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5/16/12 10:01 A

This was great Coach Dean! I have so many members asking why they are not losing! This should be posted on every page! May we share this on our team pages? emoticon

ANEWME42012 Posts: 859
5/16/12 3:17 A

Thanks Coach Dean

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4/23/12 6:15 A

"Success is dependent on effort."

4/22/12 10:05 P

WOW!! I didn't finish reading this because its time for me to go to bed, and my eyes are crossing, but I read most of it. And it looks like the last paragraph or two is the icing on the cake. Saved this, and plan on printing it out to carry in my purse and read OFTEN.

I was literally scanning this board looking for motivation. I've gained 15 lbs over the past year, have a Weight Watchers membership that I've paid good money for every month, but haven't followed the program at all. My MHC doesn't feel that WW has ever worked for me. It really hasn't. But at the same time, its familiar and I'm afraid of trying something different. I joined SP about 3 years ago, but really haven't consistenly used the program here either. I'm afraid to even try to do anything again, b/c I'm afraid it will only last a day which will just make me feel all the worse all over again, repeating the vicious cycle.

I was looking for motivation, and how to find motivation b/c I'm at a point that I absolutely have to lose weight. I'm just now having to start shopping in the plus department, I don't recognize myself in pictures anymore at all, and the rolls of fat have gotten bigger that they are now making it more difficult for me to do simple daily tasks. I hate feeling this way.

I'm so grateful I found this article. I can't wait to read it tomorrow.

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4/6/12 11:31 A

Six years ago when Coach Dean wrote this article, I was still almost three years away from discovering Spark People, and embarking upon the journey of saving my own life! Wow. It's great advice and I'm trying to absorb as much of it as I can. I've been with Spark People for three years and three months. When I joined, I weighed 250lbs.

I got down to 170 with Sparks, and then re-gained to 200, then got back down to 175 and regained to 190. Right now I'm steadily losing again, and today, the scale said 187, but what's better than a number on a scale is that I fit back into my size 11 jeans today, and I'm feeling so much better again -- exercising and watching what and how much I eat.

My weight loss might sound like a roller-coaster ride, but it's not. I call it life. I actually maintained the 170 for almost two years. I will get there again. I'd like to get down to 150 but I don't care how long it takes, just so long as I stay on track with exercise, and eating healthy. I will make it to my goals, choice by choice.

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3/2/12 3:57 A

This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you.

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2/21/12 8:35 P

As applicable six years later as it will be six years from now. This was GREAT. Thank you.

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2/21/12 6:14 P


2/18/12 7:17 A

Six years on, and this is still an awesome thread, I'm very glad I found it!

My main motivation? Sparkpeople! Whe I track, I do more exercise, and eat healthier food. When I hide from the Spark, I slip back into bad habbits!

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1/14/12 7:50 A

I really needed this as well. :)

7/21/11 2:15 P

Well, I started out fine. some pushups and situps. and then walk a mile on the every other days. The cardio has gone by the wayside and now I didn't do my walking yesterday and don't feel like it today. It's so hot where my treadmill is in my room. We are having a heat wave like the rest of the country with awful humidity. I wilt in humidity. NO ENERGY, body feels heavy and I stay put. Thank the Good Lord the Living Room, & Upstairs Hall have a/c. We use fans to push the air around (ceiling and other). I have never like exercise. And consider doing housework exercise! LOL! I have a two story, so I get to climb those stairs a number of times a day.

What am I going to do? AND I'm only 4'8" I've never been able to lose weight on 1200 calories/da. I've always tailored it to 1,000 to 1200. Always trying to keep it as low as possible to the 1000. My small frame puts me at 110 when I finally lose my 50 lbs. I love the trackers and all the bells whistles here on this site. It's awesome. How can I tailor it to me?

7/21/11 1:30 P

Thank you-I really needed to hear this today.


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7/15/11 4:15 P

Thanks for the tips and reminders, Coach Dean.

They really helped me today, and I will save this thread so I can re-read it.

7/15/11 12:46 P

AMEN! You hit it right on th head. When we put God first, not some things, but everything else lines up.


