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6/16/11 8:06 A

@ MUMMYUK2: One issue I did not mentioned is that she shares the bedroom with my 3 year old, who also changed her sleep habits after I switched her from crib to bed. She was very good until she actually learned to get off bed on her own.

@ LINDSEYLUU: Thanks for your idea, I think this can actually work for both my kids and I can actually start today. Summer is approaching I really want to switch any bad or not so healthy habits they might have. Tough job. Thanks again!!!!!

6/14/11 6:55 P

I've always thought learning to fall asleep on your own without aid is important and took care of this with my only child at a younger age, but even now he does give me some trouble.

Have you thought about weaning her off of you and your husband? Maybe be in the room say 10 minutes, but no talking, no touching (of course after storytime and kisses and hugs) and just decreasing the time over a few days? My son went cold turkey, it was hard week but worth it.

He tells me now he isn't tired (he's 8), but he still goes to bed, normal routine. He reads on his own for a bit and then I will hear "good night mom" after about 10 minutes. Sometimes I think they need to decide and fight being controlled.

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6/14/11 11:25 A

What happened recently before the behavior changed or has she always co-slept ??

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6/14/11 9:57 A

I have a 10 year old and she is giving me a hard time to go to bed on her own.
Every night she wants me or my husband to be next to her in bed until she falls asleep.
I tried reading, no TV before bed time, even some bribing and nothing works....any ideas out there that might help.
She is my first and I admit she was a very spoiled child, frequent visits to my bed at night and letting her sleep with me and my husband, but that stopped long time ago...please help.


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