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12/14/13 8:20 P

We make time for the things that are important to us. You may need to adjust your schedule and/or get up an hour earlier to make it happen! Anything can be started by one step at a time.
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12/14/13 4:42 P

Reasons why we should alllllll workout in the morning:
1. Raises your metabolism which stays elevated for hours.
2. Working out on an empty stomach forces your body to use more fat as fuel as opposed to just carbs.
3. You get your exercise done early and can resume your day normally.
4. You rid some stress from the body and even heighten your concentration.

I feel super good getting in a workout anytime of the day. Working out makes me happy. I feel super good when I get a good workout in the morning though. I feel like a queen!

It is hard to get use to it. There have been times when I workout in the morning that I feel sluggish in my exercises. Your body will need to get use to your new routine. You will eventually feel good again. Try going to sleep early. Having a solid sleep routine is very important. How about you join a spark team to keep you on track?
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12/14/13 9:18 A

This time of year it's hard even for experienced morning people to rise and shine, so don't beat yourself up.

When I was learning to be a morning person (like you, from necessity--I'm a natural night owl), I found consistency helped the most--sleeping late on weekends undid the good of waking early during the week. Even on days when I had no a.m. workout scheduled, I rose at the same early hour. That let my body become accustomed to early as 'normal.' Now, it IS normal, and even on black days I get up. But, like any new habit,it takes time to grow.

Coach Nicole posted once that she sleeps in as much of her workout gear as is consistent with sleep so she has less to do before she goes out early--and doesn't have to get cold, either, I suppose. That sounded practical, but weird.

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12/14/13 7:59 A

Hello Willowgirl,

There was a time when I agreed to walk with my neighbor who could only find time at pre-dawn. I still remember the amazing sunrises we shared. Anyway it worked for me to set out all the clothes and gear I need for that walk the night before as visual clues and intention setting, Planning ahead is my suggestion.
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12/14/13 3:20 A

So I used to run regularly around 4pm every day, (and still run around that time if I have a cancellation at work) but my work has changed so I have mornings free and don't get off until close to 8pm and its dark out.

Every morning I set my alarm with the intention to get up early to go running and I just end up snoozing it all through the time that I was supposed to be running. I love to run, so please don't suggest I pick up a different hobby, I just don't understand how people get up extra early to exercise? What is it that makes the difference between snoozing and moving? my brain always seems to think I will have plenty of time later.

Please give me advise! I really need the exercise, but my preferred time isn't available, and that isn't going to change!

(I posted a similar post in the exercise forum)

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