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GYPSYNIECY SparkPoints: (31)
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4/12/14 12:37 P

Wow I wish I had a workout/ accountability buddy like you here locally! Support is SOOOOOO important!!!!!!! I like how you say SPARKAGE! Very cool!

VELAINE66 Posts: 339
4/12/14 11:11 A

So true. When we don't keep going we only fail ourselves.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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4/12/14 8:29 A

Keep on going. Every time you do that makes you a stronger person.

SNOWBECH SparkPoints: (0)
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4/12/14 8:18 A

So true

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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4/12/14 8:04 A

I go back and list the reasons why I wanted to attain the goal in the first place.

GI68801 SparkPoints: (12,643)
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4/12/14 12:43 A

I do know hat you mean:-) . Let me know how its going and my sparkpage is always open if you need anything!

GYPSYNIECY SparkPoints: (31)
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Posts: 3
4/12/14 12:28 A

I aqm glad it is helful for you which is what inspired me. I think doing it the night before, for the next day may field some curve balls if you know what I mean.

GI68801 SparkPoints: (12,643)
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4/11/14 10:46 P

I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. I may not have been doing this that long but even my coworkers have noticed my mood change.

GYPSYNIECY SparkPoints: (31)
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Posts: 3
4/11/14 9:40 P

I like what you said about journaling in the morning to get your frustrations out & that allows you to plan your day better. For me, I am gonna try it, but at night instead.

JILLAJ SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5,044
4/11/14 11:23 A

The only person who truly gets you going on this journey is YOU! Others can offer suggestions, advice, and challenges for you, but YOU have to make the choice to commit. And when life starts to get harder, YOU have to be the one to remember to make that choice to step back for a minute and take control of your health. Believe me, sometimes it seems like the last thing you want to do is exercise or eat right when everything around you is a mess. But, being able to cope with difficult situations at your job or with your family are so much easier when you know you are continuing to eat healthy and exercise.

GI68801 SparkPoints: (12,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,665)
Posts: 215
4/11/14 10:01 A

It seems everyday there is some sort of a curve ball thrown at me whether with work or family life. When this happens and I can't get to the bigger workout I want or opened to do...I find smaller things. Even five mins in the morn and five in the evening. It makes me feel better and still gives me a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes a higher one than with a normal workout because I know I was at the point of discouragement to do nothing and yet I did something even though it was small. I also journal first thing in the morning to get out my frustrations and without knowing it sometimes plan my day better.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
4/10/14 2:54 P

I have a lady at work that is nasty and only acts nice around the boss then she does nasty stuff to you and hopes to not get caught.
The boss is not feeling the manager role and gets upset. Yet we need one so we can talk to him and resolve things when they happen.
I think he feels he should only do controller stuff. Well sorry you have a job to keep us in line and should be an open door to express concerns.
Sometimes things are just fine and he likes that. We are kind of on our own sometimes and it sucks.
I just don't understand why someone could keep someone that is having problems with many people and the reports of nastyness.

So going on my walk for lunch is my motivation to keep working on my body and letting go of my sadness when things are out of my hands.
I also like to eat right then I feel good.
I take care of me even if it hard to take care of other life's curve ball's.

Oh and the weather is getting better so that helps too.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
4/10/14 1:48 P

Hope you are feeling better. When under-the-weather I just take it slowly. One-day-at-a-time.

SHELTER-PETS Posts: 5,257
4/10/14 12:09 P

Keep doing the little things that you can do. Don't let yourself slip too much. Maybe even weighing yourself each week...It may help.

JLAMING263 Posts: 4,706
4/10/14 11:13 A

Just keep on swimming, swimming, swimming...

4/10/14 10:31 A

Start small - baby steps.

When standing at the sink, do some calf-lifts or booty kicks. Brushing your teeth, do some arm curls with the other arm.

It really doesn't matter what you do - what's important is to do something. Then just add to it.

BAREFOOT_HIPPIE SparkPoints: (3,171)
Fitness Minutes: (1,137)
Posts: 30
4/9/14 10:16 P

Lately what I've been doing is weighing myself everyday, and putting on those shorts that my goal is to fit in them again, and take a progress picture. Everyday. I know they say not to weigh yourself everyday, and not to keep your skinny jeans (or shorts in my case) but this is how I remind myself of my goals everyday. If I don't, I sort of forget about it and I know I will binge eat or not work out. For me, it really is a good motivator to see my gut and muffin top hang over the waist of the shorts. Summer is coming and I don't have any shorts that fit me and I would never go out with too small shorts, and I'm not giving in to buying several larger pairs when I'm just going to lose that weight, what a waste of money.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
4/9/14 5:06 P

