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I will definitely check out that group. See the thing is, I'm stubborn lol. I've been dancing since I was three and it's been a part of my life since. I know it better than walking and breathing. And it is depressing to know I can no longer do a lot of things I was once capable of as a dancer. I of course am still living my dream as a professional but I am just making my injury worse. But I've hurt myself so badly I wasn't able to walk or sit for two weeks. I literally lived on the couch. And for three months I couldn't dance. Most depressing three months of my life. I can't imagine not ever being able to dance again. It's like, what do I want to sacrifice? Would I rather be in physical pain and keep dancing, or emotional pain and try to heal my body? As a dancer, a huge thing you learn is how to cope with injuries. This is tough to cope with.

I do thank you for your words of wisdom though. I'll never be the dancer I used to be, but I can be thankful for what I still have and what I'm working towards. It also gives me a greater appreciation towards it. :-)

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1/4/13 4:01 P

I can so relate to your pain. I too have neck and thoracic vertebrae that are bone on bone. I also have the lower back issue too with sciatica. I am 60 years old, unlike you being young, but I know how the pain keeps you from wanting to do exercise, dance, or whatever. I too have to take pain pills just to keep myself up and out of the bed. But all I really do is a little walking and I sit a lot. I maybe do lght weight lifting as well.
I feel bad for you that you are so young and have this kind of pain to deal with everyday. I don't like it when I hear you being kept from your dreams of being a dancer. I think the really hard part of learning to accept your limitations and being able to work within them in hopes of decreasing the pain and not making the injuries worse can be very difficult to do. BUT, as humans we all end up doing what we must in order to live a comfortable life, and we also have to keep redoing our goals and dreams so they are within our capabilities and don't cause pain or worse yet, more injury. I have had to learn to give up certain activities 'gracefully' as I age (speed skating is one I had to give up) and to do so without remorse is an emotional thing, and can be, and is for me, a painful giving in to advancing age. Age we cannot stop. Just like we cannot work through all pain or injuries, and if we attempt to do that, we can easily become injured worse and end up with even less mobility and maybe even more pain.

So, think about what you are doing to yourself. Is what you are doing, making the injuries worse since the pain doesn't go away? Discs that are damaged beyond repair? (FYI, in Singapore the surgeons are replacing vertebrae discs with those from cadavers, I will go there if I win the lottery) Some dancers have to stop dancing entirely, but then become dance teachers or choreographers, etc. Just a couple ways dancers have changed their goals to fit their change in physical abilities. Shirley MacLaine stated that she cannot dance anymore like she did when she was younger, and that began to change when she was in her thirties. Early thirties if I remember correctly. She had dance understudies, or stand in's to do on film what she couldn't do herself.

I wish I could have just said, give it a rest, that and maybe go to a PTherapist to see if there are exercises that can help reverse the disc problems? Usually not.

There is also a spinal injury spark team, look for it on my teams on my sparkpage if you like. It is a good place to vent about this kind of problem. It is good just to talk about it and that helps you work through your feelings about having to change your lifestyle and changing abilities due to pain and immobility. It is a good spark team.

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1/4/13 3:18 P

I'm injured. Like really injured. I have four herniated discs. Two in my lower back, and two in my neck. Because of this it causes a lot of other injuries. I have a lot of issues with my hamstrings, knees, behind my knees, ankles, and achilles. I have a headache just about every day. So basically I'm 24 and feel like a 70 year old. I'm a professional dancer and lift weights and run/or use an elliptical regularly. I have struggled with weight loss for a while now but it is hard to stay motivated to get off of the couch and work out when I am in so much pain EVERY day. I don't have a lot of money and I don't have insurance. I do the typical stuff and ice everything and cringe as I take pain killers. (I hate doing that.) But I need some motivational words here. When I was seeing a chiropractor for my back I was told I may never dance again. Which I am, but I shouldn't be. I'm sick of this struggle but I know as long as I want to keep doing what I love I'll face this pain every day.

Words of motivation? Advice?


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