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8/1/13 5:58 P

I tend to be more hungry at the end of the day, even when I eat a lot during the day. Also there is the boredom factor, when you're trying to unwind and watch TV.

So one thing I did, and it's been working for me so far, I set up a schedule, that saves a decent number of my calories for the evening, when I'm naturally more hungry. Then, in the evening, I make sure to eat healthy snacks like fruit.

Right now is a perfect time for watermelon, which is wonderful because it's healthy, low in calories, fills you up, and is great hydration.

ELLY2017 Posts: 59
8/1/13 1:19 A

It is nice to know I'm not alone and that others are challenged by this emotional eating issue. Chores don't work for me - I've been doing "chores" all day! emoticon Exercise when you first get home is a great idea - it works off the stress and makes me not what to eat unhealthy foods. I'll certainly work on that instead of waiting until later. Fun things and relaxing things that don't revolve around sugar or fats are certainly in order. Thanks everyone. emoticon

7/30/13 10:21 A

During that time I try to find in some light gentle yoga. I find that it distracts me and even curtails my "munchies". Of course, for genuine hunger reach for a healthy snack!

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/30/13 9:48 A

I've started working out right when I get home from work. It means I don't want to snack in the time between walking in the door and walking back out in my workout clothes because I can't eat right before a workout. I tried 5 grapes a couple weeks ago while waiting for my husband and had abdominal cramps partway through my workout.

Then after my workout, I'm not all that hungry anymore so some cheese and fruit while preparing dinner staves off the real hunger and then it's dinner time.

Maybe try going for a walk while waiting for your husband to be ready for dinner?

7/30/13 8:50 A

MISSRUTH, I agree about catching up on chores. Taking out the recycling, putting away the laundry, watering some plants -- I find doing these kinds of small chores is a great way to occupy some of the time I would normally spend snacking. Not only do you burn calories in the process, you put yourself in a positive frame of mind that supports making good eating choices. By contrast, sitting around snacking leads to more of the same and a discouraged feeling of "whatever, I already blew it anyway...."

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7/30/13 8:26 A

non-food rewards that are incompatible with snacking are the best. the bath sounds ideal. my evening reward has been TV, but it is so tempting to snack WHILE watching tv. a suggestion i got was to find something to occupy my hands during tv. going to try needlepoint.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
7/30/13 8:19 A

It's sort of like, YAY I'm home from work, let's celebrate with food. I know that feeling well. I usually eat a snack around 3 (at work) that includes protein, carbs and fat-- small apple with some almonds, for example. At home, I've got low-starch vegetables prepped and ready to eat in the fridge. I plan a healthy and filling dinner. And to fill the time while I'm waiting for dinner, or all the time after dinner but before bed-- I plan activities or rather "save" activities to do, that keep me occupied. Going on facebook or playing a game on my Nook or reading that new magazine or working on a craft project. When I feel like just munching my way through the evening, I ask myself-- if you had something interesting or exciting to do, would you be wanting to eat instead. And usually the answer is NO. So the solution is to find something else to do, that IS interesting or exciting or relaxing or whatever. And sometimes the "somethiing to do" is actually getting caught up on some chores, so I don't feel so stressed about being behind and then want to eat out of stress.

7/30/13 7:56 A

I have this same problem, big time. It keeps tripping me up. It's a social time of the day, and I like to play with the dogs, visit with my husband, have a glass of wine, start dinner..... then before I know it it's a few crackers, a nibble of cheese, a tiny handful of nuts, another glass of wine.... and dinner hasn't even started yet.

I've started keeping a 3-pound weight set of dumbbells near the kitchen, and to keep my hands out of the snacks, I do a set of arm curls or something. If my husband is cooking and it's going to be 20 minutes or so, I watch one of Coach Nicole's upper-body toning videos with the sound off and do the exercises. I've done this once or twice. I think it might help. It reminds me that I'm trying to lose weight and endless snacking isn't in my best interest.

JOCELYN110 Posts: 3
7/30/13 5:53 A

I have the exact same issue and it's been challenging me for a few months now.All great advice, however the issue is emotional (happy, stressed, sad,...). As part of winding down for the day my thoughts/cravings always seem to go to snacking at night, even after a decent dinner! No issues during the day. A bath might help - any other suggestions?

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7/30/13 3:38 A

Hmmmm - "we" need to think of non-food rewards!

How about a bubble bath with loads of candles around?


ELLY2017 Posts: 59
7/29/13 10:17 P

Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. I eat a good balance at breakfast, lunch & mid- morning snack, saving about 35%-40% of my calories for the evening. I've tried eating more during the day but still eat more at night. Water is one thing I really need to add during the day and I think that will help. My challenge is emotional - after enduring a long day at work I want to reward myself. I will do better. Better planning will help. emoticon

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/27/13 8:36 A

Again, agreement with others.

I find, too, if I don't have a reasonable amount throughout the day; I eat more and faster from end of work to bedtime.

Can you have readily available veggie sticks, or similar items in the fridge to grab, instead of higher calorie, less than wonderful choices?

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7/27/13 7:17 A

Agree with the other replies. Are you drinking enough water? If you aren't then by the afternoon you could be dehydrated and that can be confused as a hunger signal. Are you hungry or dealing with an emotion. Some breathing, stretching, or exercise can sometimes help.

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7/27/13 6:38 A

I agree with the other response that you may not be eating enough during the day. Are you eating a balanced breakfast and lunch with adequate nutrients and calories? What about planning an afternoon snack that is more then a string cheese?

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7/27/13 5:49 A

Often the cause of munching at the end of the day is not eating enough during the day, skipping meals, or eating processed junk and not enough lean protein or higher-fibre foods (wholegrains or fruits/veges as snacks or with your meals.)

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker, but if you use it, it isn't public, so couldn't give more specific help.


BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
7/27/13 2:26 A

Are you getting enough to eat during the rest of the day? Including enough protein, fat and fiber?

NSMANN Posts: 977
7/27/13 2:17 A

kale chips and other roasted, salted veggies are your snack friends. very low cal.

ELLY2017 Posts: 59
7/27/13 1:56 A

Any good ideas to stop munching from the time I get home from work until I go to bed? emoticon If I keep active I do OK, but if I wait for my husband to be ready for dinner, I easily get in trouble. Also, when I first get home and want to wind down, I look for sweet or salty things. I have a low cal cheese stick in the car on the way home that keeps me from being too hunger, but still I tend to munch. emoticon emoticon

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