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RENSTWIN Posts: 1,062
6/15/08 10:23 A

I have the Gazelle Power Plus model, which does not fold up, and I love it. I get a great workout on it. I lost 2 inches off my waist and hips within 2 weeks of starting it. This model is very sturdy, and it comes with the resistance package.

MSWENDI42 Posts: 3,925
6/15/08 12:01 A

I LOVE my gazelle! I have the Freestyle Elite and yes it does have resistance- 4 different levels. I love it and it gives me a great workout. I have had it for 4 years now and it only recently started squeaking. It gives me a great workout and I feel the stretching in every muscle. I have tendonitis in my feet and it has helps so much! I have lost 52+ lbs using it and I use it 30-60min a day.

SABINEJADE SparkPoints: (4,610)
Fitness Minutes: (7,330)
Posts: 518
4/1/08 1:07 P

I tried it out at the store, and it was just too flimsy for me. Also I can't stand that there is no resistance. I'd rather get something that has resistance settings so that I can make it more challenging over time.

Just saw this was an old thread - although it doesn't change my dislike for the Gazelle. :)

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TYCIOL Posts: 8
4/1/08 12:17 P

I'm kind of surprised to hear you call Tony little :) He seems like a big dude to me. Anyway, I just bought the 'SprintMaster' and I think it'll function quite well as cardio. I do normal running enough as it is to catch the bus, and walking is just annoying, I never work up a sweat doing it 2.5 miles or whatever. It's more intensity that's needed I think.

LGREISE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 73
11/29/07 1:35 P

My Step-mom loaned me her Freestyle while she's in Florida. I don't feel like I'm doing anything and it's practically silent, which makes it perfect for watching TV. At the very least, it beats the heck outta sitting on the couch. I still do my lifting and cardio 5 times a week, but if I want to watch a show, I can get in a little extra workout and not feel guilty for watching.

She also loaned me the videos, unopened, and asked me to watch them for her. Absolutely not! I can't stand the sight of that creepy little man, so she will have to watch them herself, lol.

11/11/07 2:08 P

Can someone tell me how many calories are burned using a Gazelle? I'm using my parents' machine now.

JEANNNNNETTE SparkPoints: (5,754)
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Posts: 12
9/9/07 9:26 A

I just got my gazelle last week, and so far it is working out really well for me. It was moving as I used it though, forward for me not backward, so I got some of that rubbery rug gripper stuff and put it under the legs. No more moving :)

It is hard to get into a rhythm but I find listening to music helps if I stick to the beat.

JYLKING Posts: 118
8/21/07 1:49 P

Hate mine...My feet slide forward on the steps and it squishes my toes. Then the digital display went out after a week! I got new batteries and that didn't work either. My kids use it more then I do. My son sits on it and swings. Tee hee! As for me I feel like it doesn't do much unless you squat and try to work your upper thighs. Then it does a bit but I would rather do any of my other equipment then the gazelle

LAURIM1968 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 422
8/20/07 4:54 P

Wow... I too am amazed with the people who hate their Gazelle. I love mine! I've had it for a few years, just recently pulled the clothes off of it, but have been using it religiously every day for the last 2 months or so. Mine only moves when I am "off kilter" or don't have a good rhythm going but the darn thing squeaks so loud I have to crank my TV so loud I think the neighbors are going to complain. So, I'm glad I found this site and now know where to grease the baby up. I have the one with the resistance package and the computer thingy, but can't use the resistance things because it is WAY too hard. Again, maybe needs some greasing up. It shouldn't be nearly impossible to move the pedals. Anyway.... i love my Gazelle, still wanting to get an elliptitcal (sp) for something different, but for now it will work.

8/8/07 12:36 P

I've never had any problems with my machine scooting backwards across the carpet!?! However, I do have a problem with the thing squeeking!

