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2/5/13 1:36 A

I have had my copper iud in for over 3 years now and have purchased the Mirena (box is sitting in my closet, waiting....) and after reading a lot of posts on here, I'm thinking twice. The only reason my husband and I wanted to switch IUDs is the fact my period is longer, heavier and just a total drag. I get really exhausted when my period comes, moods swings and what not. I had my copper IUD inserted after my 3rd child was 2 months old and had no problems with weight. I am actually lighter than my normal weight before I had kids (105lbs) and have been able to maintain my weight at 97lbs with no regular exercise or proper eating, I am a fast food junkie. But then again I'm chasing my 6, 4 and 3 year old all day, that counts as exercise right?

My cousin told me there are a lot of legal issues ATM regarding IUDs, striking my my interest and bringing me here. I know everyone's body is different, but I'm iffy about changing up my copper iud for t emoticon he mirena ...

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2/2/13 11:14 A

I have never had an IUD but I can give you some advise on the nuvaring. I was on it for probably 3 years and found it very convenient. Clear skin, light cramps and almost like clockwork. Only problem I had was spotting a couple days before it was supposed to come and who really wants that dragged out, but for someone who was terrible at remembering to take pills it was perfect. There is a lawsuit out against nuvaring right now which I think if you have a history of blood clots you should steer away from it. Which I had learned on year 3. I just changed to a desk job, was still smoking, and on birth control. I set myself up for that one. Blood clot was not from the birth control. After many tests I have found out I have a disorder...lupus anticoagulant. 7 months later...not smoking, not on birth control, acne has returned, and I have become quite well at taking a pill every day at the same time. If I weren't planning on starting a family soon the IUD would be the only option of birth control for me. All of this is good know ahead of time for the future. I'll just have to break the news to my

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1/29/13 3:03 P

Removal for me have also been incredibly easy (except for the first one that was stuck). :) I do want to remind people though, especially those of you that are considering/about to get Mirena -- you can still have a regular period with Mirena. The majority of women do not continue to have any kind of monthly bleeding at all, but some of us do. If you get the Mirena thinking that you won't have a period again as long as you have this IUD you may be disappointed.

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1/28/13 9:25 A

I had mine placed in about three years ago and had no issues. I agree with some earlier posts that you need to take ibuprofin before the appointment because it does feel like strong cramps. I was a little uncomfortable the evening following the insertion but since then it's been a breeze.

And, I asked the doctor while she was inserting it how bad would it be coming out and she said it's easier than a tampon - the hard part is getting it placed properly - coming out the doctor just pulls the string.

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1/21/13 11:16 A

I got the Mirena IUD from planned parenthood without ever having a child since they're one of the only places that will do it that way. I've had it just over three years now, and I am constantly telling people it was the best decision I ever made. I've gained weight, but I don't attribute that to the IUD, that was my own poor habits. Mood swings and acne haven't been a problem at all. I also only spot for about 2 days a month now, though my doctors are surprised I still have monthly bleeding at all.

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1/21/13 9:24 A

Well I said I would come on here once I started my working out and diet routine. I started last Monday and got on the scale this morning and.... NO weight loss... So, Weight has nothing to do with the mirena in my case... I am just un-lucky! However my skin looks amazing! My moods were better, of course until I saw the scale.. lol

Just remember everyone is different and just because I found out the mirena had nothing to do with my weight doesn't mean it doesn't for you! I had to be totally honest and that is my conclusion.!


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1/19/13 10:55 P

I had a mirena about 2 years ago dr. had a lil trouble placing it but wasn't too bad but after a few months it fell out & i now havea beautiful 6 month old daughter guess everything happens for a reason

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1/19/13 9:42 P

I have the mirena and when they put it in, it was extremely painful. I have not had any side effects from it and have been able to lose and then maintain my weight. I am scared of getting it out though - I think it will probably be just as painful.

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1/17/13 3:51 P

Hi all. I have the Mirena and am on my 2nd year of it

The placement was a breeze, my doctor had me take ibuprofen before the appointment. I was In and out of the appointment within 20 minutes - no pain, no cramping, no problems. I bled for about a week, but only lightly, then no bleeding at all from there on out, other than maybe 1 day every few months.

I've had no significant weight gain, skin changes or mood/emotional changes. I have gained some weight - 10 pounds, but that has been over the course of a year where we have moved, I started working from home and stopped being active.