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7/15/11 8:12 A

Hello everyone. I started exercising about 4 months ago on a committed basis - before that it was just a want to be healthy and in shape. Think of your health long term, not what the scales say solely - if your clothes are fitting differently, if the scales are lower, if you are feeling better - you have made progress. I am middle aged and by committing myself, I dropped a whole size this time around. Allow yourself to have some of the food you love (in moderation) so you don't go off the deep end. Even if you don't see immediate results, think of long term; if you fall down get back up. Eat healthy and exercise - take care of your body; it's the only one you get here on earth. Have faith in God, anything else is empty and without hope. Use Him as your soul support and guidance. As for me the first and most important necessity is having a relationship with God and believing not only in Him but believing Him and His Word. This is in addition to exercise and nutrition - add time for God first. Today I find out the result of a breast biopsy taken yesterday. And don't forget you do have support from your other sparkers - even if some of us don't post much!

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3/9/11 12:41 A

Just came across this message. Really needed this "kick" this week. Time to take matters into my own hands and stop kicking myself for not keeping up with the small goals I set. I make it happen and will. Small goals, little successes, life style changes = habits. emoticon

BABYDOLL0205 Posts: 2,588
2/26/11 9:32 P

Thanks Coach, I needed this today. Much appreciated.
The winter weather can hamper our bests intentions to be active & that makes it worse. Cabin fever sets in & before you know it you haven't been on your A game for a while. I am motivated to the utmost now. Thanks again!!!!!!

TYME2BME Posts: 2,061
2/26/11 9:22 P

I liked trust the process because I keep forgetting it is a process. I did a blog this week on follow it through because when I get to the other side it is always a better place. As long as I can remember this my motivation is much better. Maybe I should do a visual so I can see it everyday.

2/26/11 2:12 P

Just what I needed today. :)

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10/1/10 12:15 A

To help me stay motivated, I tell my goals to anyone who will listen. That way people are constantly asking me if I'm still working out or how much weight have I lost, etc. I am especially motivated when someone tells me that I've inspired them to begin a journey to better health. Since I know they will ask me, it motivates me to make better choices.

8/13/10 12:53 P

Thank you so much for writing this. This is a great perspective to have, as I all too often beat myself up for missing a workout. I need to focus on what good things I have done and try to do more. Thanks again.

ERICAJEAN79 Posts: 19
8/13/10 12:34 P

I began (or more accurately: renewed) my commitment to on july 14th. To this date, 1 day before my 1st month is complete, I have lost 16 pounds. I should be ecstatic about that! However I have instead found myself seeking motivational articles to pick myself back up. I am now realizing how ridiculous that is! I am doing great!

I was impacted by your statement about choices, and how guilt is not at all a productive use of mental energy. Myself, I work 2 getting exercise is not as simple for me than it is for someone with much more available time.

This past week I didn't get to the gym but once and my scale doesn't seem to reflect any change from last week. But I have been eating well everyday and that is something to feel good about. What I need to think about INSTEAD is how I can make getting exercise easier for myself. Earlier bedtime? Have some days of 10-15 minutes of exercise? Etc.

Thank you for this article and for redirecting my thoughts towards my accomplishments rather than what I perceived as "failures".

JESS95841 Posts: 105
7/23/10 6:25 P


LAURA2471 Posts: 380
7/23/10 1:42 P

The story you are telling yourself is what jumped out for me, it's SO true!!

7/23/10 1:02 P

Wow! I think it is awesome that Coach Dean wrote something that is still very relevant years later. This expresses exactly what I've been feeling lately.

We do have choices. Our entire lives are based on decisions we make on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I need a forum where I can stand up and say, "I'm overweight and I take full responsibility for my condition." You know, like Alcoholics Anonymous or something. I got myself to this uncomfortable place and only I can get myself out of it. I can choose to change whatever it is that I do not like about myself by just making better decisions. My first decision was to be a healthier person, which set into motion numerous other daily decisions. And the great thing is that one bad daily decision does not have to completely derail my first decision to get healthy. If I make a bad decision, I just need to own it and then move on. No one is perfect and setting perfection as your goal is like setting failure as your goal.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to write this years ago. It really gets to the heart of motivational issues. emoticon emoticon

KACKIE03 Posts: 3
6/15/10 3:49 P

When I fall off my diet, or hit a snag..I always refer back to the scrambled egg and grapefruit diet. It is good to jump-start to get back on track of losing weight. After a few days of that I can settle back into the routine of eating regular meals a day and it's nice to see some pounds have disappeared while I was in the egg and grapefruit mode.

