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THISTIMES Posts: 468
10/23/08 10:22 A

Great, sane ideas. FOr a new sparker I would add, there are plenty of not positive threads, posts on this site - particularly debates over politics, religion etc - I keep away from all of those, stay on the sunny side of things. Use the site to motivate you - I don't even read the 'name something you are not proud of today' or 'how you blew it today' type sites, I like to come on to SP and give positive energy and receive it from others - thus making it the most positive weight loss experience I have ever had - THANK YOU everyone!!!

10/23/08 10:21 A

Thank you for your message!! I just put in for Dec 11/08 to weight myself. The scale is really really getting me down and your message made me feel sooooo much better!!! Again thanks and congratulations on your weight loss.

10/23/08 10:18 A

Don't give up. I know how hard it is and it doesn't ever seem like you will get there...But you will if you continue to make the right choices and make yourself accountable for everything you do. If you have a bad day, do better the next day! I have all the confidence in the world that you can make your weightloss goals. Get it up in your head that you want this and you can do this! I promise you that its possible.

10/23/08 10:11 A

I have been struggling with this weight for a long time. I think I am discipline enough,but I must be doing something wrong, because when I am not trying is when I the pounds creeping up. Help

SMOOCHIE98 Posts: 2
10/23/08 10:11 A

Losing weight is so hard and it does help to hear from other folks that are going through the same thing. I was walking and doing pretty good last year and I got plantar faschaiits(I know this is not how it is spelled)and I can no longer walk for exercise, so I got a recumbent bicycle and I think that I will be able to stick with that. I know there is hope!

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MARGID Posts: 6
10/23/08 10:07 A

I can really relate to this topic/article. The scale is very frustrating and it has seemed that no matter what I did or didn't do it would not budge, AND I looked terrible when I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I have avoided the scale and just worked as best I can and I am far from perfect...I gues when you start something new after so many other tries you do want to see some results faster than is realistic. Mine came about 1 week ago when a few (3) people I work with in different clinics commented on my "weight loss" I couldn't believe it because I do not perecieve a change. But 3 lbs were gone...hardly enough to show on my 5' 8" frame, but the exercise, esp the weight training for the lsat 12 weeks must be showing. And that has given me new resolve and motivation. It seems like something must be started and I am so thankful!

10/23/08 10:07 A

Hi I happen to agree with you, this has been the best site for motivation. I agree also that I need to take my picture so that I can keep track of my progress. I will to know how to post it and place that scale next to my name. Have any suggestions?

10/23/08 10:05 A


2FAT4WORDS1 Posts: 6
10/23/08 10:01 A

Those are such good words of things to follow on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing that. I have not figured out how to post my picture yet, nor the weight scale I see on the bottom of other sites, but I am working on it. I will post those suggestions on my Sparks Wall at work (which is home - I am a medical transcriptionist) for daily reference.

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SHASHIREKHA SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/08 10:00 A

its good to lose weight and keep it off. i am feeling difficulty in keeping it off for a long time.

FDPIECH Posts: 653
10/23/08 9:53 A

-- I can't take it back, but I can make better choices from now on so I don't do it again.

This hearkens back to my "SENSIBLE" post a few weeks back... There is nothing in the world wrong with having a sensible piece of pizza... Heck... I had pizza for lunch yesterday myself... but don't pull a chair up to the buffet...

Way to go!

KARENE10 Posts: 4,723
10/23/08 9:48 A

Excellent post FD ! Very motivating ! Thank You!

LINDA5209 Posts: 62
10/23/08 9:48 A

Everything you say is true. I especially agree that it takes time to lose weight and your choices will factor in on your weight loss progress. I went through a stage when I thought "Hey, I lost 50 pounds, if I want to go to the pizza buffet tonight, I'm going!" Now I know that that way of thinking put me back on my progress. I can't take it back, but I can make better choices from now on so I don't do it again. Pizza is still a weakness though... :)

AMARANTHA2 Posts: 2,671
10/23/08 9:48 A

My advice re spark, where I have posted for years under a previous user name, is to be careful with whom you share things and with whom you make friends, just as you would on any internet site.