I am now watching what I eat, eating smaller portions and much more active - and within a week I have lost 2 pounds.

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1/16/13 10:48 P

I had the copper IUD put in after my first child. I had heavy bleeding with my periods but no mood swings and felt actually pretty great for the first two years. Then I missed my period and did not think much of it till I started to get heartburn and then one week later I had morning sickness. I took a pregnancy test that I had left from my first child and although it was expired it came out positive. I called the Dr. office and explained to them what was going on and about the pregnancy test they had me come in immediately. Turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy and they had to do an emergency surgery to remove it along with the IUD. I am not able to have another one put in ever. The chances of this happening are VERY slim but it does happen. I was able to go on to have another successful pregnancy two years later so I feel extremely blessed!

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1/15/13 2:38 P

I had the Mirena for 5 years after my first child, and so far my second has been in for 6 months (I have a second, 9-month-old child). I have had no problems. I will say that to get pregnant with my first child was very easy, and getting pregnant with the second took a year. Was it because of the prolonged IUD use, or because of the 7 year gap between babies? There's no way to know. As far as weight-gain, acne, mood swings, etc. I haven't experienced any of that. My body is very intolerant of the pill, and I don't want either my husband or I to get permanent birth control, so I love the option of an IUD.

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1/15/13 9:22 A

Everyone is different. Yes there are some side effects that I would prefer I never had, and I honestly wish I never got the IUD. However, it is great because of no period thing and not having to worry about other forums of birth control.

When they put it in you feel a tiny cramp and then that's it!

Good luck!

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1/14/13 7:40 P

Hello, I have had a crazy last month :( I have suffered a horrible miscarriage, my weight has dropped, blood pressure as well. Before the pregnancy my periods were just awful, My Dr is putting the Mirena IUD in on Wed, hoping for the best as I need it. What can i expect? All I read is horror stories :( And since I have lived my own lately I was hoping for some positive feedback......if any? Honestly if there's nothing good to said of it, I would like to hear this too.Thank you :)

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1/11/13 12:30 P

HI Everyone,
I have made 1 week w/o my Mirena. Boy has it been a roller coaster!
I have bled, stopped, bled... you get the idea. I've had cramping and migraines - even had to stay home from work one day due to nausea and dizziness.
No weight change, but I know my body isn't anywhere close to "normal" yet, so not expecting anything.
I have still been able to run (although with headaches etc it has been a challenge)... and I have been focusing on eating properly and having the treats only in moderation. I have been craving salty, fatty foods (like pizza) really badly - not my normal sugar.
Here's to week 2!

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1/10/13 1:08 P

Hi Ladies.

I just had a Paraguard (copper IUD) inserted on Tuesday (jan. 8 2013). I was looking for a group of people I could talk with to share experiences adjusting to the IUD. I never had the Mirena, but I do agree with you ladies 100% on how the hormones effect your body. I stopped taking my hormonal birth control pills in October and from then to now I'm a brand new person. I'm not moody (except when it's time for Aunt Flow to come), my sex drive has returned, and I have lost weight much much MUCH easier. The down falls of coming off of the hormones for me have been acne, oily skin, greasy hair, and accelerated hair growth. I have done a lot of research on the side effects from hormonal birth control and I decided to come off of it. It was the best choice for me, and I wish I had done it years ago. I was on the pill, at least three different kinds over the course of eight years.

As for the IUD... does anyone know of another group that I can discuss my Paraguard experience with? I would like to compare notes, feelings, symptoms etc.

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1/9/13 9:45 A

so happy for you!!! I will say it did take a while for some of the symptoms to come on, it's almost like it had to get more and more of the hormones before it really too effect!! I have been off of it for over 2 years now and I have to say I'm back to the old me and have had a great time losing weight!!

Good luck to you!!

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1/9/13 9:24 A

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was waiting for the holidays to be over and then start the same diet that I have been doing for years.. However I have not started yet :S.. But here is an update: Weight I reported when I had the IUD that I weight 228, now I weight 225. (this morning) I have been eating like crap! Since I know my body if ate the way I have been eating I defiantly would have gained weight! My conclusion is that the IUD does make it difficult to lose weight and makes it easy to put on weight. I don't think it was all the IUD, I mean if I ate healthy and by that I mean no snacks or junk and only 3 meals a day I would not have gained weight.. But for my size eating like that I should lose weight.

