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COACHPENNY Posts: 10,392
1/1/09 10:02 P

Sometimes the cough can be due to chronic reflux and/or asthma or agravated by an allergy. I use to have chronic bronchitis with a cough about twice a year. Eventutally I developed reflux and asthma although I never had this as a child. I did have allegies though. My allergist was the one who finally diagnosed this problem. He said one would trigger the other. When I got the reflux under control everything got better.
Now I rarely have to take the reflux medicine and it's usually a seasonal thing. I almost never use an inhaler and it's all under control.
I also get a flu shot every year, take vitamins and probiotics. And use the antihistamines when I need to. This all seems to help. No more chronic cough.

I also use a home remedy which works well if you are ill or have a bad cough.
Brew tea (any kind) let it cool a bit.
Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar w/sediment(shake it up before pouring)
Add a much honey as you like to soothe & soften vinegar bite
drink twice a day for three days.
Break up coughs an also helps chest congestion
Works so well we used for our kids when they were young

Good Luck!

WISHABONE Posts: 691
1/1/09 4:19 P

I had bronchitis in September and it was 8 weeks before I stopped coughing completely. If you've finished your antibiotics and it hasn't improved much maybe you should go see your doctor again.

TRAMA534 Posts: 310
1/1/09 3:51 P

Thanks! I think I will try the hot drink and yes I need to be a persistant to my DR. Thanks.

NORWAYNANCY Posts: 1,566
12/31/08 4:56 P

Ask your doctor to be tested for Whooping cough.My son had it last summer and it took him about 4 months to recover. The cough was like spasms-he sometimes couldn't catch his breath.He went thru 4 rounds of different antibiotics,and the DR finally gave him some Codiene Cough syrup that helped. You have to be persistant.Some Dr's are better than others.
Hope you feel better soon.

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12/31/08 3:51 P


TRAMA534 Posts: 310
12/31/08 3:35 P

Hi Irish! Thank you for your opinion. I think it is great that you are a med student! I don't have a sore or scatchy throat and I don't have pain in my chest or anything. I just have this major and I mean major cough. So hard to explain it. It is partially productive and non-productive. It will be 4 weeks soon! I think I will go to the DR next week if it is not even slightly improved! This cough started shortly after I started a head cold and at that start of that head cold, my heart was skipping beats for about 15 hours (not minutes - hours) and it totally freaked me out! My DR said that the virus was causing that - never ever heard of that! Anyways, thanks for the advice! t

IRISHMOCHA16 Posts: 20
12/27/08 12:55 P

Hi, TRAMA534. Idk what it is exactly but I am going to med school so I am hoping I can help. If what you are feeling is a scratchy throat/slight wheezing when you cough, as well as the sensation of dull or achy pain in your chest after you stop the coughing bout, it may pneumonia or it might be chronic bronchitis beginning to flare up. As I said, I am only a med student so I am not 100 percent sure about this, but that is just what it seems like to me based on the symptoms you had described. The doctor may feel it is pneumonia or a viral infection right now though. The last time i had the same symptoms as you, he told me that if I haven't been coughing consistently for 4-6 weeks, it probably wasn't chronic bronchitis. So, as painful as I know it feels, just drink plenty of fluids right now and if you hit the 4-week mark and still feel no signs of improvement in your condition, ask if it chronic bronchitis. I hope I was able to help. Feel better!

TRAMA534 Posts: 310
12/27/08 11:01 A

Hi, thanks for all the responses! I have not had an x-ray as of yet. The DR just listened to my breathing and just said it was an infection. I think I will have to go back to the DR once the New Year is here. Thanks!

MRDA40 Posts: 105
12/26/08 9:51 P

My husband had to go back to the doctor 3 times before they did an x-ray and figured out he had pneumonia. When my son had it they gave him a prescription for cough medicine and it didn't help at all so I took him back to the doctor and they said he had pneumonia.

I would probably get checked again just to be sure. I hope you feel better soon!

MAGA99 Posts: 14,317
12/26/08 9:31 P

I agree with the several b4 me. Pneumonia, back in May, I had it n I had been given antibiotics wouldn't go away, so then they thought it was just my bronchitis acting up. I went to the hospital 1 night cause the cough got so bad that I couldn't breath, at 1st they thought it was my asthma had gotten worst & gave me a few breathing treatments, which I had never done b4. They were getting ready to release me & the head dr said to do a chest x-ray to b on the safe side. WEll I spent 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia n now I have to use a nebulizer every day.

12/26/08 9:27 P

Praying you feel better soon. You might want to go back to your Dr. in case he needs to prescribe a different antibiotic. Last year I had a cough I tried to get over on my own. After two months it ended up being bacterial and after one shot and a five day medicine I was good for go. Hang in there.

MRDA40 Posts: 105
12/26/08 9:24 P

Have you been checked for pneumonia?

MRDA40 Posts: 105
12/26/08 9:22 P

Have you been checked for pneumonia?

MRDA40 Posts: 105
12/26/08 9:21 P

Have you been checked for pneumonia?

CAFEGIRL2 Posts: 168
12/26/08 8:52 P

Me Too!!! And my daughter. We've both taken two rounds of antibiotics. And still this neverending cough!!!

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12/26/08 8:40 P

i'm having the same thing

TRAMA534 Posts: 310
12/26/08 8:36 P

Hi, I have had a cough for over 3 weeks and it will NOT go away! I am starting to get worried! I even finished the antibiotics my DR gave me. Why is this cough not going away? I know that Viral infections cannot be cured with antibiotics. Anyways, I have NEVER had such a cough. The cough is not getting any worse, but not getting any better either. Should I be worried or should I wait? Does anyone out there have one that won't go away? Thanks, T emoticon

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