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Here is a list of a few foods that are high in calcium. Hope it helps.

Collards- 1 cup boiled and drained 357 mg calcium
Rhubarb 1 cup cooked with sugar 348 mg calcium
Sardines 3 oz / 85 grams 325 mg calcium
Spinach 1 cup boiled and drained 291 mg calcium
Turnip Greens 1 cup boiled and drained 249 mg calcium
Blackeye peas 1 cup cooked 211 mg calcium
Kale 1 cup boiled and drained 179 mg calcium
Soybeans, 1 cup boiled 175 mg calcium
Cabbage, chinese (pak-choi) 1 cup boiled and drained 158 mg calcium
Beans, baked, canned, with pork and tomato sauce 1 cup 142 mg calcium
Okra 1 cup boiled and drained 136 mg calcium
Shrimp 3 oz / 85 grams canned 123 mg calcium
Crab 1 cup canned 123 mg calcium

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7/3/13 3:30 P

I need to get more calcium into my system. So far it's 1 cup of milk, 100g of cottage cheese and brocolli that are my main sources. Any ideas for snacks that include it? I'd prefer home- made to proprietary snacks. I only drink black tea and coffee and water, the milk is on my morning cereal.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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