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6/30/10 10:52 P

He is fine with the sleep schedule he has. I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago that it isn't the amount of sleep he gets necessarily but the schedule he wants. He wants to go to bed at 7 and be up at 5 or 5:30. I would like him to go to bed at 8 and be up at 6 or 6:30 but when we have tried to move bedtime later he still gets up at 5 or 5:30. This morning he slept past 6:30 which was amazing. After going to bed at 7:30 last night. We followed the exact same routine tonight and are hoping we found our magic trick. Even 6 would be fine.

Thanks everyone for all the great input. We actually got him a lovey over the weekend and he is sleeping with it and playing with it during the day. I think it might be helping.

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6/30/10 10:04 P

My son was never a "normal" sleeper either. He never napped as long as other kids did and almost always wakes up at 5:30 AM,regardless of the time he goes to bed at night. He is now 6 and is slowly beginning to sleep longer.

Kids are so different - I found it easier to deal with when I stopped reading books that told me he was "not normal" and just trusted his sleep habits. Every kid is different and some of them just aren't huge sleepers. If you child is happy and healthy, I wouldn't sweat the sleep issues.

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6/30/10 11:49 A

My son is the same way, at least in that he never gets the 'recommended' amount of sleep and never has. It's perfectly normal, some kinds are just like that.

Although our son fights sleep every night no matter what we do, physically I know he's tired but mentally I can tell he's still going. To wear him out mentally I've started taking him to different places and keeping a rotation of toys.
They're smart kids, a new place will mentally wear them out as they just try to take it all in. A place they're comfortable with will barely break a sweat. I know he has no problems going to bed at night but the more mentally exhausted he is the longer he's likely to sleep or more likely he is to sleep during a nap.


6/30/10 7:23 A

Thanks everyone! We hit a snag as he has been really sick the past few days but it is now 6:20 and amazingly enough he is still sleeping. I even checked to make sure he was okay emoticon because this is so unusual....I don't think I have done that in at least 6 months.

He is definitely a mover and a shaker. He has always hit milestones early. He was born 5 weeks early and from point one you would have never known. He rolled at just a few weeks, crawled at 5 months, walked at 9 months and now can climb anything. He talks up a storm and loves learning new things. I wouldn't mind the amount of sleep so much if he would go to bed a little later and sleep later but even when he goes to bed later it doesn't make a difference. Well maybe this morning we have seen some progress.

Thanks again for all the great advice.

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6/29/10 11:43 P

Your son is probably VERY bright! Alot of times they're the ones that don't sleep much -- their mind is ALWAYS active...

I "feel your pain", trust me!! My daughter was NEVER a "sleeper" from the very FIRST day we brought her home from the hospital!! NOTHING we did worked... She rarely would go to sleep at night before 10:30-11 p.m. and was ALWAYS up by 6 a.m. And she NEVER napped. We tried EVERYTHING, trust me! Everyone had "advice" to "fix" the problem but NOTHING worked... We finally just had to accept the fact that that's the way she was. She had been very active while I was pregnant too... My daughter just turned 18 -- and she's STILL like that -- hasn't changed a bit! She's an early riser and just doesn't need much sleep. And she's always been fairly healthy (besides your typical childhood ear infections etc) -- and happy.

I don't mean to tell you this to discourage you... I understand how long the days can get...been there, done that! NOW, my one son was a WHOLE different story from the beginning! Even when I was pregnant, he'd be "quiet" for long enough spans I'd have to worry or think about when I felt him move last!! And he was a sleeper from the day he was born! He even suffered from an esophageal reflux -- but as long as I held him upright, he'd sleep like nobody's business!! He went to bed earlier, napped, slept later in the mornings etc! And he's STILL like that now as a 16 year old! He doesn't "over-sleep" like many teens but he sleeps an appropriate amount of time -- as much as he needs... If he's up late, he sleeps in. If he goes to bed earlier, then he's up earlier...