MANDERSON19 Posts: 534
2/13/10 12:27 P

I am so glad to have found this today!

MELLANNE Posts: 103
2/13/10 9:41 A

Thank you for your post. I am on the verge of being very discouraged. I have only been on Spark for 1 week but have been exercising alot and eating with in my recommended calorie intake. I looked forward to getting on the scale today until I discovered that I haven't lost anything! Yuck! I am trying to keep my chin up, I really want to do this the healthy way this time. In the past I would drop like 7 lbs the 1st wk and this can't be good for me.

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CHUCKLES0719 Posts: 692
9/10/09 11:48 A

Yes, I needed this affirmation that I am doing the right things to lose weight and get healthy (NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER). SP is great! emoticon

FREEDOMCMH SparkPoints: (11,881)
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9/9/09 10:45 A

This is probably the singlemost important, attitude-altering, life-changing article I have ever or will ever read. This is the type of information that makes SparkPeople so different from everything else I've encountered on my path of trying to change my weight and my life, and, oh my, I've encountered a lot. I intend to re-read this until the points become burned in my brain. I know just about everything there is to know about healthy eating and exercising for weight loss, but I've never been able to get the stinking-thinking fixed. This is for sure the breaking point. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

SAMMI1206 Posts: 30
7/16/09 11:25 P

Thanks for your good tips:)

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SLCGIRL3 Posts: 52
7/15/09 10:24 P

Wow, Coach Dean-- great post! I will definitely refer back to this on those days when I start to lose faith that I can do this. Thank you so much for your message!

6/16/09 2:42 P

Thank you ! :)

AMBER41823 Posts: 45
6/9/09 8:59 P

Great idea to keep me going strong :)

KRYSTLEK1986 Posts: 1
6/9/09 8:38 P

This is just what i needed, Thank you

REFINNEJ88 Posts: 16
6/9/09 4:29 P

Wow! I literally sat down and searched sparkpeople for motivation. I have lost 20 pounds, which is half way to my goal. I have remained at the 20 pound marker for weeks and I am frustrated. This is truly what I needed today. Thank you.

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9/24/08 9:14 A

Thanks for the advice! It's great to hear from someone who's been there and been through the discouraging times of weigh-loss and to be reminded that our attitude & our emotions are our choices to make, whether positive or negative.

MEMORRIS77 Posts: 2
9/16/08 12:27 P

Great post - just what I needed!

MOMOKO Posts: 1,605
7/27/08 8:05 A


TODDERICKV Posts: 11,893
7/12/08 12:43 P

it is nice to know this message board is here. i have remained motivated so far, but will access this when needed.

CHEAN58 Posts: 1
4/11/08 11:47 P

CJBerg.....I am thinking you may not be eating enough. If you are only eating 1100-1200 calories, your body may have gone into starvation mode. You may need to up your calories a bit to fool your body back into burning them.

ELLEMAC7 Posts: 2,362
4/7/08 4:42 P

Read your old blogs. Reading about how excited I was to reach goals that were many goals ago makes me realize just how far I've come.

APP123 Posts: 48
4/7/08 2:34 P

That's a great message about empowerment.

Thanks Coach Dean!


A003BABE Posts: 332
3/22/08 3:33 P

Wow! 2 years later and this is still extremely motivational!!! Thanks a million!!

SUNZETTE Posts: 650
3/9/08 11:44 P

Wow! Thanks Coach Dean!! emoticon

SIMSIMMA SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/08 9:46 A

Im so glad to find this post from Coach Dean today !!
Ive been working so hard and Ive been obsessing on the wrong things (inches and lbs.

I didnt even appreciate the fact that I dont get tired after 15 mins of my cardio class or that I can do my 25 mins of step machine without stopping or that today I was able to do most of the sets in the weights room without resting during the set.