8/8/07 12:31 P

I got my gazelle edge in march or so. I haven't used it alot. I do like it, but mine squeeks, too! It drives me crazy! I hurt my back shortly after I got it, so it wasn't used for a while. I don't just stand there & use it one way. Sometimes I let go of the handles and keep my feet together, using my abs to swing my body back and forth. Sometimes I bend my knees to work my thighs a little different. Sometimes, I let go of the handles and stretch my arms out and up over and over again to work my arms differently.
I really like that I can do several different things on this machine. You just have to use your imagination & position your body a little differently.
I even let go of the handles and twist my torso back and forth to work the sides of it.
Maybe these will help you enjoy your gazelle more. Good luck, everyone:)

LINDYL57 Posts: 529
8/8/07 12:14 P

Ty -- maybe I can help you out a bit.

The Edge is the first model available and the least expensive. It has a user weight of 250 lbs. I wouldn't say its construction is flimsy, but the tubes are thinner than follow up models and the cables are a different material. No resistence package. Computer records calories burned, time, distance and I think speed. Folds up for storage.

The Freestyle I think is the next step up. User weight limit of 300 pounds and slightly better construction. Still no resistence package. The onboard "computer" will count calories burned, speed, distance, time and there is a thumb pulse meter; not terribly accurate but better than nothing I guess. It folds up for storage. This is the model I have.

The PowerPlus I think is the only model that does not fold up. For this reason I haven't researched it much. But it has the resistence package with three levels. User weight limit again I think is 300 pounds. I believe the onboard computer is the same as the Freestyle.

The Sprintmaster -- the most recent model and likely most expensive. This is the one that probably has a 350 lb. user weight limit (but 300 lb if not 350). It folds up; construction materials probably the same as the Freestyle/Power Plus. It has a resistence package but I think the package has only one level -- I'm not sure about this. It also has a sort of suspension that gives a bouncier ride and supposedly allows for greater range of motion. The onboard computer records the same info as the Freestyle.

Based on what I've seen of the Sprintmaster on the infomercial, this is the model I'd go for if I were buying one today.

My Freestyle is three years old and has given me great service. The Gazelle gives an excellent cardio workout, in my opinion; and makes a good complement to a jogger/runner.


TYCIOL Posts: 8
8/8/07 11:47 A

I wouldn't detest it, momentum doesn't come from out of thin air, you generate it, and if you stopped, your weight would quickly pull the gazelle to a stop. It's easy to overlook this aspect of the physics.

I hear some of the newer gazelles (not sure which) can support up to 350lbs. Since I'm over 100 less than this it makes me think of how cool it would be to wear ankle/wrist/vest weights while working on this, to make it harder. These are contraindicated for impact-heavy exercises like running, but are perfect for something like a gazelle. Especially when combined with the resistance levels the newer models have.

What is frustrating is what model to choose, I have no idea which one to plan for. The ones I see on his site are...


It'll take a while to weigh out the benefits of em all.

LINDYL57 Posts: 529
5/21/07 7:36 P

I'm surprised to read that some users have trouble with their Gazelle moving backwards across carpet. Mine sure stays where I put it (also on carpet). But I agree, it would certainly be annoying to have to stop and move it forward again all the time! Those of you who have moving Gazelles, do you have the Edge model? I believe that one is lighter weight than the other models which may account for the sliding movement.

As for where to put the WD40 (or cooking oil)....I give mine a very small squirt into the housing where the cables fit in. That usually does it and lasts a long time (over a year). Another place is where the pedals connect to the swinging poles.

I very much enjoy my Gazelle even after almost three years.


EASANS33 Posts: 3,937
5/21/07 6:01 P

I just enter it manually in the tracker and use the calories on the counter there. I'm sure they're not accurate, but it was the only thing I could think of. Good luck!

5/21/07 5:34 P

I have a gazelle elite and I personally love it. I don't use WD-40 on it though...I find it leaves grease spots on my carpet so I use cooking spray lol. Ultra quiet now and my doesn't scoot at all, it stays exactly where I put it. I am down to 30 min a day but I used to do an hour....I stopped for awhile and now I need to get back into it...My legs burn after awhile which is great and they feel like jello when I'm done...It works for me..the only question I am having right now, since I just joined today is...What kind of cardio do I classify it as in the fitness tracker?

