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CHOCOL8_LVER SparkPoints: (2,970)
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7/11/13 1:38 P

I flip flop between most of my calories at lunch or at dinner. I usually try to eat a lighter lunch & have a nice snack about mid afternoon then a healthy dinner, but allow myself to splurge a little more on the main course.

FATALLYCUTE SparkPoints: (6,343)
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7/11/13 1:33 P

Personally, I have to force myself to drink a shake in the morning. I always feel too quezy too eat in the morning. I consume my most calories at lunch so I have time to burn it off.

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7/11/13 1:28 P

Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I'll see what works out this week

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
7/10/13 10:38 P

Total calories is the important thing, but most people seem to feel that breakfast should be your largest meal followed by a little less lunch, and a smaller dinner.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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7/10/13 10:07 P

I agree--this seems to be one of those things that's totally individual. Lots of people do better with five or six small meals throughout the day. Some prefer three meals with a big breakfast and small dinner. I do best with an average-sized breakfast, smallish lunch, and large-ish dinner, with an evening snack, and I've lost 70+ lbs eating that way.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/10/13 6:20 P

It all boils down to what works for you. Personally my largest meal is dinner (often almost half my calories), because it's the meal I eat with my husband and the one I get to actually cook, and I want to enjoy it the most. I also snack through the day, so with breakfast, lunch, snacks, I only go 2-3 hours between eating again, whereas once I eat dinner I'm done for the night, I don't want to be hungry a few hours later.

I've seen people on here that allocate the same number of calories for all meals, or that have a big breakfast to fuel their day. It's all what works for you!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,092
7/10/13 5:40 P

I think it really depends on the person. and you have to find what works best for you. I actually do better eating 4 or 5 "mini meals" each day

LISS741 SparkPoints: (27,095)
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7/10/13 5:32 P

Do you think there is something to having your larger meal be lunch vs. dinner? I've head differing opinions but didn't know if anyone here knew something. What are the benefits or draw backs? Any thoughts are appreciated!

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