Im getting stronger and my cardio vascular health is improving. Im trying to motivate myself with these accomplishements.

It seems like a consolation prize though, when Ive programmed myself to obsess about lbs and inches .... but I guess its something that I have achieved so far.

I just need to have a change in mind setin order to fully apreciate these achivements.

KARBIE18 Posts: 4,471
1/26/08 9:25 A

This is very well-written, and makes so much sense. I have been doing very well regarding my food choices and exercise, but, it's posts like this that have made it possible. I read your story the other day, and I was incredibly inspired. So happy for you, and am glad you've become part of the SP team.

WOLFWOMAN13 Posts: 7
1/26/08 8:58 A

(Commenting on JenniGirl's post) I had a boss who did the same thing...sabatage. I started a program at 265 and was only down to 196 and she kept telling me the same things - you're getting too skinny, etc. I was so happy at that weight and was busy getting to my goal weight, a not unreasonable 160. She moved my office in front of the kitchen at work, and did just about what she could to undermine me. When I eventually fell off the diet and began gaining the weight back so fast... I got depressed of course and lethargic. She ended up firing me! Couldn't understand my change in attitude! So now 55, overweight and my health feeling precarious because of how fast it came back on... I had to also go out and find a new job.

Success is the best revenge however - I got into a whole new career (from law to a school bus driver!) which affords lots of free time to pursue my true love of music and computer coding, animations etc.) and also I found SparkPeople before I regained all the lost weight where I feel I will have the right tools and input to normalize my weight in a very healthy manner.

The cream always rises to the top!

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AUBIEGIRL36 Posts: 2
1/3/08 8:57 A

"There are many things that can happen, especially during our early years when we are largely dependent on others for guidance and caretaking, to push us strongly in one of these directions or the other. If you tend to see yourself as helpless victim, this is probably because at some formative point, you were victimized and helpless to prevent it. If you feel powerless to manage your own feelings and soothe yourself, you probably didn't have much help learning how to do that when you were young."

Thanks for saying the above. I constantly find myself dealing with this on a day to day basis which bleds over into other aspects of my life. By the time my grandmother took over raising me, it was too late. I struggle everyday to change. Thanks for putting this into words - I know it's not me. That makes it a little easier to deal with the issue. Thanks for keeping us motivated!

GLORY2WALKWHIM SparkPoints: (22,546)
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12/27/07 8:12 A

I have just discovered that this forum exists & plan to go in in a min. to read your 'tips' ..
However first I'd like to write a brief thank you note, if I may.


You have been an amazing blessing in my life!

You're articles are hands on, 'give me something to 'do', in finding solutions to pitfalls I''ve fallen in since I was a teen ager! I get so much more of our your articles than anyone else's I've ever read and I've read numerous ones over my lifetime!

In fact, have lost 65 pds. 4x maybe 5x in my life! I 'can' lose weight .. this time I want to make weight loss a journey Journaling the process with 'taking a course, so to speak, using your Articles, which give me the tools in which to solve compulsive/emotional/binge eating!

The Lord has blessed you with the gift of helps! Thank you for using that gift! It is making an impact on my life, for one. I'm learning to develop good habits to replace the bad ones made along the way.

We needed to hear these things in school when were yet children growing up! However young people now have the advantage of hearing & learning under your tutelage for which I am very grateful!!


P.S. btw, how did you get so good at this? Namely hitting the 'nail on the head' with your Articles?!

SESAH(1) Posts: 440
11/13/07 6:22 A

Hi, I've just read the "6 wieght lose mistakes to avoid". I know about most of the tips - One can read and know but sometimes 'knowing' it still does not help. I still get down when my weight stays the same, esepcially when I had been doing all the right things.

I KNOW I know - I have to think of all the glasses of water I drank - water is heavy!

Never mind - I just wish I was back at my healthy weight - this 'fat' gets me down.

Not to worry - I'm just venting (again) I'm not straying from my 'healthy lifestyle'
No more processed flour products or sugar for me.
I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I just prefer the weight to GO - NOW - I WANT TO BE FAT FREE (in a balanced way!)

