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4/13/06 2:07 P

Hey Sherree, just wanted to say that I love the quotes you have listed! I'm going to add the one from Dr.Suess to my auto signature at home! As for the email from Coach Dean... I must say I've been losing steam this month as well and this article has helped a lot! It's nice to know that I'm not alone! emoticon

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4/13/06 2:00 P

Adding my thanks for this timely article. I always lose (the same) 10 lbs and then my motivation slows, and my "find any excuse" voice kicks in. This was perfect, and I'm putting a photograph of Paris on the fridge and on the door to the exercise room (we're going beginning June) to keep me going.

GINGERSNAP23 Posts: 299
4/13/06 1:45 P

This was such a great post that it has motivated me to make my own post for the first time since I joined two months ago. Great encouragement and a much needed reality check. Thanks Coach Dean (and whoever decided to send this out in an email on a day when I really needed it)!

CREIDT Posts: 1,156
4/13/06 1:25 P

thanks, Coach Dean for those words....such are an inspiration!

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4/13/06 1:19 P

Thanks Coach...

I'm a new member that started Spark in the last two weeks and have gained weight a few pounds instead of seeing it come off. I am going to try and stay motivated based on your encouragement along with the high spirits of the members that are finding success. Nothing could have come at a better time then reading your words today. I know that two weeks is a small investment, but I want stepping out with those words has inspired me...Thank You!!! emoticon

I_GOLF Posts: 495
4/13/06 1:03 P


Years ago at a Weight Watchers meeting, a member told the leader that she just couldn't get motivated. The leader's response was that you don't just "get motivated". You take action and then the results will create the motivation. So sometimes I think we just have to put faith in whatever weight management program we are choosing to follow and do what it says. Because when we do - we will get results - and that will fuel our motivation.

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4/13/06 12:57 P

Motivation is the key. "The hardest thing to do is, one thing." consistant. emoticon

DANAMOTUS SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 12:42 P

Thank you. I was affraid what I would do if I stop loosing weight. Now it seems to be easier. emoticon

4/13/06 12:22 P

Hey Coach Dean,
Thanks for the motivational article!! I really had given up and haven't even signed in for probably the last 3 or 4 weeks. Got this e-mail and I'm ready to try again. Thank You!!

CRANKYBUBBLES SparkPoints: (6,156)
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4/13/06 11:57 A

Wow this article was just what the doctor ordered thank you Coach emoticon

4/13/06 11:46 A

Coach Dean,

What a great post ... and just as motivational now as in January ... what a great reminder that we are the creators of our own stories and our own destinies ... that we and we alone get to choose what our life will be ...

I liked your post so much that I copied and pasted it unto our Biggest Loser Cranberry Team Board ... we came in Last place this week in the challenge ... but each day is a new chance to start fresh ...


PAULDAK Posts: 266
4/13/06 11:39 A

I love this site, thanks Coach

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4/13/06 11:34 A

Coach Dean, WOW!

FURL63 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 11:26 A

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy, but it is worth the effort. Remember it took us awhile to build unhealthy habits and it is going to take us awhile to build healhier ones, but it can be done.

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4/13/06 11:19 A

Isn't it wonderful how when you need a reminder of what you're doing, and how to stick with it, it comes to you.

This article was written in January, but it still holds for today. Today will be better, and I will achieve that healthy lifestyle.

SJHWASTRN SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 11:16 A

"When I started focusing on the small positive changes I was making in my nutrition and in my capacity to exercise and be more active, life got much easier and more rewarding. "

Thanks Coach Dean for reminding me that my goal is a healthy lifestyle not a number on a scale.

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4/13/06 10:57 A

Wow, this article was an eye openner for me as well. yesterday I had my wisdom tooth extracted around 8:30 a.m. By the time supper rolled around I was so hungery, first I ate my soft food and was on track but that didnt seem to fill me up because I couldnt get down my quota of water for the day.

So by the time supper time rolled around my mouth still quite sore and aching, I opted for icecream, not 1 cup but hand 3 cups, the flip side at least they were yougort and low in cals. but I went over my cals. for the day and fat grams.

Today I woke up and dwelled on yesterdays failure and was about to throw in the towel until I read this article and it had motivated me to move on yesterday is dead and gone. What I learned that all is not lost and just get back on track and move on!!


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4/13/06 10:57 A

Hey thanks for the tip. I found the article and it's a good one. Dean has great info. in that motivation piece. It's just what I needed....

SASFRAS72 Posts: 8
4/13/06 10:47 A

This was an excellent article!!!! I am very sporadic in how I lose weight. I can go for weeks and not see a pound fall off. Then all of a sudden, it's the polar opposite. I never thought that was normal. I thought I wasn't trying hard enough during those times. I've lost 21 lbs in about 28 weeks. It seems fairly consistent when I look at it that way. (which I forget to do)I guess as long as I keep at it, it's progress. emoticon

MOS912 Posts: 604
4/13/06 10:42 A

Boy did I need that! With the holidays coming, there is where I normally fail to follow through on my promises to myself. Come Monday, if I ate too much, I'll just pick up where I left off yesterday. Thank you!