3/19/07 4:26 P

(whoops! Accidentally posted the same thing twice. Can someone delete this one?)

Edited by: SHELAGHC at: 3/19/2007 (16:27)
3/19/07 4:25 P

I've been working with my Gazelle for a little over two weeks and really love it. The squeaking is a problem though. (My downstairs neighbor actually came up to complain!)

Where do you put the WD40? I'd be happy to grease the gears if I knew where it goes!

As for a workout, I have knee, ankle and back problems so I can't go with a gym. I can't keep going for more than fifteen to twenty minutes and I'm currently unemployed. The nice thing about the gazelle is that I *can* go just fifteen minutes at a time and feel like I'm getting a reasonable workout without the cost of a gym.

And after two weeks, I can feel a slight difference in how some of my clothes are fitting already.

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ROSEMARYHY Posts: 1,396
3/15/07 7:58 A

I have a gazelle that has been in a storage room for a few years. The squeaking and sliding back drove me nuts. I have since bought a HRM for $40. I will walk in place fast and burn just as many calories and my target heart rate is where it needs to be. I think investing in a heart rate monitor is one of the best investments a person can make.

MSJAMES Posts: 1
3/15/07 1:13 A

Well hey everyone, I am new to this whole exercise routine thing and I borrowed a Gazelle Platinum to try it out. I do a 15 min a day routine but I need to put in batteries to see actually how much cals being burned etc. Thanks for all the comments they will help in me making a decision as to what I should buy as a exercise machine.

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EASANS33 Posts: 3,937
3/5/07 7:40 P

I just got the Gazelle edge on Saturday. I live in an apartment and needed something cheap that I can fold and put away. Once I get a house I'll get an elliptical.

I did 35 minutes on Sat. and 45 on Sun. and I can barely walk! My calves are killing me and I feel it all over my lower body. I like it and feel like I'm getting a good workout on it.

It's not the be all, end all of machines, but it will definitely do and I love doing it in front of the tv. I've been working out steadily for a while now, so I'm sort of fit. My aerobic step class was hard today because my legs were sore from the gazelle. So far, it's worth the $85 I spent on it.

YVONNET2 Posts: 744
2/28/07 10:07 P

Your comments are very amusing but very true! Mine keeps moving backwards and I keep moving it forwards, which is annoying. I find that I get bored with any exercise machine after awhile also.
I seem to need my gazelle, my exercise bike, and now I plan on using my mom's treadmill just to keep myself from getting too bored.

GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,233
2/28/07 1:23 A

Last night I unfolded my Freestyle and was excited to use it after it being folded up in my dining room for over a year.

It took me just 10 minutes to remember why I stopped using it. Everytime I got into the swing movement and was enjoying the feeling...the darn machine would scoot backwards across the carpet...until the pedals would be banging into wall.

So, then I had to emoticon , pull the machine forward, and try to get back into the high swing movement I was enjoying.

After the darn thing scooted backwards 2 more times, I emoticon for good.

It is now folded up again...until it can go emoticon emoticon .

I`m glad there are those of you who love the machine! emoticon We all have to find the exercise that we truely enjoy, and that is the most important thing. emoticon

TIFFYLU7 Posts: 61
2/28/07 12:02 A

so i used the gazelle freestyle for the first time tonight. there were a few squeaks, no big deal. my biggest complaint is that it took so much work and concentration to get and keep a rhythm, i kept wanting to pick up my heels, or a little too much focus on my arms, and i would almost lose balance, and have to re-establish my rhythm. after about 20 minutes my left foot started to feel numb, so i got off. it's not the worst machine i've ever used, but it will do until i can afford an elliptical.

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LUELUE1971 Posts: 1,342
2/26/07 8:47 A

My mother bought me a gazelle edge for my birthday and I hated it. It hurt my knees and was impossible to get my heartrate up on it. She took it from me and she really likes it.

I purchase a $350 elliptical and I absolutely love it. I have never before been able to keep up my cardio but this time I have.

