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10/31/12 7:15 P

sleep is SO important for weight loss. i notice a huge difference in cravings when i get enough sleep, and it also gives you so much more energy for exercise and activity throughout the day (as you could've probably guessed).

if the bed doesn't help, it's worth talking to somebody and figuring out some other strategies to get enough sleep, because it's THAT important. good luck! :)

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 300
10/31/12 7:07 P

Sleep will definitely be helpful... will keep your head clear, support your metabolism, keep hunger down... so many things I can't even think of :)

Having "Spark Buddies" really helps, too.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/31/12 5:18 P

hope that works for you.

If not, please discuss with your health care provider

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10/31/12 4:15 P

I had lost motivation this past week, working hard to get it back. Hoping my new bed and some actual sleep with help.

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