4/13/06 10:39 A

Thanks Coach!!!

After looking at myself yesterday (I went about 200 calories over my goal) I thought about something you said,"*Accept* the decision you made as a valid decision made under less than ideal circumstances, and thus freeing yourself to look at those circumstances from the viewpoint of a powerful and capable person who has the ability to modify those circumstances, in large or small ways, so that it might be easier to keep your decisions in line with your intentions the next time."

And I really learned something about myself. If I think I blew it for a day I pretty much always choose to throw in the towel, I tell myself I went over so I might as well just keep at it. I need to cut my losses, decide to do better from that point on, and move on, not continue to self-destruct.

emoticon Lisa

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4/13/06 10:37 A

This post most definately helps coach Dean! I found your post to be very inspiring, truthful and practical knowledge that can be put into use. I love how you point out 'writing your own story'. That really inspires images for me and gives me lots of ideas. Total props to coach Dean! Thanks for always being insightful, responsive and encouraging. You and the rest of the staff here at sparkpeople really make this site stand out and keep people (at least me) coming back for more! Thanks again.

OCEANGIRLIE Posts: 3,601
4/13/06 10:24 A

Just the inspiration I needed this morning, I am on my way to the track, motivated as ever! Thank You!
Kim emoticon

LBEETS Posts: 220
4/13/06 10:23 A

Very good message. I'm just beginning week 5 and have only lost about 4 pounds total. Healthy speed I know, but I had guessed that more would have initially come off due to just HOW poorly I was eating and extremly sloth-like I had been being chained to a computer all day. This gives me hope to keep plugging away.

I JUST about went to BK for a sausage croissant for breakfast and I'm glad I didn't. I'll eat the healthy stuff I've got stashed here at work and be proud of my strength for avoiding temptation.

Thanks again for the motivation and to all the other posters that let me know I am not alone in this journey.

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CHRISTINEDC Posts: 3,970
4/13/06 10:11 A

It's a keeper all right, Coach Dean. I use it all the time. Why not put the article in the Resource Center?

CABALU Posts: 113
4/13/06 10:11 A

Me too Berthar! I sure need motivation tips at least 1xweek and it is also good to know I am not alone. Chelsea in Florida emoticon

4/13/06 10:05 A

I hate to echo what everyone else has said, but this really was helpful for me. I've been beating myself up lately for missing a few exercise sessions this week (It's been a terribly busy one with school and work), and it's just been making me depressed about "failing" at this. Now, I realize that I can just keep going, keep doing it, and start today fresh as though yesterday never happened.

Thanks. :)

Is there a way to bookmark this post and come back to it easily?

CABALU Posts: 113
4/13/06 9:57 A

Thanks Janoel! I read it, copied it and saved in my computer. Have a nice day!

Chelsea in Florida emoticon

PK1947 SparkPoints: (32,430)
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4/13/06 9:57 A

Thank you so much for that article, I will read over and over again when I feel like things are going not good.

Pat emoticon emoticon

RSTINEJR SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 9:55 A

Terrific insight, and a big help. Thanks!

- Bob

BERTHAR SparkPoints: (64,500)
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4/13/06 9:48 A

This post is great! I, hope to keep my motivaion going strong and to stay on track.

LAPRATH SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 9:45 A

Coach Dean, Thanks for the pep talk. Sure needed it this morning. I'll take steps to tell myself the correct story....and live it.

JOAN123 Posts: 10
4/13/06 9:45 A


JEEVAN54 Posts: 5
4/13/06 9:42 A

Good reading your article. I have been burnig about 1200 cals a week, doing cardio 3 times a wek. Other 3 days I do weight training.
My waist size has dropped by 3" and my body has become tight.
But surprisingly my weight is constant at 54kg. There is no change at all for the past 2 months. But I kep on since when looking at the morror I am pleased with myself.

SGODWIN1 Posts: 1
4/13/06 9:42 A

Im a trainer in Atlanta and I loved reading your post. good job and keep it up! Excellent advice and insite

FINNEGAN18 Posts: 57
4/13/06 9:15 A

Wow, that post came to me in an e-mail this morning and I can not tell you what perfect timing it was. I truly felt despondent. I have been exercising, doing a variety of outdoor activities, and eating less than the minimum prescribed calories every day for two weeks with no weight loss. Your article changed my perspective. Thank you.

4/13/06 9:11 A

i find that eating junk (sweets, fat, etc.) begets eating junk. For years I tried the moderation approach (oh just this one bite only has 15 calories) and never kept weight off.

