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SparkPoints: (15,070)
Fitness Minutes: (16,904)
Posts: 650
5/12/13 9:33 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

Although each person has different goals, you're in great company here. The amount of support and community at Sparks is unlike any other website. (Trust me, I've tried them all!) emoticon

If there is any way that I can help you along your journey, just let me know! I'm always here for friends in need.

Irish smiles,

SparkPoints: (65,982)
Fitness Minutes: (22,531)
Posts: 4,324
5/12/13 8:05 A

No shame in "living in slacks" (I prefer them to dresses myself) - you know, you'll look just good in those slacks as in a dress - weight loss is not a respector of fashion or types of clothing........just sayin'.......

Welcome and best wishes!

Edited by: RASPBERRY56 at: 5/12/2013 (08:07)

Posts: 37,168
5/11/13 11:13 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (321,648)
Fitness Minutes: (189,986)
Posts: 149,719
5/11/13 11:11 P

emoticon Greetings NASUKOSAN - glad to have you join us! Wishing you the best as you work toward your goals!!!

SparkPoints: (30,940)
Fitness Minutes: (40,789)
Posts: 623
5/11/13 9:41 P


Posts: 30,756
5/11/13 7:51 P

Have you set up your tracker so you can get down to the business of losing your cravings by eating and drinking the right things. There are lots of spark articles that will tell you eating artificial sweeteners will make your cravings so much worse.
If you drink diet soda or eat diet foods, your brain will think it is getting carbs and when the brain does not register sweetness it will make you crave for the sweetness it was expecting to get.
Find your tracker and set it up and look in to cravings. There are lots of people who do crave. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon

Edited by: NORASPAT at: 5/11/2013 (19:52)

Posts: 4
5/11/13 6:11 P

Thank goodness for thrift shops, I like to live in slacks but needed a dress for this day, found a beautiful nearly new one just by chance. Its no use buying new clothes when I'm trying to loose 20 lbs.

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