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My 8 year old is too big to play football...

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2/10/12 4:52 P

I wish they would let him play up if he is big enough. Unfortunately, in the earlier leagues they have to have a weight limit or kids can get hurt.

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2/10/12 4:34 P

That is too bad that they don't allow kids to play up if they don't make weight. My son's league allows that-so that kids still get to play.
Have you talked to his doctor about what is weight should be? If his doctor thinks it is ok to lose weight, you may be able to make changes without your son even realizing it. Focus on helathy eating and activity (kind of like pre-season training) Even if he did lose the weight, he may gain it during the season if he grows and not be allowed play. (my son's team weighs in before every game) Another option is seeing if there is any flag football leagues in your area. I don't recall weight limits when my son played flag.

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2/9/12 2:25 P

Search your area for leagues of American Youth Football. Not Pop Warner. In our area AYF is by grade and not by weight.

I drive my son to a different town to play under AYF rules because my ton has Pop Warner and it is weight based and he will never ever make the Pop Warner weights.

My son is big very tall for his age and also overweight. Football involves nightly 2 hour practices and has been a God send for keeping his weight relatively in control ( at least for football season). He is 10 and started playing when he was 7.

I hope you find something for him

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2/9/12 8:05 A

He is tall. He is also stocky, built big. No fat rolls or anything. In our area kids can not play up.

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2/9/12 7:43 A

You say he is not fat, but big.
Do you mean he is taller than all his friends?

Tall kids are allowed to play up in my area... how about yours?

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2/9/12 7:35 A

I have an 8 year old son who is dying to play football but is too big. In order to make weight he is suppose to loose 10 pounds. As a parent, I don't know if I want to put my son on a diet and make him self-conscience about his body. He is not fat. Big yes, fat no. He comes from a long line of very tall people. My dad is 6 foot 7! So, any suggestions on what to do?

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