When I finally abstained from unhealthy food for a good 3-4 weeks, I literally lost my taste for it. I can now see and smell (and have offered to me) double chocolate cake, deep fried chicken wings, toasted cheese, ice cream, etc. and really not have a desire to even taste it. It is mind boggling, since I used to eat almost exclusively junk.

I tell people it's like seeing and smelling a rose -- l love it, enjoy it, makes me feel good, smells and looks wonderful -- but somehow I'm not tempted to put it in my mouth. It is NOT "willpower." It's an underlying lack of craving.

I lost my 50 lbs, am at a thin weight (not just a healthy weight, but a weight where I can wear a two piece bathing suit proudly), and have kept the weight off practically effortlessly for 4 months. I eat lots, whenever I want -- just not sugary, fatty, salty, empty calorie, or processed stuff. I literally don't want it.

"Motivation" is soooo much easier when your cravings are gone.

If I can get to this point others can too.

I was a serious junkaholic. I once ate pizza for lunch 5 days a week for 9 months straight on a dare. A double quarter pounder with extra cheese, or two, large fries with ranch dressing, and 3-4 doughnuts used to be my "treat" dinner. (with a diet coke, of course). Now I have NO craving, or even desire for those things.

My advice, to those interested, abstain from your demon foods -- ALL of them at ONCE -- completely -- for 3-4 weeks. After that it will be so much easier to say no to them.

my demons were: all dairy products, all sweets (except fruit), all baked goods including bread, all meats.

I now exclusively eat, and thoroughly ENJOY, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains, including some whole grain breads (mostly rye), with a few ounces of lean meat every week or so.

Tastes can change. Peace to eveyone. emoticon

FAIRYLADY Posts: 900
4/13/06 9:07 A

you must have read my mind...or have been reading my journals. i have been so disgusted with myself for all the reasons you have listed. i truly feel that your words have been guided by divine intervention. thank you so very much.

SUNSEA12000 Posts: 15
4/13/06 8:52 A

Go to the bottom of page 2.

JANOEL45 Posts: 55
4/13/06 8:52 A

Hi there
To get the rest of the article you scroll down to the bottom of the post where you then see how many pages are in the post. You go to the last page and then you will see the rest of the article.

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CABALU Posts: 113
4/13/06 8:47 A

Yeah! WHERE do I get the rest of this article? Can't find it either. Thanks!

chelsea in Florida emoticon

FURL63 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 8:43 A

How do I get the rest of this article--I'm stuck...Need motivation at this point. Help...

ALHANALASA SparkPoints: (103,516)
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4/13/06 8:36 A

I'm so glad to see this article! Many thanks to Coach Dean for taking the time to write this. I echo Zeern3's comments below - the perfectionist bit is exactly me. I'm going to put that line on my fridge!

ZEERN3 Posts: 1,476
4/13/06 8:26 A

I'm going to have to bookmark this thread. I love the line about thinking of being "the first person in history to pull this off." Zing! That's just so fitting. Thank you from a self-berating perfectionist.

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MISSMYFIGURE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/06 7:57 A

I liked reading that for I felt like that a couple of weeks ago. But I finally broke through that mind set of wanting to eat junk food all the time.

Excellent Motivational Post emoticon emoticon

ROSECHIC Posts: 226
4/13/06 7:40 A

Wow! I along with everyone else here, found this to be a very motivational, well-written, and heart felt article. Thank you so much for your concern and sincerity, for thinking of what we are going through.

And again, perfect timing. I stepped on the scale this morning, hoping to see the number just drop half a pound. Yet, the scale reassures me that I've been lingering at the same weight all month. It is frustrating. Reading what you wrote about all the other things that body has to do, the number on the scale being just one thing on a massive list of to--dos, really put things into perspective.

Thanks again. I felt so much better after reading your article.

LLEERENO Posts: 119
4/13/06 7:38 A

Thank you for the great motivational speech. Just what I needed right now, as I am not seeing the scale move much lately.

I started on this site in February. The scale says I have only lost 10 lbs so far, but I have dropped 4 pant sizes and get comments almost everyday at work about how much better I look. My main weapon has been walking everyday. I work at a University and walk on my lunch hour everyday for 30 - 45 minutes. I cannot believe how much it has toned me up in just 2 months. I try to change it up at home with weights and the dreaded eliptical machine.

It is very hard when the scale says something you don't want to see. I don't feel that heavy, but if the scale says it then it must be so. I try to focus on how much more energy I have, and how much farther I can walk (and faster) than 2 months ago.

Thanks, again for being there for us.

WANTABOD Posts: 516
4/9/06 11:01 A


Thank you, that will save me time as well.

I learn something everyday hear at SPARK LOL.

WANTABOD Posts: 516
4/9/06 11:01 A


Thank you, that will save me time as well.

I learn something everyday hear at SPARK LOL.

SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (113,405)
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4/6/06 2:25 P

Or you can save your mouse a workout and just click on the sort posts first to last button, above.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out.

Coach Dean

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