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8/18/12 8:34 P

Thats awesome..i am looking forward to that day to get into a regular size and not to freak out in the dressing room trying on plus sizes. Nothing ever looks right on me with plus size clothes.. keep up the good work

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (8,207)
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8/18/12 8:25 P

I went shopping/walking at the mall with my hubby tonight and looked for my "goal" outfit. It was nice going into stores for regular sizes and not having to search for plus sizes. I even found a couple of tops that I can fit into NOW! I was so excited! New clothing motivates me. I love to look nice and the past few years I've felt like I look frumpy when I dress.


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8/18/12 6:08 P

I work out with a friend and that really helps! What helps you?

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