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6/19/12 11:20 A

Sorry for the confusion on that recipe! I checked with Chef Meg about this and she said that you can use bread flour, preferably a whole-grain variety. It's higher in gluten (protein), which means that it will help the dough stick together better. White whole wheat is made from lighter colored wheat.

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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6/15/12 3:22 P

Huh - that is odd. I haven't heard of that type of flour either! I go everything unbleached 'cause just don't need that kinda junk in my food. So if whole wheat is not white, is white whole wheat bleached? I have found even "healthy" recipes and products sport some questionable ingredients, so discretion is advised always I believe. Typos can and do happen, we humans just aren't perfect so that is a possibility too. Good to have this brought forward.

6/14/12 5:41 P

Firstly, I love this book. It's exactly what I was looking for.

One thing I'm confused as all get out about is the recipe for the Multigrain Rolls. It calls for Whole Wheat Flour, which I found easily, but also something called "White Whole Wheat Bread Flour" I know what white flour is. I know what Bread Flour is. I know what Whole Wheat Flour is....but whole wheat white bread flour? I can't find this stuff anywhere. Is this a typo in the book? (I've found a few others). Is it ok to substitute other types of bread flour? (That's what I did).


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