Get back on track and get myself out and work out.
I like my grocery bills these days. Spending less and eating right.
Making more meals at home.
Eating before attending an event. I am there for the event not to pig out.
Do not drink if you do make it only 1. The less alcohol the less weight gain.
My favorite is to get enough sleep. I do awesome when I get enough sleep. Not so good when I don't. I try to avoid missing sleep.
I also want to keep the positive people close and the ones that are not at a distance. It really helps keep you weight down too. The less stress the less problems.
Saving money and not spending when I don't need too is something that can help keep happy. If anything get rid of what you don't need and keep what you do. Then you have less to maintain. Less is more.
plan things that cost less or nothing and you have just as much fun as you would on a bigger trip.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/9/14 4:33 P

Well this past month has been a pretty big curve ball for me, with some health issues arising, lots of tests, pain and now Prednisone (holy water retention!).

What "motivates"? Well - now more than ever, I really want and NEED to be as healthy as possible, right? Now more than ever I should be paying very close attention to nourishing myself with quality food, getting rest, being as active as I can.... yes I'm hurting but falling face-first into a banana split isn't going to help me in the short- or long-term! Thus, treating my body with care is the order of the day.

I'm also cutting myself some slack - yeah I haven't done as much shopping and home-cooking as usual, yeah i haven't counted or journalled, yeah i probably went well under my calorie goal some days and well over on others, and yeah there was one night I consoled my spirit with a Denny's hot fudge brownie with ice cream (and I didn't even share it! haha!). And i've given myself permission to just relax and do the best i can do.... with the understanding that this could possibly even lead to a plateau or even a *shudder* potential gain. It's ok.

What I am SO GLAD for, are the habits I developed over the past year. When i couldn't think what to cook, i just defaulted to one of a few "typical breakfasts" (i've been eating a LOT of yogurt and eggs haha), knowing that if i just eat what i usually eat, it's going to have all the macronutrients I need and probably be relatively on-course, calorie-wise. Other than the brownie melt-down night, I've probably been "intuitively" eating in a very similar amount and style as to what I have been eating for the past year, even without the obsessive vigilence, the habits are carrying me through.

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 317
4/9/14 4:02 P

Life is made up of curve balls. The order YOU create is what defines the consistency in your own life. Thinking of it like this can be motivational itself.

BRE321 SparkPoints: (3,732)
Fitness Minutes: (5,542)
Posts: 47
4/8/14 11:09 P

Thanks for the encouragement. We all have one kind of a problem or another. It is nice to see the progress others are making, so we just have to keep 'butting the dam", and keep going forward.

WWREFUGEE1942 SparkPoints: (77,351)
Fitness Minutes: (18,471)
Posts: 520
4/8/14 2:16 P

Yesterday I discovered that when I backed up my computer last week I lost 8 years of pictures. I was up all night retrieving what I could. I stuck to my diet except that I had a midnight snack of 120 calories and I woke up with a three pound weight gain after losing 70 pounds. It is really scary. I know I will snap right back to my proper diet but you never know if your weight is going down or not. All I can do is keep on keeping on and of course, I will do this. I have been doing it for ten years. I'm not going to stop now.

ZENNITH SparkPoints: (40,277)
Fitness Minutes: (46,260)
Posts: 644
4/8/14 3:34 A

"what you can when you can"

and I repeat it to myself regularly.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
4/7/14 8:50 P

I enjoy walking, but multiple sclerosis can interfere and did for nine years. It is becoming more challenging again, but I do push to do what I can rather than complain about what I cannot do. Chair exercise, pool workouts, arm workouts, etc., can fill the gaps when necessary. We can do this!

DHSEKERKE Posts: 952
4/7/14 8:44 P

I think motivation comes from deciding to change your lifestyle and not go on another 'diet.' Spark has so much more than just nutrition info. Besides exercise there are groups to motivate you, to meet people in your area, to meet people that share your interests, and more.

I started with being bed-bound for 7 years. My muscles were almost nonexistent. You can exercise in a chair if that's where you are physically and progress to walking or whatever. Spark gives you almost any tool any of us could possibly. It takes a lot of time in the beginning because you get a flood of information, but if you follow the program, within a month, you will be a different person.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,755
4/7/14 12:57 P


LCRIGGER1 SparkPoints: (8,310)
Fitness Minutes: (3,336)
Posts: 13
4/7/14 11:38 A

Try to keep your positive attitude Bre. You are an amazing woman, I can just tell. Good luck with the knee surgery!

BRE321 SparkPoints: (3,732)
Fitness Minutes: (5,542)
Posts: 47
4/4/14 11:15 P

It used to be that I would go for walk when I was stressed, but now my problem is that I can't walk well. I will soon have to have a total knee replacement but have to lose weight before I have the surgery. Walking is so painful that there are only two ways I can exercise; swimming and my exercise bicycle. I work, so it is very hard to find time to go swim.
And now, I am going to have to have my eyes checked out because of cataracts. Just a little more stress.
It doesn't take as much food now to fill me up. However, I just have to keep stress eating from pushing me past the FULL point!
Funny, all the magazines say walk off your weight. They don't tell you what to do when you can't do that.

