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I just recently began really working out and eating healthy again. I have been doing workout clinics at the stable that I ride at (exercises both on and off the horse). I was all pumped and motivated and was doing great the first couple days after the first session. Then, two days later, I was thrown from my horse and landed on my head. I sustained a concussion, but I had to stop working out for a couple weeks due to it. I have since recovered and attended the second clinic. I was starting to get back into it, but didn't really feel as motivated as I did before. I would cheat, and would tell myself that it was ok. I was feeling stress from finishing my masters, looking for a new job, left over symptoms from my injury, etc. Then, without warning, my mother ended up in the hospital with chest pains. After a couple days, they finally ruled out her heart, but she had pretty much lost her will to live and I almost lost her during a procedure. This made me angry, upset, stressed, but it also started to stir something inside me. I went for a run that night and it felt great. A few days after this, I received a phone call from my still hospitalized mother after I finished my riding lesson. My father who had been visiting her, was taken down to the ER with chest pain. Within a week, I had both my parents in the hospital for chest pain. My brother lives in a different state so it is just me to take care of them. I was stressed beyond belief and many tears were shed in the arms of my riding instructor before I was sent on my way. My father had many tests run on his heart, was declared fine, and released the next day. He even took me out to dinner the night he was released. As I sat eating my dinner, I realized how close I came to losing not one but both my parents in the same week. I decided right then and there that I did not want to end up like them and later that night went for the probably the best run of my life. This run was the first I have done without my knee brace AND I did not use my inhaler beforehand. I was completely fine afterwards as well. My biggest motivation is my parents. I want to defeat this heart disease and illness stricken family. I want to be healthy and happy. I want to be strong. I CAN DO THIS!

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