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9/29/12 10:25 A

Eat the right foods, exercise daily at least once

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9/29/12 6:36 A

For me, the tracking is very helpful. We think we know portion control but once you start measuring & tracking you realize how far off you can be. I am finding the support from teams, blogs, & message boards very helpful too. I don't have a lot of support of my family & friends so its great getting feedback & encouragement from others in the same boat.

I tend to do the same thing you mentioned - once I make a poor decision, they continue for the day but I am working on it. I learned here on SP to take each decision at a time not a day at a time. I'm still not there 100% of the time but I'm getting there. I'm at least more aware of my decision making process throughout the day. I do find that, for me, I make the best decisions throughout the day if I start off right with a healthy breakfast. If I just grab something in the morning, I tend to follow suit all day.

Hope this helps!
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9/29/12 6:35 A

Use SP's tools as a guide... strive to do better each day.

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9/29/12 5:18 A

What are the most effective things I can do on SP to lose weight successfully? Obviously, one is to get off SP to actually do something else, but what are those things you attribute to SP that helps you lose weight? Is it using the tracker, communicating with others, participating in the challenges? Trying to learn from those who have been there before me.

I told myself that I will take care of myself "soon" and was waiting for the "all-time low." So I'm pretty much there now. Psychologically, I'm one of those "all or nothing" gals, which is detrimental to me. If I have a soda at lunch, I don't think, "I'll go work out and counteract some of those calories" but "I'll give up today and start again tomorrow" or worst yet "next week."

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