Now for the other things. I noticed someone had wrote that they still have anxiety. I do too. But not nearly as much. It is slowly getting better!
My mood has changed I am happier, unless I am having an anxiety attack. I can remember things, and it is slowly coming back. I still have moments of "brain farts" but for the most part I can remember in like 5 mins..

Acne, NO more big red "no headed" pimples!!!!!! NONE! However I still have the what I like to call "teen" acne (white heads, goes away in couple of days) I have three right now.. Not bad considering the amount I had with the IUD. Also I don't have the pregnancy glow any more, opps I mean the oily skin... YES!

In conclusion, the IUD has done its damage. I truly believe I would be a different person today if I never got the IUD. I recommend that if you have an Mirena IUD to get it out as fast as you can. My results are astounding considering that I had the IUD for over 5 years, I couldn't imagine the reversible effects of removing it if I only had it for a year.

I would also like to add that my fist year with the IUD wasn't nearly as bad as the last year. I have no idea why but the last year of it was horrible. SO, if you have had it for a year and have only mild symptoms it will get worse!

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1/8/13 11:15 P

so glad you saw results after a few days, would love to hear how your doing now!! I will actually be meeting with my doctor next month for the first time after I had Mirena taken out 2 and a half years ago and I hope she has some answers as to what I should do now - though the answer might be what my husband needs to do!!

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1/8/13 11:08 P

I have had a Mirena for 4 years. I could not understand why I didn't lose weight after my third pregnancy the same way I did after the first 2. Then, after about a year or so,I started to put it all together. Weight gain, mood swings, zero sex drive, skin problems. All issues that were not there pre-Mirena. Yes, I have made my appt to have it removed and my husband is getting a vasectomy. I really love not having a period but, I mean, really?!

1/8/13 10:53 A

Can you please update your results at this point? Weeks later, I am thinking. I have the Mirena IUD also and for the first couple of months I didn't notice any weight gain, however, pretty much right when my period stopped I put on 10 lbs in like 1-3, I have had it for 2 years and I have gained 20-25 lbs with it.......I was 120 when I got pregnant w/ my son 8 years ago, and lost it all but 5 lbs after I had him, I was up to 140 (9 months preggers), with my daughter I got pregnant at 125, again gained up to 140, lost it all but 5ish again, I went between 125-130 for about 2 years and got the mirena, like I said first couple of months I was still getting my AF and no weight gain, etc, then like clockwork, AF stopped and gained 10 lbs!!!! I even joined the gym and went 3-4 times a week ran on treadmil/elipitical/strenght training/trail biking/etc and gained ANOTHER 10 lbs! I have been at 150 now for a year? and I CANNOT lose this damn weight! I also have BV on a daily basis from absolutely NOTHING! It is disgusting and embarassing and SO uncomfortable. When I had my yearly I discussed removal w/ my Dr and he told me that all the "problems" I am having with it arent enough to out weight the benefits (not getting preggers - 25, almost 26, year old divorced single mom of two) Riiiight, okay...THEN he has the nerve to discuss me "weight" ... that I need to "do" something about it...................:/ I'm like wellll I worked out 3-4 days a week and gained weight, didnt lose inches, etc, so not buying the "muscle weighs more" line...but your story has REALLY made me consider removal...AGAIN...I have 3 more years on this thing and I havent even COVERED my mental state...I have considered ADHD, Bipolar, and my ANGER...I SEE red sometimes and go into a rage panic attack over the DUMBEST things...I never thought it could all be related but now I'm wondering.

SOOO after all that, if you could PLEASE update on how you're doing now, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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1/5/13 4:01 P

Wow, with all the problems Mirena is causing women its a wonder that Dr's still reccommend it to the patients. I too got Mirena right after my daughter was born at my 6 week check up. I hadn't quit bleeding yet but they said that it was ok. They inserted it and on came the symptoms. Not only did I gain weight, I developed hives, anxiety, depression, headaches, nausea, dizziness, panic attacks, and for the entire year that i had it i didn't quit bleeding! I saw Dr after Dr (different offices and hospitals mind you) and no one wanted to remove it. They claimed my hives were a rare skin condition that I had developed after pregnancy. They said my anxiety and depression were non existant because I was funcitoning way better than other new moms (but I knew I was not myself!). And they never had really much to say about the constant bleeding (which then lead to a whole other slew of symptoms from iron deficency). When I finally got my Mirena taken out by a miraculous Dr whom I still see today, I started to instantly feel better, my bleeding stopped within a week, my headaches, nausea, dizziness, and hives were all gone within a few weeks. It was insane, but after 6 months I started to feel normal, after we started treating my iron deficiency I was great. I still battle with anxiety but I think thats here to stay. Mirena is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I use natural family planning, and it is so easy!! If anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to help. Plus technology makes NFP extremly easy. I hope the word gets spread about how horrible Mirena can be and eventually gets taken off the market.