CHIPPEE Posts: 12,940
4/4/14 8:32 A

Yeah, going for a walk and getting some fresh air always seems to help. It helps me clear the cobwebs out of my brain!

BEACHGIRL328 Posts: 3,063
4/3/14 11:05 P

Lately everything has been very stressful. in a 4 day period my A/C blew a fuse and stopped running cool air, my freezer broke and I had to replace the fan and on my way home from an expensive doctor appointment I ended up with a flat tire and ended up having to drive about 12 miles to get it fixed. If I survived that I realized I am going to be ok however my food addiction still has a very strong pull.
I am trying to just get out of my own head and I am trying to get outside as much as I can. I live in South Florida so right now it is easy for me to be outside and just breathing some fresh air helps me clear my head and I feel better but I can't live outside so its still a struggle.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,355)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 423
4/3/14 10:30 A

I find that I get very moody when I've been super busy doing things I enjoy and then a project or activity ends... and I have the free time I THOUGHT I wanted but really didn't... more time to be introspective, to worry, to pick up on all the facebookers who are celebrating when you aren't... and so forth. That leads to more overeating/snacking -- and also to me finding yet another "project" to keep me focused. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad: my projects are things like choral singing, acting, dancing -- preparing for and taking part in performances, undertaking community projects in the arts, etc. So I don't feel that I'm doing activities for their own sake (without their mattering to me -- they do matter!). But I do feel that lots of activities does push down some of the anxiety and moodiness.

4/2/14 12:39 P

I too have been having some unusual stressors lately and became sick on top of it all. I haven't exercised in 3 weeks & of course haven't been eating properly either. I've gained 7# during the last 3 weeks, and that's OK --- this too shall pass! Weight will come & weight will go. I'm feeling better now, things are starting to slowly level out, and my course will straighten out again so I can get back on track. The important thing is to accept that things happen and you will survive and live to fight another day! What doesn't kill you truly does make you stronger. Forgive yourself & move on :-)

RICHARJ SparkPoints: (4,619)
Fitness Minutes: (430)
Posts: 372
4/2/14 10:02 A

Tough one...That is absolutely a trigger for me, because what better time to turn to my former best friend...Chocolate or cookies or alcohol when, I have been hoodwinked by life. When I need something to calm me down. I would only suggest taking a walk or something especially if its nice outside and distract yourself. That's all I've got!

CHIPPEE Posts: 12,940
4/2/14 9:28 A

I'm looking forward to reading the comments. In the past 2 1/2 years I have left my home of 30 years, moved twice (finally into a new home with my DD, her DH, and 3 grandsons) with DH, retired, lost my mother, and have succumbed frequently to all the snacks my DD keeps in the house.
It'll be good to see how others have coped, managed to keep motivated, and have been able to deal with these curve balls.

MULTIMOM SparkPoints: (64,467)
Fitness Minutes: (36,227)
Posts: 6,344
4/1/14 6:22 P

You can't change where you are right here and now in this moment.
You are where you ARE!
In order to get motivated, you have to start right where you ARE.
Begin with a tiny streak, such as I will march in place or do touch your toes....anything to MOVE. Do it every single day for a week and add another streak.
DECIDE today to self talk yourself into feeling better.

Read these words out loud to yourself to start your day:
•Today is going to be a great day
•I am amazing
•I have many strengths and abilities
•I am competent, smart and able
•I love who I am
•I am beautiful
•People love me for being myself
Now take some time to reflect and appreciate yourself and everything you have accomplished thus far in life. No matter how big or small it may seem, you did it! And that is pretty cool.
Wishing you the best right now, right where you are!

GENRE009 SparkPoints: (33,687)
Fitness Minutes: (15,287)
Posts: 4,367
4/1/14 6:09 P

Two years of feeling ill is a long time to feel good about where your life is going. it makes you feel like life isn't going to be any different or better. it wears on your emotions, and you seem to lose your sense of hopefulness. Cold, and flu symptoms many times are allergies in disguise. A lot of problems of feeling pain, is eliminating those allergy culprits. So, get diary out, get glutens-such as grains and sauces, eliminate nuts. Some people are also affected by fish. Try putting one thing back possibly in 4 days, and judging if that was the thing that gave you those cold, and flu symptoms. if these things aren't it. then cut back on junk food, caffeine, sugars, salt, processed foods, and man made foods. many times not eating real food runs you down. Eating a lot of vegetables should help you stop feeling depressed, because you will get enough magnesium into your body. Also are you eating enough protein, or foods that produce red blood cells, cause that gives you energy. Eating mini meals help keep your energy level up. Try getting out for at least 15 minutes daily, cause that will help with your bones & nervous system. take care, eva

LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
4/1/14 2:44 P

This is just life helping you to learn to power through the things that have stopped you before.

