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BEKAHBOO714 Posts: 2
1/4/11 11:18 A

Thanks, everyone! I think I'll take your advice and just to a regular one-a-day multivitamin.

To the person who asked, I compared the amount of B-vitamins in GNC's mega daily vitamins to Centrum and found there to be a lot more of the complex Vitamin B which I believe help with energy and mood. Not 100% sure, but I think so.

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1/3/11 5:15 P

I don't get the cost of them. I just get the generic kids gummy's or adult gummies, and do one a day.

If you need others, specifically, like your doctor has suggested them (in my case, something about synthyroid suggests added Mg, calcium and D pill two times a week) you can buy individually.

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1/3/11 4:26 P

a good multivitamin-mineral should only have up to 100% of each supplement listed...nothing in very large, excessive amounts.

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1/3/11 11:24 A

Ummm... my vitamins from GNC are just regular multivitamins... nothing too special... what multi-vitamin has large amounts of supplements?


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-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,362
1/3/11 9:57 A

I love the Be hot vitamins from GNC. I dont take them every day, but I do totally notice a difference on days I work out. More energy.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/3/11 3:33 A

Don't get into those mega doses. Just go to your local cheapest store and buy the store brand multi vitamin...that will be perfect. Mega doses can do some nasty stuff to your liver which can be irreversible. Best of luck..

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/3/11 1:00 A

Enjoy that article every time Becky, wish more people would read it before pill popping- I work as a resthome helper and we get many people admitted to hospital for taking too many vitamin and minerals they don't need..
Poisoning from taking too much of these suppliments is nasty and takes time to get over.. Plus the stigma of being labeled pill popper.. By the doctor and staff treating you is nothing to be proud of, it opens the door to doctors thinking twice before prescriping other stronger stuff.. It's a real bummer when you need it, and the doctor is worried if you can administor them correctly..

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1/2/11 7:43 P

There is usually NO benefit to these supplements with larger amounts...and sometimes they can be dangerous. Usually a Centrum, One-A-Day OR similar store brand is fine. This SP article gives more:

BEKAHBOO714 Posts: 2
1/2/11 7:23 P

I'm trying to start (again) with a weight loss plan and I need to get back on vitamins. I've taken the GNC mega multivitamin in the past, but they're huge in size and difficult to swallow. I know they have a lot more vitamin B in them than Centrum. Does anyone have any thoughts/reviews/advice on selecting a multivitamin?

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