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4/23/13 9:35 A

Some great suggestions already.

Try and eat some protein at every meal and snack, dividing it up makes it easier to accomplish. I second the 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruit every day as your primary carb source. If you have leftover calories and you've already eaten your 8-10 for the day that's when you can go ahead and have some grain based carbohydrate if you want.

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4/23/13 9:26 A

0% Greek yogourt is my new best friend (I like Liberté). A 150g serving has 7g of carbs and 14g of protein. I put it in everything... it often replaces other dairy in my cooking. Anything that could be topped with sour cream now gets topped with 0% Greek yogourt. I make tzatziki dip with it (for veggies). I eat it for breakfast with a combination of fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, and cinnamon. It's great for high-protein smoothies too. I also have trouble getting in enough protein without overdoing it on fat (I don't eat a lot of meat and can only handle so many eggs in a day) and this really helps.

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4/23/13 9:00 A

Pumpkin seeds/Pepitas are low in fat and calories and high in protein which could be a good snack. Also, Sunflower seeds, Almonds, pinenuts, pistachios, peanuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, seasame seeds

Wasabi peas are low fat with high protein and quick fuel for energy. Fage 0% Plain greek yogurt has protein and so does cottage cheese, eggs, milk.

Barley has good protein and so does Buckwheat also known as Kasha, quinoa, chickpeas, black beans, lentils, split peas.

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4/22/13 11:54 P

As long as a person is getting their 8-10 veg/fruit servings, they will meet adequate carb levels.

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4/22/13 1:47 P

You may want to look at the types of carbs you are eating. I'm a carboholic and like you, I never have trouble getting my carbs in. As the other poster said, consider adding a bigger serving of chicken, fish, or turkey to your diet, but try to increase your intake of vegetables and reduce things like rice and pasta. I have started bringing chicken tenders to work with me for lunch and then adding a bag of frozen steamed vegetables. Yes, I kind of miss the rice, pasta, and bread, but because I am not having those things at a meal, I can experiment with different kinds of vegetable options. You don't always have to eat the plain broccoli. You can have some of the seasoned items, but of course if you are watching sodium you have to account for that. Just a thought. . . .

4/22/13 1:12 P

If you make your nutrition tracker public, it would make giving ideas and suggestions much easier. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Look at your nutrition tracker. What foods are adding the most sodium to your daily intake? These are the foods that you may need to find "healthier" substitutions for.

Regarding your can increase protein without carbs: beef, pork, fish, shellfish, chicken, lowfat cheese, eggs, nuts, etc.

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4/22/13 12:50 P

Now that I have gotten used to tracking my food and being completely honest with myself about everything that goes into my mouth, I am now trying to figure out the right foods to eat in order to get enough protein and still stay in my range for carbs and sodium, AND my calories. It is a bit tricky! My calorie goals are 1242 to 1530 so on the low side but I like that way because even if I go a little over, I am still low. I am trying to eat more protein but I struggle, and carbs are easy but not if you are eating more protein. And it seems I usually have too much salt, without adding much to my food and without many packaged foods. I know it doesn't have to be exact but does anyone struggle with this and if so, what are things you do to help?

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