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3/17/13 6:24 P

learning that my husband is also....wants to feed me things I shouldnt be eating!

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3/17/13 5:50 P

I can identify but it is getting better. We [me and my girls] finally put a cooler in the pantry for him to keep his treats and it actually works. He has his treats and we don't always have then in our line of vision.

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3/17/13 5:28 P

He is proud of me for losing weight, compliments me and then cooks heavy high caloric meals. He cooks and does the shopping because he is retired and I work and I LOVE that he does it. However, when I encourage him to cook healthier meals because I am strictly dieting for my health, he bakes cookies and treats to test my willpower. I will cook on my days off to accommodate healthy choices, but it's not enough.

He says he needs the treats,so I ask him to keep them in his office. He also doesn't like it if I start looking " too good". He jokes that I must be having affair. I told him I was, with myself!

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