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1/11/14 2:17 A

You are welcome. The nice thing about this site is that we all learn from each other.

My Dr. about freaked out when I told her my heart rate was 250+ when working out..... emoticon

I have since modified a few things to keep my HR in a more reasonable range.

There are lots of low impact things that you can do that will get your HR up. Check out the videos on this site and workout videos on You Tube. I use low impact aerobic videos and I jog on a mini trampoline. Easy on the knees!

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1/10/14 9:52 P

Thank you, I have to take it low impact because of severe knee problems. Working with a dietician and she is helping me look at food in a different /more fuel-like manner. I just got the new Zumba but will keep it at a low impact. I will be curious to see what my heart rate monito says when I di the Zumba the workout.

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1/10/14 9:46 P

Thank you for this information. All these years I was trying to keep a higher heart rate to lose weight. Glad you shared this
. Thank you very much.

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1/10/14 9:43 P

It really is about diet. I measure everything! I would spend extra money on more measuring spoons and cups and a good food scale. My tsp and 1/2 cup measures always seem to be dirty.

I know that I have "fat eyes". Whatever is placed in front of me is a serving and I will eat it. If I'm serving myself I have a hard time estimating a half cup. Which is really weird because when I bake I have no problem estimating measurements and everything turns out fine.

My Dr. recommends exercising to get your HR to 220-your age to get your target. So if you are 30 years old your target heart rate is 190. She also recommends alternating types of workouts: weights, High intensity, walking, aerobics and whatever else you do.

So I work out on my ski machine, do an aerobics video, alternate weights w/ jogging on a mini trampoline, bike riding when it's not snowing or raining and working out on my rowing machine.

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1/10/14 7:55 P

Don't worry about that "fat burning range" -- it's a myth, and isn't going to be as helpful for long-term benefits as you might think. SP has more here:

It's better (and more time efficient) to work out at higher intensities.

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1/10/14 11:05 A

I didn't know Garmin made HRMs.

I'm just looking to see what calories I burn during a workout and to be sure I'm getting into my fat burning range, not to eat the food back.

Lost 2 lbs this week so I'm very happy and want to see progress and results.

My Dietician told me yesterday, it's 90% intake and I've been measuring portions and walking away from the table when I'm done and getting in touch with how I feel after I eat the portion (which is something I didn't do).

Thanks! :)

BILL60 Posts: 831,903
1/10/14 8:17 A

Sounds like you want an HRM to read what you think it should read. Polar and Garmin are leaders in HRM's and their readings are more reliable than Timex. However, don't get too hung up with how much the gadget indicates that you burned. What's important is losing the fat. Hang tough!!

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1/9/14 9:45 P

Are you concerned about the calories burned because you are "eating them back"? Or is it part of a goal like burning a thousand calories a week?

Just being nosy! I track my exercise using whatever numbers Spark has pre programmed. I just enter my minutes. This works for me as I don't "eat back" the calories I just stay within the range for my activity level and weight etc that is programmed in here.

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1/9/14 8:55 P

It Garmin for me as well....very accurate.

1/9/14 8:14 P

The Timex sounds like its over estimating while the Polar number sounds low. I use a Zephyr chest strap in conjunction with the Endomondo app on my phone. I've found that when I use a treadmill, my Zephyr correlates almost exactly to the Life Fitness Treadmill heart rate.
I feel that my setup is fairly accurate.

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1/9/14 5:11 P

The timex number doesn't sound right. When walking, you can burn roughly 100 calories per mile, give or take; Leslie Sansone's usually pretty slow and low impact.

Polar's pretty accurate, from what I understand.

The number for your Polar sounds a lot closer to reality than the Timex.

They're all just estimates at the end of the day; 50 calories either way is an acceptable margin for error. Does the Jazzercize include a warmup/cooldown period? That'll also affect your time/calories burned.

I use a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch with a HRM... I love mine, and have found it to be accurate.

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1/9/14 3:17 P

I have a bit of a dilemma.

I have a Polar FT4F HRM and can do a Jazzercise workout and it says I burned 201 calories for a 45 minute Jazzercise workout…

I had a Timex Personal Trainer HRM and can do a Leslie Sansone 45 minute walk and it says I’ve burned 350 (or more) calories…(it was great AND free – got with a gift certificate!)

The Jazzercise is higher energy/impact than the Leslie Walk.

The Polar HRM has my Age and Weight stats, my Timex had my weight. Timex fell very ill so under the advice of my doctor, he suggested Polar brand.

Which accuracy do I trust?

I need (read: MUST) lose at least 80 lbs to be healthy. I’m over 200 lbs and I can’t fathom me doing a Jazzercise only burned 201 kCal??? I haven’t yet tried the Zumba yet with the Polar but I’m not too sure I’m confident it will give me an accurate reading, and my electrodes are very wet on both HRM when I put them on.

Any suggestions on a more accurate HRM? I'm willing to return and exchange.

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