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5/20/13 5:20 P

Thanks! Gonna check it out right now..

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5/20/13 5:17 P

It is absolutely a VERY good resource. I put it in my Favorites and will refer back to it often. I'm glad somebody posted about it to draw more attention to it. Thanks.

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5/19/13 4:40 P

I'm sorry, I'm new to SP.
I found it. ;)

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5/19/13 4:22 P


Lee emoticon


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5/19/13 4:12 P

I was lucky enough to see a small blurb re: "MIND OVER BODY, 10 Steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle". I think this program should really be included in the START PAGE for new Spark People. If one chooses to follow it, I think it will change perspective. emoticon

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5/18/13 1:25 P

The Mind over Body article was a real help to me. I highly recommend you to read it all the way through and bookmark it for the future. It has a lot of good information and I couldn't agree more with the fact that we are not on a diet plan but a lifestyle change.

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