VENUSIAN31 Posts: 441
2/26/07 8:02 A

I have the Gazelle Elite which has the resistance on it and I love it. I only have to apply WD40 in a few spots about once a month and no squeek. I get a great workout all over and it's gentle on my joints, which is a huge plus because I deal with arthritis.

TIFFYLU7 Posts: 61
2/26/07 4:15 A

i have been wondering about this thing too. i've been on my grandma's before, and kind of felt ridiculous, like i wasn't really DOING anything. but it's the closest thing to indoor cardio i have at my house right now, so i think i'm going to set it up right next to my ab lounge. i've been keeping the ab lounge folded up in the closet (it's not as "foldable" as they make it out to be, didn't fit under my bed like i had planned on...) but i resolved to keep it set up in my den and use it more. i think the folding it out and having to put it away has been too much of a hassle and keeping me from using it. but if i can get my heart rate up on that gazelle, then that's what i'm going to have to do! at least until i can save up for a small cheap elliptical.

LINDYL57 Posts: 529
1/29/07 4:06 P

I'm really surprised that so many people feel so negatively about the Gazelle. I have one too; it's about three years old. I also use WD40 to keep it almost silent, but just a little lubrication goes a LONG way. I didn't get the $99 Edge either. I opted for the next step up -- the Freestyle w/no resistence package. Since the Freestyle model has a user weight limit of 300 pounds, I felt it would be sturdier than the Edge.

I get an EXCELLENT cardio workout on it, and I find it makes a great alternative to my jogging. Regarding the videos... mine came with only one video. I enjoyed the music on it so much, I bought a second video. (But I'm not exactly enamored of Tony! LOL) I do find I work out much harder with it if I have the video to follow as opposed to just using it while watching TV (although I do that too).

But as has been pointed out more than once -- not every piece of equipment is going to work for everyone. Find what you enjoy doing and do it.

I'm very satisfied with my Gazelle and all my other exercise gear.


ROHANLADY4 SparkPoints: (30)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 79
1/29/07 2:57 P

I've had mine for almost 2 years now. Most of the time it was ignored but a week ago I pulled it out and have been doing 30 minutes a day on it while watching TV with hubby. In just a week I can feel the difference. I huff and I puff on the thing but my leg joints don't hurt as much and my tummy is tightening up a bit as I concentrate on keeping my core solid. As for the knees, the one thing they stress is NOT to lock your knees. I make it a point to always keep a slight bend in my knees.

WD-40 is my lubricant as well when it gets squeaky. The thing doesn't take a lot of space and frankly, its better than sitting on my behind for those 30 minutes. Starting next week, I'll gradually add to my time till I've worked up to an hour a day.

When I bought mine 2 years ago I splurged and bought a better quality one from HSN to support my then almost 300 lb frame. Its not a $99 machine (I paid double that amount with free S&H) and keeps track of time, calories, miles, heartbeat, etc. Was it worth it? Definitely. Would I buy another one if this one breaks? Probably.

YVONNET2 Posts: 744
1/15/07 8:21 P

You can fix the squeek by squirting a little WD 49 in the squeeky parts.
I've had mine a year and I love it! I worked out on it for a week (3 X @30 mins) and in one week I lost 1/2 inch on my hips. This machine takes off inches.
Hey, you can't win them all! I think we all have to do what works for us...something we enjoy that we can stick with!
What I like about it is that I get SO motivated with music. I can go that extra distance.



LYNN27 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (433)
Posts: 621
12/26/06 5:15 P

I cannot stand the Gazelle!! I purchased one several years ago and returned it within a week. Not only did it squeak, but I really didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything. Plus, my knees hurt. I returned it and purchased a cheap treadmill which lasted a few years before I had to upgrade it.
Those infomercials sure are convincing though!! emoticon

LOVELY2LEAN Posts: 135
12/26/06 4:48 P

I have a Gazelle Edge, got it about 2 years ago for about $90 bucks. Can't say that I love it, but I can get a good workout on it. Standing straight up just doesn't cut it, I have to do what I call a "high squat" then extend my legs out as far as I can and go as fast as I can. I get a really good workout and after 45 minutes am dripping wet.

