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8/13/12 4:09 P

Same type of problems with mine! She picks one loser after another. It is better for me to just not say anything, because sometimes I would just like to SHAKE HER!
I agree that I wouldn't want to lose a baby at this time of my life, but I would if I had too. Grandchildren are much more fun than your own kids.

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8/11/12 12:14 A

emoticon Do this for YOU. Don't quit.

This has been the hottest July on record so any RAIN now for America is welcomed. We live four miles from the Gulf so it does rain here but we can use more.

Sorry about your DD. Mine is 21 and had a baby, Chanel Ava on 4-7-12 and she's going to be a Junior in college, so I'm raising the baby. At 62, I didn't want to start over with an infant but I had no say in the matter. My DD isn't into drugs or anything like that, so I can't be to upset with her. She has picked some worthless boyfriends that she thinks she can CHANGE and make into something and she's finally learned, (I hope) that that doesn't work.

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8/10/12 2:09 P

This will be new to me. I am used to journaling, but have never done so on a journal. This has been a good week, very busy at work, but that is what I really love about my job. I am never sitting around looking for something to do. There is always a pile! We had a anual picnic for our clients yesterday and it was hectic, stressful, and fun. Today is just a paperwork day, so has been calm so far.
I am frustrated at my youngest daughter. She just turned 31 and seems to make one bad decision after another, most of them about men. I have learned to stay out of it, but I still can't help worrying about her and my granddaughter.
It's been raining yesterday and today, and will continue through the weekend. We have had hardly no rain and we really need it. Means being cooped up inside though, which is making it harder to exercise. I prefer walking outside. Today I walked the halls at work though to just get it done.
I am loving spark people and for the first time have something more than just losing weight to keep me motivated. I love logging on here everyday, seeing how everyone is doing and getting the added support. And for me, the trackers are the best tool I have every used.

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