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1/6/13 9:23 A

I hope everyone can find a buddy because it worked really well for me to have one. So if you want to be a part of my teamspark it can try to help you. The link is in an earlier post on the message board.

JRS123 Posts: 3
1/6/13 3:15 A

i need a buddy too! im 16 as well

1/5/13 4:31 P

Try my new sparkteam! It is desgined to help everyone find a buddy.

MORGGS Posts: 4
1/5/13 2:26 P

Hi I'm Morgan and I am new here. I have a lot I need to lose and I just need someone to help me with motivation. I have been working hard but I am afraid what if I am doing all this work, and it still doesn't help? I'm 16 and I have hypothyroidism, which means low thyroid. Also, I am really really really want some sweet! What do I do? Thanks!

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