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PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/11 8:12 A

My daughter and the grandkids are taking me out to breakfast this morning. There will be a gift. I sent my daughter flowers from the grandkids for Mother's Day so that honored her. Hope all is well with the Spark Mother's today.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (28,145)
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5/8/11 8:09 A

I will go over to Mom's pin her corsage on. It is tiny red & white roses with baby breaths & a delicate lace ribbon / bow . I have a nice blouse wrapped up for her, & a pretty cloth photo album with a ribbon that is intertwined through the front cover it is all pink & white. Then we will go off to church. After I will take her to a nice restaurant , the rooms in the restaurant are done in Victorian setting the, building is early 1800's. I will also take her neighbor also my friend with us her name is Carol.
Judy Happy Mother's Day to all

MARY0001 Posts: 2,093
5/8/11 8:09 A

Happy Mother's Day!
Loving memories of my mother and grandmother.
Joyous in anticipation of soon being a grandmother.

JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
5/8/11 7:50 A

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I get to spend the day with my daughter!

MLOVEJOY34 SparkPoints: (60,377)
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5/8/11 7:47 A

Both my kids are out of town so it will just be me and hubby. We are going to visit his mom and take her some beautiful hanging plants, a Leslie Sansone walking video for seniors (she asked for it after seeing my success), and I am going to help her sign up for SP. I am making lunch and bringing it with us so she can see you can eat healthy without missing anything. We are having chicken salad sandwiches (SP recipe), a fruit salad, a tomato-cucumber Greek salad (SP recipe), fresh veggies and dip, and cream cheese tarts with raspberries (SP recipe) for dessert.

TWINZMOM7 SparkPoints: (97,718)
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5/8/11 7:39 A

Have a wonderful day Spark Moms!

SHERI1ST SparkPoints: (23,736)
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5/8/11 7:31 A

Happy Mother's Day to all! Enjoy! emoticon

BILL60 Posts: 862,636
5/8/11 7:06 A

I'll second that.

ALEXANDRA64 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/11 7:04 A

emoticon Happy Mother's Day emoticon

... to all my spark friend Mom's out there.

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
5/8/11 6:39 A

Happy Mother's Day.

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/11 6:34 A

My son's live out of state now. I get phone calls, cards and gifts from them. My hubby takes me out to lunch and does whatever I want to do for the day, like go to the greenhouses to pick out plants, down by the lake to get a maple icecream cone, and a nice walk, etc.

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
5/8/11 5:16 A

Happt day to all mothers

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
5/8/11 3:20 A

Question to daughters/sons : How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

I plan to treat my Mom to a set lunch in a swanky cafe. Might split the bill with my brother, though, haven't decided on that part yet.

LUCKYCOMET SparkPoints: (254,455)
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Posts: 6,615
5/8/11 3:10 A

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there.

DWROBERGE Posts: 322,118
5/8/11 3:09 A

A day to remember our departed ones.

LILE4ME4EVER SparkPoints: (0)
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5/8/11 12:52 A

My daughter and granddaughter gave me a great card, a box of atkins snacks and a pair of fuzzy socks. Great presents that I will use and enjoy. Have a great Mother's day everyone.

5/7/11 11:59 P

For all you Mothers out there I hope you have a great day and truly are spoiled. I would love to hear some stories about the ways you were shown how much you truly are appreciated.

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