lost. If your husband isn't deployed, why not treat both of you to a date night? That way he will be involved in the journey as well and will become your biggest supporter!

Good luck on the rest of your journey - you CAN do this!

HEART4HOME Posts: 1,122
7/4/12 10:39 A

Hey there!
You are off to such a good start and I think I will join you as well. I am 37 and the mother of six with the oldest being 14 and the youngest just two years old. I gained a ton of weight with my pregnancies as was able to shed the pounds in between pregnancies but not able to get down to a healthy weight before getting pregnant again. When I started my journey this time after decided to not have anymore children I weighed in at around 290lbs. I have lost some but would love to lose 50 - 60 more. I am 5'8 so I am not shooting for the skinny goal but the healthy for me goal.

I wish you all the best on your journey and I am looking forward to your updates. You can So do this.

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/4/12 10:22 A

Today is my rest day (2 days on 1 day of) and I slept in till 9 it was so nice to sleep but for some reason I feel guilty of not working out! I know I need to rest every few days to avoid burnout but it just doesn't feel right lol my plan is to have 2 days of cardio 1 day off and so on but I'm thinking now that on those days off I might just pick up some type of weights just to get some sort of toning in this sad flabby body lol
My eating yesterday was pretty good but I think I might start counting actuall calories starting next week (holiday BBQ etc this week )
Lol I just start babbling I notice I will let you guys know what my weight training was today I'm leaning toward your shape for my Xbox lol

SCHELLIES SparkPoints: (7,972)
Fitness Minutes: (6,420)
Posts: 201
7/4/12 7:52 A

Good morning!! You are doing as great job!! I too have about 60 pounds to lose, maybe a little more! If youre looking for a buddy, I could use one as well :) You are doing great!! Keep up the good work!!

SHERMOR13 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 516
7/4/12 7:47 A

When we set our minds to something & are really prepared - emotionally & food wise - we usually do a lot better. Sounds like you've done that - so now you're on the right track & this track has only one direction - forward!!!

Good luck!

7/4/12 7:34 A

As someone else has already posted, you've made the best start by just...starting! Congratulations, and do come back here often to let us know how you're doing.

Best of luck to you every step of the way. emoticon

DANNYFLY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (499)
Posts: 25
7/3/12 5:01 P

How about a movie day? Or night? Go out and buy a movie that you really want to watch make a healthy snack and watch it with a loved one

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/3/12 8:47 A

So while I sit here all sweaty and gross often my workout I'm trying to come up with some non food related rewards for every 5 pds I lose on my 65 pd journey does anybody have any suggestions ? Nothing expensive or extravagant just something fun to boost my moral on days I need boosting :) I love nail polish so my first treat is some new colors for my nails:) and my last treat will be highlights for my hair seeing that I never rly get my hair done I like the idea of just spoiling myself and completing my makeover this way!! I'm open for suggestions for all the other goals:) can't wait to see what you guys treat yourself to :)

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/3/12 8:36 A

Yay me I just finished my second workout of the week and we are only on Tuesday :) I can do this !! That is my new mantra lol as long as I keep telling myself I can I will!!
Tx for the support ladies !

7/3/12 8:15 A

Other people will probably disagree, but why not replace your regular soda with diet soda? It has done wonders for me, plus you can get flavors to add fun kick such as vanilla. It always interests me that people don't talk about diet soda more. If I didn't have diet soda, and other diet drinks like Snapple, wow.

Plus airblown popcorn. I LOVE to use no-calorie spray butter on popcorn, plus no calorie popcorn seasonings like cheddar cheese.

Related, I totally understand the letting-it-get-away-from you as far as weight gain. It's a form of fun to just binge and feel no consequences by avoiding the scale. I've done the same, but I know the consequences are happening regardless of whether I choose to be informed or not.

DANNYFLY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (499)
Posts: 25
7/3/12 12:33 A

I dont have much weight to lose but i have fitness goals that i want to reach. Right now I think I am barely running a mile. My short term goal is to finish 2 miles in under 18 minutes, my midterm goal is to run 5 miles without stopping and my long term goal? 10 miles in one run. its frightening and exhilerating all at once!! You guys are amazing and very motivational.
Oh and some stats. I am 5'6 139 lbs. I had baby number 3 on feb 4, im back to my preprego weight but want to get to 125. I want to look good for myself and my hubby. I also want to teach my kids good habits!

SAS202554 Posts: 486
7/3/12 12:13 A

I need to lose 60 pounds for a starter.

ANDI1984 SparkPoints: (13,781)
Fitness Minutes: (13,596)
Posts: 313
7/2/12 6:17 P

I too need to lose 60 pounds that I have lost and regained several times but you have a great attitude and the right mind frame! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU'VE GOT IT!

LEANIE64 SparkPoints: (35,838)
Fitness Minutes: (25,529)
Posts: 1,987
7/2/12 11:11 A

I'll be keeping track of your progress as well. I travel the same route.

Fitness Minutes: (4,511)
Posts: 106
7/2/12 10:16 A

I'll be watching your journey as I am on the same journey

GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,233
7/2/12 10:01 A


It took me quite a few trial runs, myself, before l finally was able to make that mind/body connection needed to make it stick. Its been over 2 years that I've maintained, so I know it's possible, even after years of being a major yo-yo.

The most important thing a person needs to do, and you've already done it, is to get right back up! It's not easy to admit, to yourself or others, that you're right back at the starting point again...but it's a road a lot of us have traveled on, so all the peaks and valleys are very well known and shared.

So, great job on getting back and working it, girl!! You'll do awesome!

JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/2/12 8:13 A

K so today I weight myself and I'm at my all time high 235 I can't believe I let my self get there but I'm not going to let it stop me !! I just finished my first workout of couch to 10 k on my eliptical (its to hit to actually run outside so till it cools down eliptical it is) and it felt great to do something about it must confess that it was harder then I hoped it would be lol but my first step has been made !

RKMHOYLE SparkPoints: (24,590)
Fitness Minutes: (38,312)
Posts: 101
7/1/12 9:24 P

Good for you for taking the first steps to health. You can do it!

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
7/1/12 9:16 P


JOSIEKE81 Posts: 12
7/1/12 12:47 P

Let me start by introducing myself I'm a 5"7 30 year old woman married to a soldier with 1 4 year old son. When I got pregnant I reached my highest weight ever after delivery I weight 237 PDA over the past 4 years I have lost and gained the same 40-50 Pds at least twice before and once again I'm back up to around 230 (I'm afraid to get on the scale but I promise tomorrow morning I will post the current damage I have done!)
My goal is to once and for all get back down to 170Pds and finaly be healthy!
I have a horrible sweet tooth and drink way to mach soda!
I am going to try to keep my sweet tooth under control and cut out soda all together!
Fitness wise I plan to use my eliptical ever day other day for at least 30 min and work my way up to jogging again in the near future hopefully posting about it will keep me motivated to finaly make a change for the better!!
I can use all the motivation you can think of so even though it's going to be me posting about my days feel free to join me by posting on this thread!!
Here I come I can do this I can do this I can do this (right?!)
Starting tomorrow Monday July 2 I am on my way to get healthy for me !!

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