SAM_I_AM_2K Posts: 1,117
1/3/13 5:26 P

Thank you SO much for posting this!

Today, I had my Mirena removed. While I loved not having a period (NOT looking forward to this change), I have had bouts of almost depression, weight gain (similar to you - exercising and eating fanatically to lose 5 pounds), I snap easily and get really annoyed for no apparent reason. DH and I had talked about this awhile back and decided it was, likely, a result of the IUD - but we waited to remove it until his V was done and tests came back as they should.

I am very encouraged by others experiences after removal and am very much hoping to go back to "normal"!

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12/25/12 1:51 P

I had my first child in 2008 -- had not been on birthcontrol for some time because of getting a DVT (bloodclot) while taking Nuvaring. Before even having the baby, my doctor and I had decided on an IUD since he didn't want me on anything with higher levels of hormones. Had baby in Nov and Paraguard IUD placed in December, right around a month after having son. The midwife I spoke with said that typically it is best to wait at least 6 weeks but becauase I was going to be doing a lot of Holiday traveling she would put it in for me so that we didn't have any worries. I had no complaints while with this except for painful intercourse. When I spoke with a doctor about it he said it couldn't be related to the IUD because it was just so unlikely that my husband's "stuff" was long enough to reach the IUD.

Well, in 2009, about a year after having it placed, hubs and I decided to try for another baby. I went to have it removed and THE STRING BROKE! I thought my doctor (not the one from the sex talk) was kidding me. So, they did an ultrasound to figure out what was going on. Turned out the IUD was in my uteran muscle -- probably due to having it put it sooner than it should have been. I was sent to a specialist to have it removed (Jan 2010). He put me under because of what they were going to be doing, and I had no pain, even after removal. My husband deployed, and when he came home (August 2010) we resumed trying and I got pregnant shortly after.

By the time I had the baby in 2011 my husband was deployed again. I didn't even worry about birth control until about a month before he was due home. I had the Mirena placed this time and had to have it removed about a month after because it wasn't placed properly.

Even being fully alert, there was no pain with the removal. They then replaced a new Mirena and did an unltrasound immediately after to make sure it was right -- yay! it was!

While I haven't had any problems with my skin/hair, I have noticed that my emotions change very easily and I have put on a substantial amount of weight since having it (20+). I'm having a very difficult time getting the weight off. The info from all of your postings has me wondering if I need to go see my doctor! Of course, we moved in July since it isn't even the same doctor that put the IUD in for me. :(

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12/24/12 11:01 A

It's out!!! Yay! It hurt a tiny bit nothing bad at all! I feel great. Believe it or not my skin feels and looks better... No new pimples! not so oily!

I am not hungry every second of the day, I can actually eat normal portions and feel full. Before I just was never satisfied. Sweets and crabs don't appeal to me like they use too!

It has only been 3 days but that is what I am seeing so far..

I will be back! Oh and weight 225 without working out or on a diet! See ya in a couple weeks!

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12/24/12 9:51 A

these things sound so scary!

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12/21/12 8:18 A

Thanks everyone for replying it just confirms even more for me that it is the IUD.. BUT today is the day finally! I hope it come out and it doesn't hurt too much! Then we will see if these side effects go away or not!

Just remember I might not see weight loss results because it is Christmas.... But lets see is I see weight gain!

12/20/12 11:36 P

I have a Paragard IUD *the copper one* I have had no problems with it. I did get a rash on my stomach shortly after placement, but that couldn't be linked to the IUD. I have absolutely no complaints about the copper IUD. This IUD was my last chance at birth control at all. I had luck with the shot, but it messed up my cycle really bad when I decided to discontinue its use. *A year before I got a cycle again, longer before it was normal*

Research the ring before you get it, it can cause vaginal irritations. I didn't have good luck with it, I don't know how many times I went to the doc thinking I had some sort of infection and had nothing to finally put the pieces together, and after some research to find out it was probably the ring. Discontinued use. No problems anymore!