I know - slow and steady wins the race!

Thanks SPARKPEOPLE for letting me vent - venting helps. emoticon

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VERNAR1 Posts: 6
9/28/07 7:36 P

It's hard for me to stay motivated. One thing I've notice is that I feel I have to force myself to start my exercise routine, but once I get started and I feel the beat of the music I'm listening to I keep going and really get more into it. The music acts like a invisible coach. I find myself moving to the beat of the music, which coachs' me to keep moving.

FLAORANGE SparkPoints: (0)
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8/21/07 7:27 A

Thanks for the help. I found it by changing the sort button and sure enough it was the first thread and January of 06. Very helpful article. Must read again and again.

NANTHEHEALTHY SparkPoints: (105,891)
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8/20/07 12:37 P

I think what we were referring to is post from Coach Dean at the very beginning of this thread-Staying Motivated, Here are some Tips.

VISTA22 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/07 11:21 A

i agree never give up, i also hit a Plateau, i upped my exercise it must be working i am loosing again and i feel great.

FLAORANGE SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/07 10:11 A

Never give up! Plateau's are normal and remember that weight loss is not the ONLY motivation for your effort. Can you tell me how to find the article from Coach Dean. I got here and love the messages about that article but don't know how to get it. Thanks and good luck.

NUMENOW SparkPoints: (0)
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8/12/07 7:05 P

Hang in there. Coach's message is spot on.
I have started losing again after my plateau.

NANTHEHEALTHY SparkPoints: (105,891)
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8/10/07 8:35 A

I really needed this message today-after doing well keeping to the program both with exercise and nutrition, I have really hit a plateau. It would be easy to give up now.

I guess I'll keep the faith for a little while longer!

NUMENOW SparkPoints: (0)
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7/11/07 8:15 A

Thanks, Coach Dean.
Haven't lost any weight in a month. After reviewing the consistancy of my nutrition and exercise I have become a bit disappointed in my progress.

This has renewed my flagging motivation.

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6/14/07 1:06 P

Thanks coach, this definitely is something to come back to again and again when feeling frustrated. I am the world's worst at feeling/getting down on myself for even the slightest indescretion. I have been feeling better with daily pep talks, and I even put daily notes from myself in the outlook express calendar, so that twice a day a reminder pops up for me and if I am feeling bad or frustrated, that helps to get me through the rest of the day.

It seems funny though, the days I am a little on the shaky side of the calorie/exercise requirements, something always seems to happen to push me into an "I DON'T CARE" or "I CAN'T DO THIS" or my favorite, "IT's NOT WORKING , SO WHY BOTHER" and for at least the last two weeks of being a member here, I have successfully combatted whatever was making me feel that way by stopping and thinking about it, then taking measures to correct it and not letting my emotions get the best of me. Why is it when we are down, it's just so predictable that life will end up kicking us at least once to see what we are made of? SOME DAYS IT IS A REAL TEST, but I DO know that I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER than I have in a long time, just in a couple of weeks of changing my eating/exercise habits, and that is what is keeping my enthusiasm at a high level at this time. That and looking forward to getting a reward for lbs/inches lost!! You know, I want some pictures of my youngest children and myself that don't have the FAT MOM in them.

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MTOLSEN Posts: 239
6/2/07 8:57 P

Just read Coach's message from Feb. Very informative. It really helps to put the scale "war" into perspective. I do wish my body worked like a calculator but I must learn that it doesn't. I must not get upset about a pound up on a particular date, as long as the general trend is downward.

BEACHBABE9 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/31/07 12:25 P

The one way that keeps me motivated to work out is if I write down my workouts on my calendar. If I see it written down then I know I have to do it, because if I don't then I feel bad about it. emoticon

5/14/07 2:06 A

I need some help on staying motivated to excercise though,
its as if I I excercise hard then I dont eat so good , and when I plan and have healthy meals then I have less motivation to excercise

5/14/07 1:51 A

hopl Mothersday was special in each way for everyone,

we had a big nice lunch, with all the family and it gets hard to resist the lovely stuff on the table, I ate a healthy lunch but the desesert was another story, I did not overindulge, but I did have a piece of chocolate cake and fridge tart, it was jummy,
usuaally I will have like 4 slices of cake, in the good old days and then the next day I would still crave sweet things,

PREEZIE Posts: 76
5/3/07 1:39 P

I'm with all of you. I know I need to cutback and that means not having dessert all the time, but it is really hard when you are used to doing certain things. Old habits are definitely hard to break.