It sounds like you're doing everything you can to help your little one sleep...You've done a great job with that -- and even by worrying about it, you sound like a great mom. Sadly, my guess is, there's not much you CAN do...

Good luck with your busy days! Hey -- maybe you could change up your 5 year olds' schedule to match your 18 month old's?? emoticon

On a side note, enjoy your time with your little ones (even at 5 a.m.!) -- because it DOES fly by and before you know it, you'll be facing what I am -- them leaving home!!! Comes TOO fast...

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6/29/10 2:04 P

I have a 15 month old son, and we've had the same issues with him since about 3 mos. He has NEVER napped for the reccomended time for his age. I've discussed it with his doctor a couple of times, and he assured me that there is nothing to worry about, we just have a "high-energy" baby (if only the baby would share some of this energy with his parents). Our little one has also been prone to ear infections, and actually had tubes put in about a month ago. This hasn't changed his sleep patterns significantly, except that he hasn't woken up screaming due to an ear infection in the past month.
It's very exhausting, I know. But just think, he'll probably be a lazy teenager one day and you'll wish he had some of the energy he has now! Best of luck!

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6/25/10 9:20 A

Something that might help is to introduce more resting even if it isn't sleeping. Set a "get up" time, like even if he wakes up, he can't come out of his room or crib yet. Have a book there or a toy, and he will learn to play quietly until he's fetched.

It worked with ours, but it might not for you. Just something to try.

6/25/10 8:38 A

He is prone to ear infections so I don't want to give him a sippy with water just in case but maybe I can find him a quiet light up toy and maybe put a night light in his room so he can look at his books if he wakes up. emoticon Thanks!

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6/25/10 12:27 A

Is he grumpy, fussy, inconsolable etc etc before bed time/nap time? It sounds like you guys have a great routine established for him.

If he isn't showing signs of tiredness, there's really nothing to worry about health-wise...some kids just don't follow the guidelines. I work with infants/toddlers for a living - some of the kids sleep the typical 13-15 hours total...some sleep less, but as long as they're not showing signs of tiredness, its nothing to worry about. They'll sleep if they really need it!

As far as advice...what about providing something to simply keep him occupied in his bed until everyone else is ready to wake up? Keep a few books within reach of the bed/crib? A bottle of water to suck on - maybe he'll soothe himself back to sleep?

6/24/10 10:52 P

He has his own room, it has room darkening shades in it. We keep it around 74 degrees. No music, he didn't like the white noise or music and would wake often before we removed it. He drinks a few ounces of milk about 15 minutes before I put him down and dinner is about 90 minutes before bedtime, we cuddle in the living room while we read stories to the big kids. Then I put him in his bed and he goes to sleep on his own. He wears a sleep sack to bed every night, there has been no swaddling the strong baby since he was around 5 months old, he is an escape artist. He does wake up with an extremely wet diaper and now and then he has leaked through it. Over night diapers haven't helped that at all but he wakes early even when he hasn't soaked through though. He doesn't have a lovey really but likes to take a board book to bed with him.

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6/24/10 10:35 P

What's his sleeping situation? Bright room, dark room, cool, warm, music, no music, blankie, no blankie, bottle/milk/meal before sleep? Does he share a room or have his own room? Is he a quite active sleeper, moving around a lot or is he pretty still? Have you tried swaddling/wrapping him up in a blanket, or a sleep sack?

How does he go to sleep? Does he settle himself/put himself to sleep, or do you rock him/rub his back until he sleeps? Is he waking because of a soiled diaper?

6/24/10 5:46 P

No matter what we try, earlier to bed, later to bed, shorter nap, longer nap, earlier nap, later nap, no matter what he wants to wake up at 5 a.m. and be raring to go. He isn't even getting the recommended amount of sleep which is 11+ hours at night and 2+ during the day. Right now he is getting about 9 1/2 to 10 hours at night and 1 to 1 1/2 during the day. I can tell he needs more but he just won't sleep in. I stay home and since he is up my 5 year old twins hear us and wake up before six most days. It makes for a super long day. Any thoughts?

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