I also have a friend on the Mirena, she just had it removed because it made her gain so much weight, and other similar complaints that I've read here. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone after reading that the issues seem to be "normal" with this IUD. Yikes!

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
12/19/12 2:11 P

Thank you because Now after reading that and looking at the actual side effects and thinking back the past 4 years....I am not crazy! it all adds up!

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12/19/12 2:06 P

Before you get is replaced I would just google other people's experiences and decide for yourself. Just know that most doctors will tell you that you are crazy that the hormones in mirena has nothing to do with your "problems". I will promise you I will let you know how things go with me. I will weigh myself the day I go and keep track of the weight and of course all the other symptoms!

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
12/19/12 1:55 P

I have had an IUD for the last 4 years. I am to get my replaced in Oct 2013. But I am not 100% sure which one i have however this is so me...I have NEVER been hormonal or really over weight til i got ths dang thing. I thought I was just crazy. And I am almost sure its mirena That i have but again not 100% sure. this is so me... CREEPY!

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12/18/12 3:35 P

I'm soo sorry they couldn't take it out yet but the end is coming near!!

I would give your body time to adjust before you put in the nuvaring - the best way to know what is effecting you is to have your body time to work a little while without anything. We have just been going the condom route so far and are very careful about it.

Thanks, I'm having fun continuing the journey to lose. I will say that my working out hard multiple times a week has also helped with normal monthly symptoms and at this point it only changes things for me a little bit - really at this point my only signs that it's coming is that I crave beef and chocolate the 24hours before it starts and the first few days but after that I'm good to go - SparkPeople helps me to keep my giving in within reason and I just try to have a workout even if I start to get a little crampy - if I'm really tired I will sleep well even if I end up having a little bit for cramps!!

If you end up creating a SparkPage connect to me, I'd love to see how things go for you over time!!

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12/17/12 11:33 A

Hello! Thanks for ensurement! I didn't get it out yet, I wanted to cry when he said we can't take it out today. I go on Friday the 21st! I hope it comes out then, but I don't want to get my hopes up and have them crushed again.. I have been waiting almost three months to get it out, and it has been three months since I have connected the side effects to mirena.

He is giving my nuvaring to use but I am not sure I want to put more hormones in my body, I know they are a little different than the ones from mirena but still after this I just want to be me again!

Congratulations on your weight loss!! That is awesome!

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12/17/12 10:54 A

Bronco1159 - you sound just like me - almost exactly - and actually you are the same weight I was at my heaviest - which was right before I had Mirena taken out - 2 years ago now!!

I will say that I dismissed so many of the same symptoms - people told me the stress part was because I had 2 little ones, a hubby that was unemployed when our little one was months old, a stressful work situation, etc... I felt like I had ADHD, bi polar, sleep disorders, rage issues, depression all at the same time and no matter how much I exercised after being warned by my doctor about my weight I continued to gain!! A friend after going on Mirena asked if I ever thought some of my issues were because of Mirena - then a few weeks later I flipped out on a Director at work and then cried in the Senior Director's office less than 24hours later because of a work situation I knew something was up as I always hold myself together at work!!

Within months of getting Mirena out not only did I feel more like a human but I even took a break from working out and found a few months later I was a couple of lbs lighter and then was able to maintain it quite a few months later without actually trying!

The funny thing was that my doctor said my side effects were rare but over time I'm finding more and more women who have similar symptoms but so many don't like talking about it because they feel like it makes them sound like a crazy person!

So after having it out for 2 years I have to say it messed up my system just enough that not only do I not get the cramps I use to get but my cycle is a bit more steady than it was before Mirena and I'm on no medication at all and have lost 56lbs in the last 15 months and went from a size 20 to a 10/12 - we waited to do anything because we were not sure if the cramps were going to come back but at this point we are now looking to do something perminant for hubby!

Big hugs to you and hope all went well with the removal!!!

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12/8/12 4:17 P

Yes I wish I would have gotten the copper one! I have heard no complaints about it whatsoever, however I do know that it has a tiny higher probability of getting pregnant over the Mirena one.. But I would take that .001 chance over these hormonal side effects. Again I do want to point out it is not out yet so these problems may or may not be due to the hormones.... We will see 3 days and counting!

