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I read lots of posts of people who say they can't stay motivated and thought I would share with you one of my biggest inspirations/motivators

In my old neighbourhood I use to get up at 5 a.m. and walk 5 miles before going home to breakfast and getting ready for work. There was an older gentleman that I would meet almost daily. He had obviously had a stroke or some similar debilitating illness and walked labourously with a walker. However he would be out there, early morning doing his best! When ever I got aches and pains from walking/running I would think of him. I can't believe he was pain free - just so determined. By the time we moved, I no longer saw him and often wondered if he had passed away - I never knew his name - just exchanged pleasantries each morning.

Now I go to the gym and I have to tell you, once again it is the seniors that I must make a motivational bow too. People with canes walking the track, one blind woman also walking it. There is another woman who had her knee replaced in the fall and is back out there working her butt off - although not able to do all she could before, she is making fantastic progress.

Just have to give these inspirations credit. I only hope I have the spunk and determination that you do in another 25- 30 years! I never hear you whine or complain. I offered one of the woman and seat in the change room so she could sit down and put on her shoes and socks instead of bending - she let me know that when she could not longer stand and do it she would not be moving

emoticon seniors, you are emoticon

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