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My 49th Birthday was completed!!

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2/11/10 3:52 A

Wow! What a fantastic we to mark & celebrate your birthday. emoticon
Congratulations on your brilliant weight loss.

Posts: 16
2/11/10 3:47 A

congrats! you earned every good thing that comes your way and don't ever forget it!!

so inspiring!

Posts: 73
2/11/10 3:41 A

WAY TO GO! You are inspiring! emoticon

Posts: 1
2/11/10 3:25 A

I usually do not comment on the work of others. My previous feelings on the matter always leaned in a "they put in the work, they reap the rewards,hello?!? direction. However, your post really struck a chord. I am communicating to say simply, CONGRATULATIONS! continue to love yourself enough to prove to yourself that you will always matter and thank you for shaking my cynical, abrasive butt up off the couch, I too will be 50 soon and its about damn time I took myself more seriously.
So again, a big "HELL YEAH" to you and may you always continue to shine.

Posts: 2
2/11/10 3:24 A


Posts: 79
2/11/10 2:49 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 1
2/11/10 2:45 A

Wow! That actually brought tears to my eyes. I am 35 and I don't think I could do the same for my age. Thank you for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!

Posts: 476
2/11/10 2:34 A

wow,WoW, WOW!!!
Great determination and a super success.

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Posts: 343
2/11/10 2:20 A

I am so very impressed and awe inspired. I just celebrated my 47th feeling kinda crummy .... This has completed re-inspired me THANK YOU

Posts: 522
2/11/10 2:15 A

Great accomplishment! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2/11/10 1:51 A

Happy birthday and that is so great. What have you got planned for you 55th? Keep up the good work! emoticon

Posts: 2
2/11/10 1:40 A

Wow that is so awesome Congrats!!! Happy Birthday


Posts: 12
2/11/10 1:39 A

That is AMAZING!!! Great job! And that's awesome that you set those kind of goals!Keep up the good work, and keep inspiring!!!

Posts: 2
2/11/10 1:37 A

Congratulations!!!! As an RN, I know and understand the long road you have travelled...120 lbs is an entire other body you have lost! Way to go!...and Happy Birthday.

Posts: 247
2/11/10 1:37 A

WOW YOU ARE MEGA AWESOME! I feel so inspired by your story, I am only 38 and I can't do that and the fact that you lost 120lbs! That is soo wonderful and inspiring to me! Keep up the great work and I hope you do something really good for all your hard work!

God bless you


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2/11/10 1:35 A

emoticon on your great accomplishments.
Happy belated Birthday! on to the next challenge.

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 75
2/11/10 1:33 A

You go, girl! You are my inspiration! This is the first time I've eer responded to a blog. But your accomplishment is awesome! I'm 46, 40 lbs. overweight, and working at getting back in shape. Pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups have always been my nemesis. So when I read that you did 49 of them... That's incredible! It makes me want to achieve similar goals and inspires me with the belief that it's possible! Way to go! emoticon

Posts: 126
2/11/10 1:30 A

What a fantastic job! You give me hope. Deb emoticon

Posts: 2
2/11/10 1:25 A

Goodgoing. I'll be Sixty in August and I think I'll set some goals too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Posts: 41
2/11/10 1:18 A

Wow, what a great way to celebrate your 49th birthday. Have a happy one and much success in the coming year for your next goal at 50. It makes you feel so much younger!!! emoticon

Posts: 23
2/11/10 1:17 A

You have giving me an idea, my birthday is 3 days away, but look out my next birthday!! I am going to follow your lead!!!


Posts: 1
2/11/10 1:12 A

Wow! Good for you. You are such an inspiration for me. I was training for a tri when I broke my wrist. I was looking for some motivation and now I have some. Thanks and keep going!!!

SparkPoints: (17,308)
Fitness Minutes: (12,157)
Posts: 574
2/11/10 1:10 A

I just turned 50 and start training for the "who wants to get active 2010?" this week so thanks for the push---way to nail it!!

Posts: 7,029
2/11/10 1:08 A

Congrats and happy 49th birthday! emoticon

Posts: 13
2/11/10 1:07 A

That is so motivating and inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing and Happy Birthday! emoticon

SparkPoints: (105,567)
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Posts: 4,032
2/11/10 1:03 A

Wow, that workout sounded incredible!! You've done awesome things and I can see that awesome things are on your horizon. Thank you for sharing and being so inspirational!

Posts: 58
2/11/10 1:02 A

Bravo to you! What an accomplishment and a good reminder of how important it is to set goals. Thanks for the inspiration.

