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10/1/12 3:29 P

Send her something in the snail mail. You know, make a little motivational flyer or poster for her and mail it to her house. I love getting personalized stuff in the mail and it just doesn't happen very often these days!

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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10/1/12 3:21 P

Hi All, i am a part of a local weight loss group and we have started a secret buddy system to help all of us with a bit of encouragement to keep up our weight loss journey. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things i could do for my secret buddy ( little kind gestures) to help keep her focused on her goal and maybe just let her know that someone is in this with her.

It all is a secret and is dropped in a box before our meetings. Nothing that costs a lot of money but that she will appreciate and get maybe a smile and a bit of motivation from. Any help is much appreciated

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