Also, I'd advise anyone on spark to use the site for entertainment, health and fitness support, recipes, weight management, etc., but not get involved in the heated political threads constantly posted here.

SWEETTOMATO1 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/08 9:45 A

I couldn't agree more. What a wonderful post and great picture. Thanks for the inspiration. I had a very difficult week and reached out and the response was amazing and truly helped me hour by hour through great pain of losing a pet/companion I feel I could have done more to save. Thank you and thank who ever created this site it is amazing and I look forward to learning how to use it to the best capacity to help others and myself along the way. emoticon

LHECK5742 Posts: 2
10/23/08 9:38 A

Reading through your spark page was an inspiration. I am just starting my journey to loose weight and get in shape. I too have smoked since my early teens and plan to stop soon. Knowing individuals like you that have conquered two major huddles, gives me strength that I can accomplish my goals too. You look and should be proud of yourself.

CHANELLE423 Posts: 354
10/23/08 9:34 A

by far the best advice I've heard all day!

KATIE24241 Posts: 5
10/23/08 9:28 A

Well stated. Congratulations! It IS hard work, but KNOW you can do it. You will start feeling so much better about yourself and build that confidence that will show in other areas of your life.

10/23/08 9:21 A

You have a lot to be proud of! Its so hard to lose weight, but once you get it seems to become a little easier. Your words of wisdom really made a whole lot of sense!

KELIRIS Posts: 96
10/23/08 9:09 A

This is one of the best, inspiational post I have read..You were really motivating..thanks..I needed this extra push.

SLIMEEE Posts: 1
10/23/08 9:00 A

thank you yesterday I was nearly in tears realizing i could not fit most of the clothes i thought i should be wearing I needed that encouragement

10/23/08 8:58 A

Thanks for the pep talk. The road looks really long when one is just starting out. emoticon

MSKIRBY1 Posts: 14,686
10/23/08 8:44 A

I sure needed that been plodding along just getting by this will make me take a good look at what I really want I want to lose the lbs. I have added but keep saying I will do better tomorrow or next week and another thing I tell my self oh it is hard to lose weight when you are older and the list goes on I need to do better and use Spark to my advantage now the ball is in my court!!!!!!

10/23/08 8:42 A

hey fdpiech
thanks for the reminder i need to get a battery for my camera today. emoticon emoticon emoticon

MELSNMBR1FAN SparkPoints: (411)
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10/23/08 8:36 A

You are an inspiration FD. I read your email. I have been at this now, almost two weeks. I ve lost 5 pounds, and went down 2 pant sizes. I love the site because you do have all those Sparks out there who are in the same boat, and give so much encouragement. I find myself playing the Point game,too...very addictive, and posting alot. I love it. So many people are here to motivate and educate.
Thank you FDPeich for your inspirational email. I know with the help of my fellow Sparks, I can do this.!!

FDPIECH Posts: 653
10/23/08 8:28 A


You are so right. Since I started this journey, I have inspired 9 other people that I work with to loose weight and join Spark. It's a wonderful feeling to watch friends and business associates whom I care about making progress in their own journeys from my example.

QUIETNEAL Posts: 122
10/23/08 8:25 A

I totally agree that there are other means of telling if we are making progress in gaining better health. We need to also consider our clothes size, our energy level, the comments and encouragement of others on your commitment to gaining a healthier lifestyle and the benefits that come along with it. Also, how our refrigerator and cabinets have become heavens for good nutritional foods. And if our family or friends have not joined us in this endeavor yet, just wait until about three months in, when they start to see the difference in your personality and body. They will inquire and then you may have a chance to spread the SPARK!