For losing weight, 90% of the battle is food, so focus on that. When you start to feel you can exercise again, start slowly and in small increments.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
4/1/14 12:59 P

The older I get the more curve balls seem to be thrown at me and the better I am at dodging them.

Honestly, my motivation in staying the course in all areas of life, including weight management and fitness, comes from knowing I am strong, stubborn and not going to be beaten by anything.

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

TC8890 SparkPoints: (69,455)
Fitness Minutes: (57,020)
Posts: 181
4/1/14 12:39 P

Thanks loved your message!!! emoticon

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
3/31/14 11:36 P

How much of what you are dealing with is really yours?

You can't do anything about being ill except to give yourself time to recuperate. eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, take a walk and get plenty of rest.

Life's other curve balls...are they being thrown at you because every one knows you will take care of the problems? Are you picking up the pieces after they drop the ball?

Many times we put ourselves last. We fix the kids school project that they left till the last minute, we run to the store for the last minute whatever that some one else needs and couldn't be bothered to pick up in a timely manner. Are you fixing everyone else's screw ups?

And what is the consequence to you if you don't? Someone's nose gets bent out of shape? The kid gets an F and has to work harder? Family gets mad because you won't be the doormat any more?

There is a limit to how much each of can and should do for others. Are you letting others push you beyond your limits?

Are you letting others suck you into their drama?

Something to think about...

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (137,184)
Fitness Minutes: (78,633)
Posts: 6,987
3/31/14 7:03 P

I try to remember two things: slow and steady wins the race, and consistency is more important than intensity.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
3/31/14 5:25 P

Do not train when you are sick as it doesn't help your body one bit! What until you are recuperated!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,689
3/31/14 2:53 P

It's terrible to be sick and yet still have to go to work, you feel so "down" because you are still sick...............give yourself a break, take a few days to get better, stronger, and then begin anew. There will always be times when life situations mess a person up...........your dieting/exercise will come and go, too, but you are thinking "lifetime", so rest up a bit, and back to it. No person can "give" you motivation, has to come from one's own gut. Rest up and get well, it will come back to you, don't rush and hurry it.

THINNYGINNY Posts: 1,143
3/31/14 1:22 P

It seems counter-intuitive when you are stressed and overwhelmed to add something else to your plate - like exercising. But I find that exercising really, really, really helps me deal with stress. When I tire my body out and sweat, it relaxes my mind. After exercise I am in a better mood, and more able to manage what needs to be done. Taking a walk or a run can function like meditation to calm and focus the brain. The only problem is actually getting yourself to get going when all you feel like is hiding under the covers!! Tell yourself you only have to do 10 minutes and then you can quit...usually you will do far more and feel better afterwards!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,363
3/31/14 12:51 P

good little video you might enjoy
90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

MADZOYA Posts: 243
3/31/14 11:41 A

That's the thing I cannot give myself a break, or I'd be on a break every other day

Do you know those cartons that are trying to get up, but keep tripping on something or falling over something, again and again and cannot get up... Well that's how I feel...

Everytime something get solved, another thing is born (or two or three). I get so tired...

This too shall pass...

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/31/14 11:38 A

Sometimes it helps to take it on a day by day basis.

You will never be able to stop life's "curve balls", so all you can do is today.

What can you do today? You can do the best for yourself today, and today alone.

Today you can walk for 15 minutes. Today you can make wise food choices.

Don't worry about tomorrow until it arrives.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,363
3/31/14 11:17 A

first ...give yourself a 'break'. It may pay for you to figure out how to deal with the problems so that you can focus on taking care of yourself. Sometimes music helps us change our moods...maybe try dancing or your own zumba get back into exercise mode.

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect.
There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions.
So what. Get started now.
With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger,
more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
~Mark Victor Hansen

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/31/14 11:09 A

I always say when you feel bad you can lay around and wallow, be in pain. Or you can get up and do something, you're in pain either way but you're getting something done.

MADZOYA Posts: 243
3/31/14 10:20 A

How do you keep yourself motivated when life seems to make fun of you and every other day throws a curve ball at you?

I've been sick for almost two weeks (cold, flu like symptons) and stopped exercising as I really didn't have the strenght to do it after work.

Now, I'm finally getting better and all kinds of problems start out of no where.

How can I motivate myself to work out when I'm feeling so depressed?

Sometimes it seems my life is out to get me....

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