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1/21/13 6:20 P

It depends on what goals you're setting too high if you know you won't necessarily reach them.

For me I know I can burn 2000-3000 calories a week so I put in 2500 so therefore it won't completely mess up the amount of calories I need to intake a day because if I decided instead to put 3500-4000 calories per week to "motivate" myself and I consistently am not reaching it then I potentially overeat with my diet.

But I do agree set the bar slightly higher than what you expect to be able to reach - but make it slightly reaonable so you aren't hurting yourself in the end.

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1/21/13 2:30 P

I set the bar high. When I set my original goal of 171 lb it seemed ideal. Then when I got close to that I lowered it to 165. I have hit that and my weight is still dropping so I am now setting a new goal of 160. We shall see. I am at 162.4.

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1/21/13 1:30 P

I'm one who rises to the occasion. I reach my goals and then that's it. As a consequence, I do set my goals high. I really challenge myself or it wouldn't get done. I'm also one who announces my goals so that I feel accountable. My goals for today are to work out 99 minutes and drink 12 glasses of water.

1/21/13 1:15 P

yes, I do! I should stop because I only get upset when I don't reach it.

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1/21/13 11:10 A

Does anyone else here set a higher than reasonable goal just to see how close you can come to reaching that goal? I suppose it's the old athlete in me but, I am most motivated when I set the bar high just to see how close I get. Sometimes I actually reach and even exceed my own expectations emoticon

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