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12/8/12 11:23 A

Almost all my mom friends have IUDs. I have the copper one, have had it since I had my son (2010) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
12/7/12 3:13 P

I know nothing about IUDs, never had one, never knew anyone who did have one.....and honestly I read your msg and thought there had to be something else....but then you said Mirena! I have a student who had one put in last year she was less than 6 mons later, she has put on around 20 lbs and has acne so bad! I never thought of the IUD...she is a wild little thig and I thought it was drinking and bad hygiene, but maybe it is the IUD, of course I know about the drinking (she brags in class!!) and the bad hygiene...well thats just noticeble!

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12/5/12 5:33 P

I have the hormonal one, mirena! I have seen a lot of people complaining about it and then once they get it out they never come back to let us know if it was the actual IUD that was causing the side effects..

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12/5/12 4:42 P

What kind of IUD do you have? I have the ParaGard, which is an IUD that is wrapped in copper wire but contains NO hormones. I had it put in after my son was born and have had it for 10 years. I'm actually getting ready to have it replaced because they are good for 10-12 years so I'm reaching the limit on mine.

In the past 10 years with this IUD, I've not noticed any unusual weight gain or acne. I've always broken out a little bit, and I've struggled with my weight for half my life, but i don't think either of these can be attributed to the IUD, as I had issues with them before I chose the IUD for birth control.

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12/4/12 11:22 A

Hello everyone (super long so bare with me)

Lately I have seen so many people complaining about their IUD side effects, and then no one reports back to let us know how they are now.. I am going to let everyone know what happens to me, so that people like me looking for the truth can find it. With that being said everyone is different.. I have had my IUD in for over 5 years, I was suppose to get it out in October, but with complications with my string which is all muddled up inside of me and I had to have ultrasounds done to find the IUD and now in one week I will be going to a specialist to get it out! Hopefully.. I dont want to get to excited and it not happen...

Ok so I never ever thought there was anything wrong with the IUD, in fact I would tell people how amazing it was and recommend it... Now a year after I got mine my sister also got one. Fast forward to 5 years later I decide to research on the internet if it is painful to remove the IUD and I come across all these side effects women are having and I suddenly realize I to have these side effects..

Now from an unbiased person this was my 5 year experience. I had my daughter in August 2007 I got the IUD implanted in October 2007. Before I got the IUD put in place I know I lost weight because I remember my mom saying Wow you look great already,and my BF even said yeah you have lost a ton of weight.. I even fit into jeans. Then I got the iud put in place and started to gain weight about 15lbs to 20lbs. I figured that it was because I stopped breast feeding and my daughter was sleeping all night therefore I was not getting up as much.. Now, about December I realized I gained all the weight back and went on weight watchers and exercised! I followed it to the T, I was working out for an hour cardio and weights, and also walking over 4 miles a day! I lost weight YAY,I lost almost 30lbs in 8 months, I was happy but when I think of it now that was only 3 pounds a month.. Kind of crazy.. Well along came college and I could not keep up with the diet or exercising because it was difficult. I gained it all back. I blamed it on not being able to continue with the diet plan and working out. But every summer I had off I would try again and I would lose weight I would lose 10 to 15 pounds but I had to be totally strict. By that I mean if one day I was hungry at night time and i would eat a bowl of cereal I would gain a pound.. I would weight myself every day and I knew my body. However as the years went on I noticed that it was getting harder to lose weight I had to eat less and less. the last time I was trying to lose weight I was only eating three meals a day and in the morning I would have a piece of fruit, lunch would be weight watchers soup with 7 crackers or a tomato sandwich or just veggies, and supper would be meat, carbs and veggies thats it and I worked out an hour a day and I gained 2 lbs in a day.

I get that muscle weighs more than fat and that is what I said to myself and it is what everything pointed too. but like most women I got discouraged and quit like I did every other time. I always remember saying I have to work my ass off and I gain weight yet my friend says she just doesn't eat much or sleeps more can lose 30lbs.. Not fair I figured well I am just un lucky. I also quit smoking in September which brought on more weight and I am currently at the weight I was back the day after I had my daughter.

I am not saying it is my IUD because I have thought things in the past like my thyroid and for everything to point to that I just will have to work my ass off and starve myself and work out for 3 hours a day.. Now it occurs to me that hey that's not right, no skinny person works that hard and eats that perfect but yet I am fat and I have too. NO WAY. It could be that but then I am think I am the most un luckiest person in the world!

