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5/15/13 8:37 A

Make sure you talk to him about healthy weights and BMI's and dangers of not eating at all. And possibly speak to the doctor before you go, so that he is prepared to really address eating disorders.

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5/8/13 2:16 P

I would start with the doctor


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5/8/13 11:51 A

There is a Spark group for teens, maybe that would help.

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5/7/13 1:59 P

Bringing him to a doctor who can talk to him about nutrition in a neutral, educational, non-judgmental way would probably be most helpful. It can be hard for a kid that age to really "hear" lessons from parents about healthy eating (especially if parents have had weight issues themselves), and you don't want to set up a dynamic where he avoids healthy habits just because he's taking the typical teen stance of "if mom does it then I refuse to". Bringing in a neutral third party with some authority (like a doctor, or a registered dietitian) to educate him could really help. It's good that he's interested in staying healthy, now he just needs the right information to make sure he does it in the right way!

4/27/13 3:34 P

there is so much pressure for us, at all ages, to be thin and hard bodied, model ready. and there is a lot of mis education about what will get us those results. I would try to teach healthy habbits, food is fuel for what you want in life, if that's sports, brains, energy for computer games.

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4/26/13 5:15 A


hi everyone I'm not sure to do anymore my son is in grade 8 n he thinks he is fat n won't hardly eat and at school only has drinks and he is today feeling sick n had to make him eat.. I'm going to take him to see the dr as this is getting a bit much now

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