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11/5/12 11:31 A

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maybe you could carry around some sugar free candy or low cal gum?? If your cravings kick in just pop in a piece of hard candy and it should do the trick??? I love werthers original hard candies --they make a sugar free version and they are pretty good!! Peppermint also helps me :)--I could not imagine having to smell pretzels at the mall-- (my favorite...over sweets any day) Good luck -- if you deprive too much could cause a binge so if you have to then go for it once in a while --start small and if you are used to indulging daily---than take one day away at a time until eventually you can make it to only 1 day a week and then maybe once every other week and so on!!! emoticon Crystal

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11/4/12 9:45 A

Thank you so much,
Sometimes I will bring my healthy food (Yogurt, nuts, and a fruit) but then BAM! STARBUCKS FOOOOOOOOD and I just over indulge....I don't know what to do about me sweet tooth :( Fruit doesn't always do it for me :(

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11/4/12 12:08 A

Oh, that would be soooo hard for me, too! I have a terrible sweet tooth, too. Bring fruit - honey crisp apples are like candy to me. Bring a salad to work - the vegies (fiber) will fill you up. Heck, bring a huge salad and try to stay full. That's what I would have to do if I was surrounded by those temptations. My favorite tool on SP is the nutrition tracker. I track everything, and when I do indulge, looking at the huge amount of calories that I eat with one treat helps me make better choices.

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11/3/12 9:35 P

HI Victoria,

I understand the frustration- there's always brownies, candy, cookies, etc. sitting around the break room at my work. What helps me is I think about the satisfaction I get when I just say no. Immediately after I get a great feeling of accomplishment from resisting the temptation.

I know that won't always work. So, when I just can't say no... it take a very very small portion (i.e. i'll try 1/4 of a normal sized cookie or brownie). That way I get to try it, but I feel great from not eating the whole thing (or more!)

Good Luck!

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11/3/12 2:53 P

Hi Victoria -

Sometimes when I know I'm going to the mall I will eat something like a nice large apple, and then I'll carry a bottle of water in my hand while I'm walking. I usually have my phone in my other hand so that keeps both hands busy and I can't take what someone is trying to give to me. I intentionally walk on the other side of the mall than the pretzel place. It seems to me if I go in with a plan to stay healthy that it is easier for me to avoid what I don't want to eat.

I have a texting buddy that I have used in the past while at work. If I was going to deviate from the healthy food I brought to the office, I had to text her a picture of what I was going to eat. That kept me out of the donuts and candy more times than I can count. It helps to have a good accountability partner.

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11/3/12 2:10 P


I know all those treats must be really tempting, but you have to do your best to say,"no thank you". Having a treat once in a while is okay, but you don't want to make it a daily habit.

Let's take a piece of that yummy Starbucks coffee cake. Ever wonder why it tastes so good ? It's because one slice is roughly 500+ calories ! So, each time you have a treat, figure 500 calories per treat. You can see how those calories add up fast.

I used to LOVE sticky buns. Had them 2-3 times a week. then I found out each of those sticky buns was 700+ calories each ! You want to talk about sticker shock. Knowing how many calories in one Starbucks treat really can help keep a person from eating too many of them.

Try that. go on line and find out how many calories are in each of those treats. Most of them are at least 500+ calories. the bagels are around 300-400 each.

One thing you should try is bringing some fresh fruit with you. Bring at least 2-3 pieces. Whenever you feel an urge to snack, have a piece or two of fruit. Also, what are you eating at lunch or even breakfast ? If you're not eating breakfast or lunch (skipping meals) that would explain the need for the snacks. Try to eat nourishing as well as filling meals so that you won't turn to the snacks.

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11/3/12 12:41 P

I sell pretzels in the mall...uggggh I suck at not eating them
PLUS Starbucks gives us some of their pastries emoticon
I Can't resist them!!!! My sweet tooth is terrible
And my co workers like to bring candy in

It is a lose lose deal for me

any help????

Thank you!! emoticon

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