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10/7/12 3:56 P

I am having a very, very bad time right now. I have severe adrenal issues that have required the docs to raise my maintenance dose of prednisone, which means lots of fluid gain. 12 pounds of water overnight. I was expecting it, but it is still depressing, and it makes it almost impossible to breath. UGH! I hate being sick. I was told from the get go I would never be able to lose weight with all of my endocrine systems down, but I have found I can when I can exercise. SOOO, I need to get over this hurdle and get back to being able to breath again real soon. How in the world do you motivate yourself when your hurdles are just so high??


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10/6/12 9:48 P

I keep imagining myself about a year from now and then I ask myself. Am I at where I want to be weight wise. when I tell myself no that's when I decide it's time to keep pushing. Cause 12 months will go by whether I workout and eat healthy or not

10/6/12 7:36 P

I'm having a challenging time right now since I am recovering from foot surgery. I am limited as to what I can do. Most of the time I am laying down with foot elevated to minimize swelling. I have been searching the SP site for support, motivation, and exercise ideas.

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10/6/12 6:30 P

i detest exercise. seriously..unless its swimming or hiking. swimming here is only june-august..and i have a bad kne so hiking is hard.
OK so how do i do it then (and i do 2 hours a day..EVERY DAY. )
I got thinking. i dont much like taking a shower or brushing my teeth, but i wouldnt even THINK of not doing both. So why should exercise be any different? I schedule it in, and its non negotiable.
It works. I dont have to like it..i just have to do it!

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10/5/12 8:00 P

To live long healthy and active life. Long range goal. First thing find something you like to do, and try to improve on it, you've got to like doing it or it won't last.

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10/5/12 7:00 P


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10/5/12 5:10 P

How do you stay motivated?
it seems like this is my problem, i work out a certain amount then i just don't want to do it.

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