Posts: 13
2/11/10 1:01 A

Congratulations!!! Uh-oh! I had better get busy! I am looking at 53! emoticon

Posts: 1,842
2/11/10 1:01 A

Congrats! A true inspiration to us all!

Posts: 1
2/11/10 1:00 A

Amazing, what an example. Hmm 45 is coming up for me have to think of the goals.

Posts: 59
2/11/10 12:57 A

Wow! What a great 49th birthday! Im going on 50 and my motto for this year is Fit and Fabulous at 50! We Rock!!! smile

Posts: 65
2/11/10 12:55 A

Happy B-Day and congratulations!!! That is such an awesome accomplishment!!! Yay you!!! emoticon

Posts: 21
2/11/10 12:54 A

What a great idea and inspiration! My 58th is coming up ...............I better get busy!

SparkPoints: (72,781)
Fitness Minutes: (52,943)
Posts: 3,410
2/11/10 12:53 A

emoticon Hope you had a emoticon birthday!

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Posts: 113
2/11/10 12:52 A

Woohoo! Way to go. That is inspiring! emoticon

Posts: 60
2/11/10 12:50 A

WOW that is great.I know with success like that u can do anything u set ur mind to emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (465)
Posts: 19
2/11/10 12:50 A

i turned 48 a few weeks ago-i'm in lousy shape. you are an inspiration

Posts: 3
2/11/10 12:50 A

Happy birthday and congratulations ! What an awesome effort you should be very proud of your achievements

Posts: 1
2/11/10 12:49 A

I have started my diabetes food program & I know how hard it is to be committed to a program. I enjoyed reading your post & I wish you all the best for your 50th.

Edited by: BTATA1228 at: 2/11/2010 (00:59)

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Posts: 123
2/11/10 12:49 A

Great Job!! Your are an inspiration to all who read your goals. Thank you and happy birthday emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 3,960
2/11/10 12:45 A

What an awesome idea. You deserve huge kudos! I totally want to adopt your idea. I'll be 38 in June so I better get started. It will be fun to see what I will be able to do.

Congrats to you!

Posts: 4
2/11/10 12:43 A

way to go keep up the good work. Happy birthday

Posts: 15,676
2/11/10 12:37 A

Happy Belated 49th Birthday!!! What you did was simply amazing...You should be so proud of yourself..Keep up the great work.. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 37
2/11/10 12:30 A

You have something to be proud of,,,,,I am very proud of you and you give us all encouragement..... emoticon

Posts: 1
2/11/10 12:22 A

How did you feel the next morning? I can't believe your trainer allowed to do that much in one session unless you had been excercising before.

SparkPoints: (75,327)
Fitness Minutes: (8,232)
Posts: 27,137
2/11/10 12:21 A

What a wonderful accomplishment. How proud I am for you! Great goals and great success.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/29/10 1:30 A


Posts: 865
1/28/10 10:24 P

Inspiring! I too just turned 49 and said I would hit 50 fit and healthy. I really struggle with making simple solid goals. You just provided me with the method. 50 here I come! Well done emoticon Happy Birthday emoticon and emoticon !!!

Edited by: CRUZIN2LOSE at: 1/28/2010 (22:25)

SparkPoints: (55,064)
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Posts: 11,702
1/28/10 12:37 P

Wow, what a great idea and post! Congrats on completing your challenge!


SparkPoints: (8,359)
Fitness Minutes: (3,646)
Posts: 293
1/28/10 12:30 P

About a month ago I set to physically challenge myself for my 49th birthday. I have been seriously training for over a year but, I needed to prove to myself that I could push myself beyond what I thought I was physically capable of. So I wrote these goals down, handed to my trainer a month ago and went to work on them. Yesterday was my 49th b-day and my goal was to:

49 minutes on the treadmill and a 4.0 speed at 5% incline.

49 minutes of yoga (not one of my original goals, but thrown in for good measure.

In 49 minutes I completed:

49 situps
49 chin ups
49 burpies (for my trainer, because he knows how much I hate them)
49 deadlifts
49 lunges
49 squats
49 swings (w/40 pound weight)
49 push ups (military style)

I walked out of the gym last night at 10PM with such a feeling accomplishment. I had done it!!

Now it's one year until my big 50. My trainer asked me what I would do for that birthday. I said "run a 5K for starters".

So today I give myself a pat on the back. I look back over what an amazing journey the past 3 years have been, losing over 120 pounds and being more physically fit then ever. I BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSSIBLE. One just needs to set the goal. Even if we don't succeed, it's the effort that counts.


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