TURBOGIRL826 Posts: 1,831
5/1/07 1:06 P

Thanks Coach Dean! Sometimes I get so hung up on having that extra cookie, or eating the extra slice of pizza at dinner time, and then not losing weight and feeling so terrible about it!!! I have to remember that everything I put into my mouth is because I chose to put it there. I can make the choice not to do this, and I must live with my choices. My choices today equal my results in the future. It is a journey, and no one said it would be easy, fast or exact! I have to live with both the "good" and "bad" choices because it is a part of who I am. Thanks coach!!

CJBERG Posts: 2
5/1/07 10:58 A

emoticon I started the Sparks style of eating and exercise, almost a month now. My WL has been miserably slow! 2# is a whole month. Must be doing something wrong. I go up and down the same 3-4#s every few days. I religiously keep a diary... Cal=approx 1100-1200, carbs= 80-100, which is less than the recommended or default guidelines. Hmmmm... what could this mean? 2# in a whole month.. Pretty discouraging!

4/25/07 7:44 P

Coach Dean,
You rock! Seriously, this article (the first post in this thread) was very inspiring and helpful and totally real.

BDFLORES SparkPoints: (0)
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3/8/07 9:47 A

Just remember Bull, we're all here to support you.

3/8/07 8:50 A

Thank you for the tips. I think that doing this program will help a lot. I wish I would have found this site 3 months ago.

ANDINA SparkPoints: (318)
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3/8/07 5:19 A

best of luck!

3/7/07 11:30 P

I completely understand. I really do need to change my habbit. for whatever reason I have it stuck in my mind that I need to eat before bed. Many times I don't even feel hungry until I have put my mind to going to bed. I am going to try and just drink some warm tea instead of eating food. Thank you for the tip.

LOVINGLIFE2 Posts: 122
3/7/07 3:07 P

Hi Bull123

What are you doing just before you want to eat prior to bedtime, it could be your bored and really not hungry? Have a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon in it or a herbal tea might help. But the hot lemon will help flush out toxins and fat better for you...honest.

Change your habits its like when people are trying to quit smoking its a habit by association. coffee/tea & a smoke after dinner sit and smoke change that habit and most people can quit as they are not associating that habit with smoking..does this make sense

Good luck

BDFLORES SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/07 10:14 A

I think you already realize where the problem lies. You said so yourself, so now all you need to do is take charge, take control, and break those bad habits.
Once you get past that, the weight will start coming off. It takes some time to make all the changes in behavior, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Some things that I have found helpful are:
-stay consistent with exercising, even if it's just a little bit each day
-drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. That seems to be the magic number
-eat right. Stay within your calorie and fat range.

Good Luck!

ANDINA SparkPoints: (318)
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3/7/07 3:40 A

3 months? that's a long time not to see results! i would re-assess what you're eating and how much exercise you're doing! yu should have seen results by now!!

3/6/07 11:31 P

Thank you for your comments. I just started this program this week, but I have been trying to lose weight for about 3 months now. Thanks for the tip also. I have a big problem with eating before I go to bed. This is a bad habbit that I am trying to break.

3/6/07 11:28 P

I do tend to weigh myself every day. Some times I weigh myself more than twice a day.

DEEDUM Posts: 1,629
3/6/07 9:05 P

Hi Everyone, hope everyone had a good day! I didn't do to bad with my tracker! Some days are better than others, don't you agree!

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3/6/07 8:47 P

Everyone gets down in the dumps once in a while. Losing weight is much harder than gaining weight! The important thing is to stick with it. When I started I weighed myself every day. Progress seemed so slow. Try not weighing yourself for a week - but stick to the plan! You'll be surprised at how much you lose.