10/23/08 8:19 A

As stated before my weight use to be 150lbs bout two-three yrs ago, but I know it takes time to reach that as my idea weight. So I'm willing and will accept my weight to fall a little at a time, before I actually can dream bout seeing 150 again. So my advice to myself and others is to accept what little weight fall off in the beginning and rejoice over it and to con't to pray n watch u reach your idea weight. Just don't be so fast to thrown in the towel. emoticon

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QUIETNEAL Posts: 122
10/23/08 8:17 A

I do agree. There are many wonderful tools that will help in gaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it. I'm glad I joined.

ANKAKO Posts: 8
10/23/08 8:03 A

I haven't taken my picture before I started and now I regret it:-(
Also, I have thrown all the pants that were to big and regret it also.

I think, SparkPeople is the best help I could ever get for loosing weight.


BASEBALLMOM21 Posts: 5,350
10/23/08 8:02 A

Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

10/23/08 7:57 A

Thanks for Spark People! My family and I have been improved in activity and healthy eating. We've been at it since last February and I can't beleive the difference. It did take about two months of really being committed and beleiving without seeing a whole lot of change at first........

SMITTY.1 Posts: 22
10/23/08 7:56 A

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I never thought to take a picture of me now, I have one from years ago to motivate me. Your advice about the scale is a good one, the scale is not your friend. I was weighing myself once a week but I like the idea of not weighing myself and let my clothes tell me how I'm doing. Thanks again

BUBBLYFISH Posts: 1,522
10/23/08 7:46 A

Thank you!

I read your post and then your Spark Page and agree totally with your sentiments.

Congratulations on a fantastic weight loss and good luck with your run.

10/23/08 7:32 A

Thank you for sharing your story you are a motivator!!!

DONNA1860 Posts: 11,011
10/23/08 7:31 A


10/23/08 7:29 A

Good advise.

CUDALOUISE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 131
10/23/08 7:02 A

thank you for sharing. GREAT PIC!
again i say - thank God for this place and all of you in it:)

GLYNN1 Posts: 543
10/23/08 7:02 A


10285115CS Posts: 3,120
10/23/08 6:57 A

if your looking for a great support system sparks is the place to be. sparks provides you ever tool you will ever need to be successful in your journey to become healthy.

CATHY586 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 7
10/23/08 6:45 A

So very well said, fd. It's all about making those small choices each day that add up to success. Thank you for an inspiring post! I admire your success.

PUNKYPA Posts: 3,627
10/23/08 6:44 A

A very compelling argument for SP

ANDREAC157 Posts: 51
10/23/08 6:40 A

I too have my own way of doing things and so far with the help (Support of Spark people I have been able to succeed, You have to find what works for you and stick with it , It will be most rewarding in the long run.

10/23/08 6:33 A

I also have no other real motivation to stay the course, aside from this website. I have my own way of doing things that may seem a bit unusual and unlikely to work, but it has always worked for me in the past. Can't argue with successes - we have all had them, and we are all striving for the one that lasts forever, we really are all in the same boat tho we all are rowing to a different drummer! That sounds wrong doesn't it? But somehow it works. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel I'm being helped, and I'm having success, without it being dependent on any particular style or mode of operation. I'm eternally grateful, in advance. Moral support and information were the missing ingredients I've been getting here. Just at a time when I was finally ready to receive them. Being hard on myself naturally, I really need this to keep me on an even keel. Moderation, and healthy activity also in moderation - those are my big challenges. You've inspired me to focus on the measuring tape for now.

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WANT2BEFITBY40 Posts: 847
10/23/08 6:20 A

What a great post! I agree with all the support, and the part about the scale. We get so focused on numbers, even though we know we're doing the right thing. I'm in a Biggest Loser Challenge right now, or I'd have my scale in the back of the closet too!

Keep up the good work!


HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,723
10/14/08 10:10 A

Stay the course - never give up

ABRANNEWME2014 Posts: 51,125
10/14/08 9:51 A

Well said FDP...My biggest thing is logging food this is so important....also moving moving and moving some have to move to lose

MS-CEE Posts: 3,505
10/14/08 9:49 A

I'll just add to this informative post is relax and never give up! You are worth it!

MNNICE Posts: 16,816
10/14/08 9:48 A

I agree totally. I found great help and motivation in the articles, and learned many things about health, fitness and nutrition. I think the #1 help for me was logging the food -- everything -- and being totally honest. It takes some time, but is worth it. How many days do you think "I'm starving, I've hardly eaten a thing all day"? A look at your food log may make you realize "oh, yes, I guess I HAVE eaten plenty today!" Likewise, some days you may be feeling down on yourself for overeating, but a check of the food log will tell you, "Hey, not so bad at all, and everything you ate was healthy and nutritious!" Sparkpeople has so much to offer, and you will find something that works for you. GOOD LUCK to all new members.

FDPIECH Posts: 653
10/14/08 9:35 A

A new spark member had questions to me on where to begin, and after I finished writing a spark mail to them, I felt I wanted to share it with more people.


This is the best benefit of SparkPeople... it a site FULL of motivation... all you have to do is reach out to it and it will give back to you. Spark is one of the few places you will ever be in life where everyone here knows what your going though and what your dealing with. The more you reach out to others, the more that will come back to yourself.

Now... First things first...

Face the truth:

I strongly recommend you take a picture of yourself as you are now. "Ewww... No..."... Nothing like a dose of reality to slap you in the face... but as you start to make progress and you start to see change it will be come more and more of a motivator to you. My "fat" picture is right up on my spark page and I look at it every day... "NEVER AGAIN"

Take and weigh yourself for your starting weight... then take that scale and put it in the bottom of the closet and bury it under the kids toys. Don't take it out again for AT LEAST 90 days. The scale is NOT your friend. Especially in the beginning. In the begging the only thing you need to feel in yourself is the fact that your energy level is starting to grow and your cloths are starting to fit better.

I did not loose a singl pound of weight for the first 2 months that I was exercising... but I went down 3 inches in my waist... Toss the Scale OUT. It means nothing right now. Focus on the positive.

Be honest with yourself:

It's not going to go away over night. It took you a long time to put the weight on. It's going to take a while for it to come off. You are going to have to face the fact that it's just going to take time. The best thing to do is just worry about today. Each day we faced with choices. We can make good choices or bad choices... and the choice is ours... You can always pick... Do you want the apples or the Twinkies? Use every day to make the best choices you can and the pounds will take care of themselves in their own time.

Be Active Here:

Do not be afraid to ask questions of the community here... every one of us is in the same boat here. We are all either there with you... or have been.

Be active in a few of the Message board groups of people who have similar interests to you. The Memphis board itself is not all that active, but there are 100's that are... stop in and say hi! People with similar interests can help to motivate you.

There are 1000's of articles... READ... you're a teacher... educate yourself here... there is so much good free info on this site... you can dig around here for a few years and not read half of it...


In the begging, let spark put you program together for you for a few weeks... that will get you soeme strength training that is so key. Muscle burns 12 times the cals that fat does... There is no feeling like feeling strong again. Trust me. After that, there all all kinds of workout vidieos here on spark that are quick and good... toss a few of them in the mix...

Logging your food:

You said below "I know the drill on how to eat"... that's great... but trust me here..

Take your first week here and just eat how you think is healthy for you and log EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth into spark... I mean EVERYTHING. It's time to be honest with yourself. The only person your going to lie to here is yourself. You just may find that what you think is healthy may just be far from it. It made a real impression on me when I did... Then you can start making adjustments each week as you go along and your eating will get better and better.

A word of warning... collecting spark points here gets to be an addictive game... you'll get close to your next trophy and you start looking around for things to do to make those last few points...

That should be enough for a first mail...

I'm always here for your questions... You CAN do this.

Do you have questions or answers? Reply and add your comments!

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