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Multiple Stresses competing with Weight Loss

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2/16/13 2:50 P

Best Wishes to you KAYEMBEE
Dealing with a layoff and possibly having to sell your home are both extremely stressful.
Looking for work when you are really feeling the crunch is very hard,
but taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, and looking your best, is definitely a priority for you. Your health is critically important right now.
Don't feed your stress; nurture your body with a very healthy diet and exercise some of that stress out. Start your day with exercise and consider it part of your job search.

As for your friend...if he's worth it, then he will want you to be your healthy best and he will be there for you....
if he deserves you. emoticon

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Posts: 29,681
2/16/13 1:49 P

You are definitely not stupid and I'm sure nobody on this thread meant it that way.

As for exercise, definitely listen to your doctor in regards to that so you don't cause any more issues with your knee.

Don't worry about this morning -- it doesn't help to beat yourself up about that, just take it as a lesson and move forward. Here are some resources that I think you may find helpful in general with your stress and in general:

SparkPeople's Official Stress Busting Challenge SparkTeam:

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

Starting Small is No Bull:

Start Small with a Nutrition Fast Break:

Make Smart Substitutions:

Coach Denise

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Posts: 2,088
2/16/13 1:20 P

emoticon we are here to support you...and at times to give you a wake up call.. just keep chatting with us.. the more you socialize I find it helps with the stress emoticon

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Posts: 17
2/16/13 12:58 P

I have to say when I read the first message, the first thing that went through my mind was - you are stupid to want to buy the bodymedia and not pay your mortgage. That bothered me and I decided not to read any more responses. I have been dealing with a lot and to read that just didn't help. The tone of the written word can be misunderstood very easily. I appreciate everyone's response to my initial message. Anyway I have since decided not to purchase the bodymedia or anything else that would be a luxury at this time. My exercise is a little limited in that I have been experiencing knee problems and am seeing a doctor about them before my insurance terminates.

I am trying to limit my intake and exercise as much as I can without feeling too much pain. I was a little stressed this morning, I skipped breakfast and had fries and an italian sausage for lunch. That was better than going to a fast food store before going grocery shopping for a few things. Now I feel bad that I did that. Just frustrated. I will start to log everything I eat and drink.

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2/16/13 10:48 A

long story short, our insurance started a new program. genetic testing, learned so much about my body from a cellular level.
number one thing I learned from the geneticist was when you have an above normal stress level or stress even daily that you can forget about weight loss to a successful finish.
I was eating right, walking everyday, gym 3 x week, water aerobics in summer and just couldnt lose more than 20 pounds.
now that I am managing the stress (email to ask me how) the weight is lifting not only from my body but from my mind, body and soul.
sorry about your situation but you are in the drivers seat - make it happen! you sound
smart and our beautiful and there is something out there for your girlfriend.

Posts: 29,681
2/16/13 10:09 A

I would recommend using the tools on here for free since you are having trouble paying your mortgage. While the Bodymedia armband is a great tool, it costs money to purchase it, but you also have a small monthly fee to continue using it. I would hate for you to spend money on it and not realize that there is a monthly fee that goes with it to use their site and tools, especially in your current situation.

Do your best to focus on your healthy habits and you can continue to see progress in your weight loss journey. Are you tracking your food and exercise on here? If not, I highly recommend doing so, as doing those two things can give you a better picture of how you can improve in those areas, which will affect your weight loss efforts. You can get through this! Please keep posting on the message boards and your SparkTeams to stay in touch with others and let us know how you are doing. There is a lot of support here as well, so don't forget that we are here for you.

Coach Denise

Online Now
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2/15/13 11:40 P

I will be praying that things work out for you. Good luck on the weight loss.

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Posts: 3,391
2/15/13 9:20 P

Don't waste your money on that Bodymedia, even if you get a great job suddenly.

SparkPoints: (146,544)
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Posts: 9,688
2/15/13 8:38 P

I agree that purchasing something like the BodyMedia right now probably wouldn't be smart. Plus, you have access to a lot of great, free tools here at SP. Do what you can to make wise food choices and track what you eat. You maybe don't feel like you have much control over your financial situation right now but you can control what you eat.

Also, have you called your mortgage company and asked if they can help? Or checked into getting unemployment or county/state assistance?

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Posts: 11,440
2/15/13 5:22 P

In my opinion, if you can't pay your mortgage then you really don't need to be buying the body media.
I sympathize with the weight issue - stress can cause weight gain due to the cortisone involved.

Posts: 17
2/15/13 5:14 P

On February 4, 2013, I was informed that my organization did not win a government contract rebid and as a result all those on the project were being laid off. So I have been doing my due diligence and looking for work. Next week I have three interviews and I have had a few phone interviews. Nothing so far. I am hopeful something will happen. Problem is my financial situation consists of two paychecks that have to get me through until I can get another job. I have stopped paying my mortgage and already talked to a realtor about doing a short sale on my house if need be. I am hoping it doesn't come to that.

In the morning I get up and walk my dogs for about a mile and a half. Then I feed them and have breakfast. Once that is done I get on my computer and continue to look for work. I have a salad for lunch and a small dinner. I am a little frustrated that my weight is not budging at all. I am also having knee pain and have made an appointment with a doctor before my health insurance runs out at the end of the month.

The last thing is that I have rekindled a relationship with something that is very very important to me. He lives out of town and I would like to see him but have postponed that until I can get a little bit of this weight off. I am 56 and weight 248 lbs. I think if he saw me as large as I am and knew that I sleep with a CPAP machine, I'd lose him. I just couldn't deal with that right now.

Lastly, I am thinking about getting the Bodymedia to help me with my weigh loss and exercise. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

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