SHERRYB1029 Posts: 681
3/6/07 7:16 P

Hang in there. How long have you been on this program? First, you have to give it some time. Take a review of what you are doing. One of the things I try to do is not eat 2 hours before I go to bed. That helps alot. Just don't give up because you are worth the wait. Take care.

3/6/07 6:35 P

I feel so down. I am trying my best not to give up. I am so upset because the scale wont move down. It does not have a problem moving up though. I feel as if I am doing everything right, but it is just not working.

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3/2/07 4:28 A

sometimes you really have to power through - for the past month gym has been terribly hard..and i really struggled but i kept on.. now yesterday and today i'm doing way better and i'm stronger! doing the same workouts in less time and requiring less energy

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2/28/07 9:05 P

Hi,I thought I was doing good when I got on the scale and was down to 171.8. Now I am fluctuateing bbetween 171.8 and 173.4. I'm pretty dissapointed. Not ready to give up by any means. I guess there have been to many luncheons at the office. Still a long way to go. I have been walking the tread mill and building my time up on that also.

2/28/07 2:14 P

I'm joining this forum because I find I need motivation to accomplish my goal. I've been with Sparks for a month plus and have had some success, but like a lot of others I get down in the dumps from time to time.
I recently went looking for motivation in the Spark's resources and found the following Chinese proverb:
"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor (wo)man perfected without trials."
For now I am working on being a polished gem and I have to remember that friction and trials will happen.

LOVINGLIFE2 Posts: 122
2/22/07 10:33 A

"Every passing minute is a chance to make things better"
this was at the bottom of an e-mail I recieved this morning thought it worth passing on!! Took me 2 hours to get to work this morning gotta love the snow! emoticon

LOVINGLIFE2 Posts: 122
2/21/07 1:57 P

Hi everyone check out I signed up for their news letter and just finished printing off their 8 week plan which give you great ideas and info. I got really discouraged when the scale doesnt move but then I have lost 11 1/4 inches I get weighted and measured tonight so make sure you check you measurements as you could be loosing inches just not weight.

Muscle weights more then fat so you could be making muscle and this can cause the scale not to move keep up with the exercise and diet and the weight will start to come off again...
that is what I keep telling myself and it helps hope this helps you!!!

1/29/07 3:28 P

Great job everyone!

1/29/07 8:52 A

It is difficult for me to be motivated to exercise...I work at 430a five days a week and am finished around 2p. All I can think about doing anything but taking a nap.

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1/29/07 7:24 A

I understand what you are saying about being stuck. Today is the 1st day of my Sparks exercise and food plan in action, I signed up and read alot over the weekend. It was your message the encouraged me to do my walking tape. I lost over 50 lbs in my late 30s and gained it all back after cancer and spinal surgry and just allowing myself to over eat for comfort.I can tell you from past experience to change you time of day if possible for excerise and and do 2 cardio workouts 2 times a week for 2 weeks.Also if you have not changed your menu for a while do that now so your body will have something different to think about. I will add you to my prayer list. With Calvary Love T

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1/29/07 5:04 A

still doing very badly! weekends are terrible for me!! don't know what to do!

WAAMEKO Posts: 221
1/27/07 11:18 P

Hello! Have been struggling the past week and a half- both with eating consciously (rather than random grazing on something sweet) and with exercise. Usually I'm good about the exercise bit, and have been frustrated this past week and half with my metaphorical falling off of the wagon.
Has helped to read all of your thoughts and comments- I feel a bit less overwhelmed now. Thank you!

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1/27/07 11:01 P

Hello. I'm new to this thread, but hope it will be helpful. I've been on SparkPeople since October and was initially losing weight as expected. Now I've been stuck at the same weight for over a month.
I'm not sure what to do to get the scale going down again. And I'm starting to get very discouraged. I need some motivation and some tips on how to get things moving again.

Any suggestions?

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1/8/07 4:20 A

still struggling with getting back on track..exercise wise i'm very ok but food-wise i can't stop eating and i feel miserable cuase i feel out of control!! i need help!

KAMEN19 Posts: 502
1/5/07 1:43 P

Hey! I just made a group called "What Motivates YOU?"

Please feel free to join:

emoticon Kalyn

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