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JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
8/10/13 5:40 A

It really does make you feel better!

I started cooloring my hair again, the first time I felt soo pretty. This time it's a bit darker than I expected so still getting use to it, but I like it.

8/2/13 7:10 P

I used to do it backwards, too. I could dye my hair when I lost 50 pounds. It turns out that when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you feel motivated to eat right and exercise. The misconception is that we're only worthy of these luxuries if we look a specific way!

8/2/13 1:25 P

At 61 your life is not over! My neighbors, those who are active, do laps of the neighborhood. It's almost exactly 2 miles around when you do a lap. Every single time I'm out there, a certain woman with white hair runs past me...she makes me feel like I'm standing still. She will go all the way around and pass me again. This happens about three times...which means she's running six miles. I don't even see any SWEAT on her. Turns out, she's 75 years old. I'm 40! And this woman makes me look like a chump!

Age doesn't matter anymore. Maybe it did when we were kids, but now it seems to be about how you think and behave. If you want to run a marathon, do it! If you want to travel the world, climb mountains, do it! If you just want to look fabulous, you can do that too!

So, go out there and be fabulous!

8/2/13 7:23 A

Oh, Good for YOU! Congratulations on the new do, the earrings, the shirts...and most of all, on the wonderful new attitude!

GO for it!!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,251)
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8/1/13 9:41 P

What a great, non-food reward!

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
8/1/13 9:17 P

Today I did something i have not done in YEARS---got my hair done! Got a perm! and it looks Great! and it cost money, and I spent that money on ME! Starting to care how i look again! Why go the rest of my life fat and unattractive? its not necessary. I am 61, not interested in dating but i just feel so much better about myself when i look nice. And then i bought earring to flatter my new hair do and two nice linen shirts! i had really given up on me! Was waiting to die, staying in the house, i had the never/forever blues! I will never look good again, i will never be active again, never be happy again, i i will be fat forever! Its all over! My life is over! WELL guess what---it isn't! Looking nicer really helps motivation by lifting the self-esteem. Self esteem is the whole thing, isn't it? It is for me! Such a motivator! I want to exercise today and tomorrow to look even better in that mirror!

And it is well worth the money!

Instead of waiting for weight loss to get rewards, i think i need to start motivating myself with things like this first. Where is my money going? It needs to go where i really need it to go. Into my self esteem!

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