JESSILYNT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 16
12/26/06 3:09 P

I thought I was the only one that couldn't stand Tony & his gazelle. They both look ridiculous. I always laugh when I see the Geico commercial.

"You can DO IT!!!!!!"

I bought a cheap elliptical which will be delivered tomorrow. I understand that it may not last as long as the more expensive models. I figure if I use it enough to break it, I'll be damn happy to upgrade to a nicer model.

REGIDG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,387)
Posts: 568
9/20/06 2:42 P


I didn't like the Gazelle when I tried it in the store. I went with the $99 clearance elliptical. I have used it off and on for years. I'm no feather, and my husband has used it too. And it hasn't held clothes, except the occasional basket that just came in or is going out. ;p

It's not the $600 machine I drool over, but it works. Yeah, it squeaks. Yeah, we have to tighten screws. But the thing is about 3 years old. I would get another elliptical trainer. I love it.

Regi dG

CHRISSYF Posts: 292
9/20/06 12:54 P

I bought the Freestyle Gazelle for 200+.
I rarely use mine, once in awhile while watching TV. Its ok...I feel I spent way too much for it.
Hubby can only do a few minutes on it and he's in pretty good shape, muscularly, not you can get a semi-decent workout. If you lean forward or backward you can really feel your abs and arms working.
I cant get the pulse part to work or reset the stupid counter so that irks me.
It came with 4 DVDs that I sold on ebay cuz Tony bugs me and I only tried one a couple times and couldnt take it.
I wouldnt recommend it either, but it is better than nothing.

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CHEWIEKIKI Posts: 3,170
9/20/06 12:39 P

I detest Gazelles. Basically you lock your knees and use momentum and the pendulum action to swing your legs back and forth. Your arms at least bend, but they're just carried along by the inverse action of your legs swinging back and forth. At $99, you're right. You get what you pay for.

And Tony Little doesn't even use one himself. He goes to the local gym just like the rest of us and busts his butt on the elliptical and treadmill. And none of this 20 minutes a day stuff either - he works out for HOURS.

A Gazelle is better than nothing. Particularly for people with NO previous exercise experience. But that's about it. I think they look fun to use (wheeeeeeeee!) but the movement is just so limited with regard to the muscles it really uses.

I think you're right that it's pretty much made to be shoved under a bed or used as a clothes rack.....

MANTONINO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (220)
Posts: 755
9/20/06 12:07 P

Ok, normally I do about a billion hours of research before spending a dime. But I wanted a Gazelle since the first time I saw it - that's MY kind of exercise! Sweeeeeeeet!

Well now that I'm finally exercising a LOT (was doing 60 mins on the Precor EFX) I decided that if Sarah and I were both going to do an hour workout, we needed a second machine so we could do them at the same time. Fundage being fundage, I decided now was the PERFECT time to get the Gazelle!

Setup wasn't too hard (wasn't easy either though) and we finally started using the Gazelle. The first 3 or 4 nights were awesome! I was flying, recording the best distance & times I've ever had! It couldn't have been better.

On the 4th or 5th night of my Gazelle, I did a 70 minute, 10km (6.2 mile) run! SWEET!

Well I think that run screwed my machine up - it burned out the factory lubrication, totally gone. The machine squeeeeeeks the entire time I use it now. It moves slower no matter how fast I try and go - basically the faster I try to push, the slower it moves because of the heat & friction.

My options now are to grease the machine every night by taking it almost completely apart or find a new machine. I have to say - I've been looking today at new machines. I'm 99.9999% sure I'm returning this and getting my $99 bucks back because honestly no machine should break down in the first few days.

here's what I think - I think this machine is made for the typical user - someone who is going to buy it, use it 3 times and use it as a clothes rack forever more after that. I think they know that people aren't going to do 70 minute 6 mile runs every night so they make it WORTH $99 too.

No gazelle for me.
MUCH more research before I buy next time.
When in doubt, don't expect $99 equipment to perform like $599 or $1599 equipment.

Hope that helps someone!

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