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12/31/12 10:11 A can help you reach your financial goals.

Happy New Year!

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
12/30/12 6:04 P

Budget for everything.
Try not to impulse shop. Ask yourself if you really need something or if it can wait. Compare prices and research before making purchases.
Stay out of stores as much as possible.
Plan your meals.
Use food you have on hand before buying more.
Eat out less often.
Buy generic or store brands more often.
Repurpose items. Buy used items rather than new. Fix things instead of buying something new.
Find free or low cost events and activities in your area.
Carpool, bike or walk more.
Give up things that you don't need or use much. Maybe you don't need a newspaper or magazine subscription. Maybe you could save money by not having cable tv and just renting an occasional dvd. Maybe you could give up coffee, soda or smoking.
Small amounts add up over time. Be patient. Try not to touch your savings. Remind yourself of your long term goal.

MADZUKUN1 SparkPoints: (2,012)
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12/30/12 4:53 P

Wow these are all brilliant ideas, thank you! I'll be on a new contract at work soon so I can start the payroll deduction properly! Thanks again :)

BIGGERMOMMA43 SparkPoints: (6,966)
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12/30/12 1:21 A

I use a combination approach.
1.payroll deduction.
2. cash. it's easier to see when it gets low.
3. I put all my change. in a jar. and I put at least half my $1's in an envelope. this is for "Mom I need $5.00 for a field trip or science project, or I just ripped my jeans." kid emergencies that always crop up. then I don't have to touch my real savings.
Good luck.

BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
12/29/12 11:29 P

Payroll deduction that you never touch
Keep track of your spending for a month to see where the money is going and make firm plans to cut back/change where you are wasting it
Go to to find coupon codes for things you buy
Think, think, think before you buy anything

Use cash and when you run out you are finished until the next payday. Debit and credit cards are way too easy to drift along with spending and spending without realizing how the money spent is adding up
Good luck!

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12/29/12 11:27 P

I was raised on the "pay yourself first" philosophy. Decide want you want/need to save and take that money out of your paycheck and place it in a special account -- BEFORE you put it in your wallet or regular checking account. If you can do that through payroll deduction, that is great. But if not. Simply deposit the money in a separate account yourself immediately after you get it. Then consider that money "locked away" and not eligible for spending.

Live on what you have left after you have met your savings goal. Most people do it the other way around ... they save what is left after they buy everything they want. And of course, there is never anything left to save because they find it easy to spend whatever money is "in their pocket."

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
12/29/12 11:15 P

Shop the bottom shelf

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12/29/12 11:03 P

I was buying instant oatmeal, the single packs. Now I buy the large container of oatmeal and measure out 1/2 cups of oatmeal add some wheat germ and flax's seeds and put it in sealable baggies.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/29/12 10:40 P

using my crockpot to make meals. I fill it full and freeze the rest in single serving containers.

12/29/12 5:38 P

I'm an expert budgeter, and I highly recommend using Mint. It's a website that helps you budget everything. You can see what you're spending, what you're spending it on, and you can work towards financial goals. It's been super helpful for me. My biggest tip though is to pay the savings account first! In my monthly budget, I've got xxx amount budgeting for car payments, cell phone bill, etc. To me that money is untouchable because those bills need paid. I started treating my savings account like that as well, setting it up so xxx amount each month is automatically transferred. That way it's money I really never see so I can really never spend. Oh, and make sure to give yourself some "fun money" every now and then. Otherwise you'll get so discouraged at saving all your hard earned money while never seeing anything come out of it. I budget 200/month for "fun money" for myself and for my husband. Its worked out great!

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12/29/12 5:32 P

write down your goal and track it (sound familiar? emoticon )

I'm good at saving, but writing everthing down showed me where I could improve.

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12/29/12 5:23 P

I was earning $25,000/yr and friends earning $70-$100,000 asked ME how they could save money. Payroll deduction (as others have said) is great. Those making so much more said they tried that but always spend what had been deducted. Once you save it you have to leave it alone whether you are saving for a special purchase, a special vacation, or retirement.
Good luck with you savings.

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12/29/12 5:18 P

I agree w/ the 'payroll deduction' .............. I have XX amt taken out each payday to a 'second' savings account ............... and do NOT touch it til it reaches at least $500, then hubby 'n I buy ourselves a toy!! (mounts up fast and don't miss it) .......................... it works!

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
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12/29/12 5:10 P

Husband saved daily change for yearly vacation.
I tried to save just 1 or 2 $5 bill, which was a little harder, but saving the 5s mounted up faster. Good luck with your saving.
Happy New Year to all

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
12/29/12 5:08 P

To keep a stocked fridge so you will cook at home and not eat out. When you do go out and about go after you just eat if possible so you can be back home when next meal time is up, and carry snacks with you. Never buy bottled water take a reusable cup. Shop for bargains, never buy on impulse. I throw things in my cart and think about it big time before I buy like a shirt, a knick knack or what have you and over 70% of the time I walk right back and put it away, never just plop it down somewhere for a worker to do that is plain rude! Walk when you can to save on gas the mini stops guzzles gas faster then you will realize. Recycle your cans, and plastics for added cash CRV adds up. Do your own yards drop the landscaper if you have one. Clean with vinegar, water and baking soda it saves you money and is better for all in the house, and for the planet to get one recyclable spray bottle. Buy local fruits and veggies, look on craigs list and newspaper for great deals sold from homes like oranges and such. If you cannot cook then learn, same with baking. Stock up on good deals almost everything can freeze, if unsure get on internet and google things. Get energy smart bulbs, turn off lights when not in use, limit shower time, turn water off when you brush teeth only back on to rinse. Wash clothes in cold water it makes clothes last longer, keep their color and save on energy. See if your local electric company is doing free energy efficient upgrades to homes, and see if it will be for you, they will caulk what needs to be ,give you lamps and bulbs things like that. They fix broken windows etc. Take lunches to school and or work for you and all in family.

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12/29/12 5:01 P

Practice SDA; ask yourself when you're about to buy something, "Is this really necessary or is it Sudden Desire to Acquire". You might be surprised by the answer!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,043
12/29/12 4:52 P

Pay yourself first, preferable through payroll deduction.
You cannot spend money you never see!

MADZUKUN1 SparkPoints: (2,012)
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12/29/12 4:42 P

Hi Everyone!

For the new year I'm making a whole new start and hoping to start saving up money for a holiday as well. I've never been good at saving money- it always burns a hole in my pocket, so to speak! What are the best ways you've found of saving money, or tips to make it easier?

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