Now, other than the weight I have acne. Before reading the side effects I thought well it is my luck I mean I had beautiful skin in highschool and I just have to pay my dues.. I was lucky in highschool and now I have to pay for it! BUT then it came to me right before I got pregnant a co-worker said to me I cant believe how perfect your skin is, what do you do.. Me? nothing I wash it and play around with masks and stuff.. Now, I will not touch a mask because I will break out like crazy! I use one kind of acne medicine in fear that anything will make me break out! I am broken out right now I have about 5 "blind" pimples, you know the huge red ones with no head pimples.. and two normal white head smaller in size pimples.. In the past 5 years I have been getting more and more pimples, I blamed it on make up, face wash, and stress never the IUD.. Just a note it has been really bad lately..... Oh an when I was pregnant I had nasty skin, break outs and oily.. Oh wait I still have that... I never had oily skin before.. But then again pregnancy does some crazy thing to you right???? I just thought well I had a baby and it has changed my body forever.. Bummer again I am un lucky because my friends when they had babies they went right back to there nice skin.. Me I was stuck with the pregnancy nasty skin...

Also, In the summer time I swell up, my hands and feet and face, another symptom that has been going on since I had a baby. during pregnancy I was swollen, and in the summer I will show people how bad I will swell and I always say its a side effect from having a baby. They woudl tell me to drink more water.. did that drank 10 cups a day for weeks on end (I love water) nope still would swell up.. Again i would say its because either I am a fat ass or because its what I am stuck with because I had a baby..

The most recent and progressing problem is my memory.. It is awful! Now I have been in school for over 4 years ( I am on my last semester) I know that I have a bad memory and when reading things it felt like I had ADHD, but I made it through.. Now, I cant remember anything. I mean it! Recently I forgot where I put Christmas presents that I bought, and I forget where I parked. Now, it could be because of stress.. But before having a kid I could tell you every detail on why I am mad at my BF Example he didn't do dishes for 4 weeks, and so on.. NOW I cant remember if he was out late a week ago.. I forget when we are fighting why I am mad.. It is bad I even am considering telling my doctor to test me for Alzheimer's..

I know this is super long but I am hoping by listing everything someone can connect with me and realize that they are not alone, and in two weeks or three weeks I can report back and let everyone know if it is my luck or the IUD! Which symptoms are because of the IUD or from having a child..

Mood swinging yes I have them figured it is because I am a women and its just me.. facial hair yep have that I have noticed it more now then ever I again say its because of my pregnancy that is when it showed up..

Last thing to note, energy and mood! Lately I have actually wanted to look good, and by that I mean I want to get ready and get dressed. The last 5 years not so much! I thought the new found wanting to look good was because I quit smoking... IS IT? or is it because the hormones are lower because I am past the 5 year mark.. BUT then if I say that it is because of that then the recent memory loss and acne getting worse is not because of the hormones and maybe I am indeed stuck with this skin.. Who knows, and that is why I am going to get to the bottom of this!

But let me tell you this, I cant wait to get this thing out! I am holding on hope that I will return to me again.. I want to be the girl my BF fell in love with not this monster.. I feel bad for him everyday because seriously he is HOT every girl wants him and I WAS a hot girl.. and now he is stuck with a women who has turned from having nice skin, and a OK body (wasn't super skinny before I got pregnant but I was not fat, in high school I was super skinny thou).. into a oily, pimple, hairy, faced and fat women!

Sad but true! So here is to one week left until I get this stupid thing out! Oh one last thing I mentioned my sister earlier, she is now getting the ugly pimples, weight gain in her stomach and memory loss. She also says she is bi polar because of mood swings and is on depression pills all since she had the IUD put it.. She is like me not going to make excuses that a little plastic thing is going to change your whole body, so she is waiting for me to get mine out and see if it is the IUD or just our luck! Phew that took a long time to write, well it has been 5 years rolled into one big rant!

And for anyone that thinks I am over exaggerating because I read this and I sound like I am a young kid with insecurities.. I am 27 and weighing in at 228... But I do want to point out because i have worked out most of my life I do not look like I am that heavy I look about 190 to 200 no one ever thinks I weight that much even at the doctors office they get all confused, and look me up and down.. I figure it is because I have muscle under neath all this blubber! See you in two to three weeks!

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