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1/8/13 10:35 P

Add weekly or monthly challenges. I keep FB and SP separate, but one of my FB friends invited me to a January Plank challenge, starting with 30 sec a day and working up to 5 min. I doubt I will be able to do 5 min non stop, but it's a fun challenge that includes posting pic of various things (lunch, gym, shoes). Send me a SP email and I can add you if you want. Just keep it fun and change it up.

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1/8/13 7:00 P

Have rewards for challenge winners, other winners. Check out the Challenge forum for good ideas.

Good luck!! Have fun and success! emoticon

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1/8/13 6:49 P

Hi All,
I was wanting to see if anyone can help me out. I need ideas! I started a Facebook group for my local friends who are wanting to lose weight, like myself. I have several members and I want to make the group fun and keep people motivated. Any suggestions? We already exchange recipes and support, I post motivational posters and tips that I find. I'd like to do some kind of challenges and other fun things to make them stay interested and coming back for more :)
Any advice?

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