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8/14/12 7:30 P

That sounds about right for the time frame to replace the mattress- flipping may tie you over while you shop! It's fun- we probably would've gotten a fancy memory foam one but it was a bit out of our budget at this point in our lives :) We got an extra firm with pillowtop and it's just right- it took the hubby a little while to get used to it but I have loved it from day one! It really has made a diff- so good on kurs10b for reminding both of us about that!

The only other thing I can think of is a tens machine- do you have access to one? Luckily my hubby had one at his parents' house that he brought home for me, so I know they are available for home use. It made a huge difference for me initially, but now I only use it if I have a really bad flare up (which, knock on wood, i haven't had in a while!).

I'm glad your PT exercises are helping you- stick with it and hopefully you'll feel even better!

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8/13/12 4:25 P

Thank you, LOTUS737 and KURS10B, for your responses. It has been just over ten years since we bought new mattresses. Maybe time for new? And we have not been good at flipping and rotating them because they are king size and very heavy. Due to an older home not designed well for our added whole house air conditioning, and being empty nesters, my husband and I switch between a main floor bedroom and upstairs bedroom with the seasons. I do notice that my back pain is worse when we use the main floor bedroom. We can start by flipping that mattress. Definitely, the longer I spend in the bed, the worse the morning pain.

Interesting that you mention getting off the floor and back into a bed. With my last back pain episode, the only way I could sleep was on the hard wood living room floor, on my side, leaning backward with my back wedged with pillows against the couch in probably the most unlikely position. It got me through four or five days until my back settled down to a manageable level.

I am trying the PT exercises as you proposed to work up to daily. So far, so good. As usual, they feel good; really great. I just don't know why I haven't made them a habit. I suppose its just the time commitment.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,569
8/13/12 12:21 P

Good point! We got a new mattress (we recently moved and our landlord provided a furnished place) and that helped me get off the floor and back into a bed! :)

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
8/11/12 4:05 P

How long has it been since you got a new mattress? I was having horrible back pain a few years ago. I got a new mattress and it has helped quite a bit. I still wake up with that little ache if I lay on my back too long, but nothing like the pain I was in. Might be time to look into that also.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,569
8/11/12 2:52 P

I'm with Coach Jen here- do the PT exercises at least 3 times a week and work your way up to daily. I had a horrible back spasm in the fall and once I could stand/move somewhat freely I started PT and went for 2 months. I still do the exercises almost every day, and now I've been doing solid gym workouts for almost 2 months. It was a slow process, but I am feeling a lot stronger, and I think strengthening my core has made a huge difference in my back pain (knock on wood, it hardly ever flares up now!). And even if it's not muscle weakness that triggers it, it can't hurt to strengthen your core and back, plus the exercises will help stretch out the area!

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8/11/12 2:52 P

Thank you, Coach Jen, for your response. No consistency. Sounds crazy to type that, but true. Thank you for nudging me to this awareness. I will make an effort to give consistency a try and see if that helps.

I don't remember the PT telling or me asking what the problem is. I do remember my PCP saying that my xrays and other tests did show some degenerative "something" (I don't remember that last word), but no more than most people my age present.

And that's a Spark lesson for me... Rather than just accept just the answer I want and/or think I hear, be sure to ask questions, clarify the answers, and get clear information from my medical and physical professionals. Sparking has made me so much more appreciative of and interested in my body.

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8/11/12 2:16 P

Have you tried doing the exercises the PT gave you consisently, to see if that might prevent the pain from happening? Has the PT ever said what they think the problem might be? If it's an issue of some kind of muscle weakness, those exercises could help strengthen them and fix the problem- or at least make it less frequent or less severe.

Coach Jen

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8/11/12 12:37 P

I am 51 years old and wake up every morning with some level of lower back pain (1 - 3 on a 1 - 10 pain scale). It usually subsides as I start moving, take hot shower, and get on with my day.

I do not yet have a regular fitness routine but am working toward that. I love to walk and enjoy stretching. I have been through physical therapy three times for my lower back over the past 12 years. I currently take nothing for pain relief other than Advil if it lasts into mid day.

I've never injured my back; each occurrence I just woke up in severe pain where I couldn't even move in the bed without further excruciating pain. Have never been able to tie these occurrences to anything in particular. It has been very frustrating not to know the cause and effect which makes it difficult to eliminate the cause!

The last time the pain was more advanced from just lower back into sciatica going down right leg almost to knee, but responded within 4 weeks of PT.

I've most recently had PT for plantar fasciitis (1 1/2 years ago) as a result of a 5k walk I did for charity without any type of pre-walk training Get that? I learned an expensive but valuable lesson there! It took almost a year to become pain free.

I have the list of exercises recommended from PT for my back and foot which I do sporadically,and usually when I feel some nagging pain nipping at my back or foot.

Any advise or suggestions on this morning pain or in general?

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